Question of the day

Pizza or Chinese?

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13 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Joy says:

    If I had to pick one over the other I think I’d go with Chinese. I don’t LOVE pizza like most people do. I enjoy it now and then but I LOVE Paul’s chow mein. We hardly ever eat Chinese out. It’s just way to god awful bad for you. I haven’t eaten in a Chinese restaurant in almost a year.

  2. mssc54o says:

    Meat Lovers, stuffed crust, extra sauce.

  3. Jenny says:

    I have to go with Pizza. Love Papa Murphy’s Take & Bakes, also love Pizza Hut. I love Chinese too but I think I would get sick of eating it all the time.

  4. Laura says:

    Pizza. Every time. Especially when I get the Good Stuff: Lou Malnatti’s, Aurelio’s, Giordanno’s, all from around my parents’ place in Chicago.

    I used to *hate* Chinese food. But I’ve been coming around to it in the past couple of years. I’m partial to seafood/shrimp dishes, heavy on the veggies. And Crab Rangoon. Which, I’m sure, is a total American thing.

  5. SKL says:

    Depends on the day. I like Chinese if it isn’t at a buffet where the food sits there for hours. But I’m not always up to it, if you know what I mean. Pizza is easy to eat. But on the other hand, it’s hard to feel good about eating it (health-wise). So, I say . . . pasta. Always yummy enough to cancel out the unhealthiness. (Oh, pasta wasn’t a choice?)

  6. Sue says:

    Depends on my mood 🙂

  7. Karen Joy says:


  8. Just a Mom says:

    That would totally depend on my mood at the time. I love them both.

  9. starlaschat says:

    I like pizza. We have a really great Chinese food restaurant here but, its so bad for my blood pressure that we don’t go much. But the food is so good and tasty the have a shrimp walnut dish that is amazing. And their fried rice is really good lots of yummy eggs and meat. Now I’m getting hungry for Chinese food.

  10. Joseph says:

    Dim sum all the way!!

  11. Nikki says:

    We have pizza probably once a month. We love Little Caesar’s Pizza Pizza!! 🙂 They are cheap! $5, and dinner is done. Sometimes we’ll “splurge” and Bailey and I will get our favorite, Canadian bacon and pineapple.

    So, if I were given the option, I would choose Chinese. We very rarely eat that, and we all like it a lot. We really like Leann Chin. We have a new Chinese buffet here in town, I’ve been wanting to try out.

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