Question of the Day

Worth a look. I got the picture from Hoxton Street Monster Supplies. It's why I left the pic big

What gives you the “Heebie Jeebies”?

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20 Responses to Question of the Day

  1. Joy says:

    I really HATE mouth noises. Slurping or lip smacking. Trying to suck something out of your teeth. Making popping noises. Also, I live with someone who does it as a habit ALL.THE.TIME. IT DRIVES ME NUTS and does give me the Heebie Jeebies. Really!

  2. SKL says:

    People snorting and snuffing to clear their throats or sinuses or whatever every morning and throughout the day. The sound of tires going critch-critch-critch down a quiet street. Any unexplained noise in my house, because it’s either an uninvited critter or something I gotta get fixed. Mold and mildew.

  3. Laura says:

    This was inspired by one of those little bitty spoons that come with the individual servings of ice cream. I thought back to when Baskin’ Robbins (I’m about to date myself here…) used to give you samples on… aak …. WOODEN SPOONS. Just typing that gives me the goosebumps, and not in a good way!!! I cannot eat popsicles, either. Or corn dogs. wood. gak. I cannot have those nasty, dry sticks in my mouth!!! brrrrrrrr…..

    Strangely enough, I’m ok with my Pampered Chef Bamboo mixing utensils – they work just fine, I think because they have some sort of glaze/coating on them.

  4. Joseph says:

    LOL!! that’s what I call my restless leg syndrome…the heebie-jeebies!! I wish I knew what causes me to get them, cause I’d whack it with a bat till it was dead!

    • Joy says:

      Joseph, my dad’s wife Mary has restless leg syndrome and she’s on some kind of epileptic medication and it doesn’t bother her too much now. Might be something you’d like to look into if it bothers you a lot.

      • Joseph says:

        Maybe in desperation I’ll look more into it.

      • Laura says:

        It might be Lyrica (or a very similar name). Steve used it right after the wreck when he had some pretty serious nerve damage in his leg and foot. It does something with the nerves, inhibits the way they talk to each other or something. He said it worked really well (his foot/leg tingled constantly like your foot would if it was just “waking up”), but it also made him ridiculously sleepy.

  5. Nikki says:

    Any kind of noise that is similar to nails down a chalk board, do me in. Any kind of grinding noise, I can’t stand. I don’t really like how paper feels. It goes up there with the wooden spoons and Popsicle sticks. I can bare it, but I’ll have goosebumps the whole time.

    I hate watching people on TV brush their teeth. They never have toothpaste and that grosses me out. I can’t watch it. Ick. I’m sure there are other things….

    • Joy says:

      LOL at the toothpaste thing. You’re right. I’ve never given that thought. LOL!!!

    • Joseph says:

      The dentist gave me an antibac mouthwash to help with an infection on my bad tooth. But I started to notice my teeth staining bad. Long story short, the dentist said that mouthwash would cause staining but they can remove it….as the hygienist started scraping away at my teeth. I almost didn’t last the session. It was over 30 minutes of scraping! I almost got the same feeling as if I were claustrophobic, as I just couldn’t take that horrid scraping anymore! It was horrible!

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