Question of the day from Jenny

Do you like spicy things? What’s the spiciest pepper you have tasted?

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11 Responses to Question of the day from Jenny

  1. mssc54 says:

    That green hot pastry stuff at Japanese restaurants.

      • mssc54 says:

        Yeh, that’s it.

        Man that stuff ran through me so fast. I literally jumped up, ran into the bathroom, dashed into the stall, ripped my pants down and BAM! Out it came. That’s when I noticed the feet in the stall next to me had on women’s shoes and nylons. Oops. So I finished what rushed in for and I almost made it out clean. Made it through the first door and was reaching for the second exit door when a woman came in. She looked at me, then at the sign on the door, back at me… that’s when I said, “Excuse me” and pushed past her.

        I got back to the table and told my Mrs. “we gotta go.” So we did.

  2. Jason says:

    The hottest pepper I have had so far is the Habanero. It is weird because I never used to like spicy things, but since Hunter was born my heat tolerance has done a 180. I remember mistakenly taking Jenny’s sub to work instead of mine, her’s was loaded with Jalapenos, I thought I was going to have a heart attack then. I think one of these days I will work up the courage to try the Ghost Pepper!

  3. Joy says:

    I’m not a spicy girl.

  4. Jenny says:

    Love spicy things…Buffalo Wild Wings has very yummy wings and the other day we tried the Mango Habanero ones and they were super spicy! They were delicious though. 2nd hottest, and there’s no way I would ever try their hottest.

  5. Laura says:

    I’m a bell pepper kinda girl…. Ok, I’ll go as far as those mild chilis that come in the little bitty cans. I like those. But anything more than that? No way, Jose!!

  6. Laura says:

    Steve has a pepper here that my brother gave him for Christmas. It came from his wife’s family, I think they live in Mexico. Apparently, it’s hotter than a Habenero… it’s about the size of my pinkie nail. Steve hasn’t tried it yet… he’s afraid of them!! He calls them his “Nuclear Peppers”.

  7. Sue says:

    No, not really. Spicy is ok, but I don’t like hot things – stuff that sets your mouth on fire. What’s fun about not feeling your tongue for a few hours and sweating bullets while trying to eat?! Now, watching other people eat hot things is entertaining!

  8. SKL says:

    I prefer bland to spicy. I can tolerate spice up to a point, but I don’t go looking for it. I have no idea what pepper was the hottest I ever ate. Whatever it was, it was too hot.

  9. Nikki says:

    Spicier the better! I love a good burn! The older I get, the less of it I can eat though. Doesn’t sit well with me anymore. 😦

    The hottest pepper I’ve ever had was a type of chili pepper at my sisters a few years ago. They all dared me and it brought me to tears!!!

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