What do you think?

New Hampshire man arrested for firing a warning shot during burglary. Check it out.

I have a lot to say but I’ll see what you all have to say first.

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10 Responses to What do you think?

  1. SKL says:

    I am not surprised that the law could be used to attack this guy, but why the hell would the police decide to pursue it? They should be patting him on the back for helping catch the burglar, who presumably would have gotten away otherwise. Cops can and do “look the other way” all the time.

    Is it possible that the burglar is trying to press charges for being held at gunpoint? The thief should be glad the “reckless” guy had the self-discipline to refrain from shooting his butt.

  2. Joy says:

    I think it’s a very sorry state of affairs when the criminals get the upper edge. I’d have shot the guy in the foot! I know there are a lot of states right now trying to get the law changed that says you can only shoot if someone breaks into your house to someone threatening you on your property. Criminals find their way around the laws! Go figure. Our judicial system needs a little tweaking.

  3. mssc54 says:

    He should have run over to his heighbors yard and shot the guy… as he was comming towards him in a threatening mannyer of course.

    I wish I had followed the two guys that kiicked in my neighbor’s door last week. But I was on the phone with 911 too long. And I wasn’t sure they had burglarized his home, just that something looked strange at 10:00 in the morning. Neighbor had a ring his great-grandfather had given stolen plus some money. Cost him about $430.00 to replace his door too!

    I think the citizenry are having more and more of their rights taken away from them.

    • Joy says:

      I’m really surprised that anyone would want to become a police officer anymore. A few weeks ago we were watching a report on a bunch of officers getting fitted with cameras that go on their heads so they couldn’t be sued for police brutality or for false allegations! Seriously! How did things go so wrong because to me, that’s WAY wrong. The criminals are calling all the shots.

      • SKL says:

        I have to admit I was glad to know a cop had a mic on when he was giving me a hard time about going “almost” the speed limit on the freeway. (This long ago, not my 2011 run-in.) The speed limit was 65 and I had to get somewhere 60 miles away for an appointment. Naturally, when everyone saw the cop they slowed down to his speed. Cop was in the fast lane going under 65. Finally I passed someone at 64, so the cop got an attitude and stopped me.

        I knew I was talking into a microphone, so I made the most of it. I described exactly what the cop had been doing and swore on both of my dead grandmothers that I had not exceeded the speed limit. I said a few other things, too (but nothing that could get me in trouble). Guy finally got tired of me and let me go. (I was still late to my appointment, though. Grr. Arrogant cops.)

  4. Nikki says:

    I’d say that thief should be counting his lucky stars he wasn’t shot! What a load of crap this is.

    “Each state, with the exception of North Carolina, permits citizen arrests if the commission of a felony is witnessed by the arresting citizen (climbing out of a window would suffice, right?), or when a citizen is asked to assist in the apprehension of a suspect by police.”

  5. I think Lawyers have ‘effed up the world. I’m perplexed by this story. How was he acting wreckless? How was he “trying to be a police officer”? I get so tired of hearing this ridiculous bull. Seems like the cops over-reacted and just couldn’t apologize because their ego’s got in the way. It is ok for the cops to get on the scene and kinda shut everyone down just to be safe but once they realize exactly what has happened – – – to just accept that he lawfully owned the gun, shot into the ground, and did the community a HUGE favor! I do belive there are times when a cop’s ego just gets in the way. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. I guess we’ll have to keep our eye on this story and see if it gets dismissed. I have anger issues, I’m admitting it. I would have killed that mo’fo. Right on the spot and I wouldn’t have felt bad either.

  6. joanharvest says:

    My house was broken into 3 times. Not the one I am in now but the previous house I lived in. I know the thieves were looking for drugs and most likely they were acquaintances of my son. One went right through a front window. I sure wish a neighbor had shot him where it hurts. So what did the cops do with the thief? Let him go?

  7. Laura says:

    I find it extremely ironic that this happened in a state where the motto is “Live Free or Die”.

    Anyway, I agree with everyone else. I don’t know if I’ll go as far as blasting the police for ego trips, because I know that often, they are caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. If they don’t arrest the guy, then they get busted by their superiors, but if they do arrest him, they get blasted by the public.

    Anyway, I wonder if it would have had a different outcome if the man with the gun had been yelling “citizen’s arrest” (here we go with Gomer Pyle again) when the officers showed up? If he had made it clear that he was making a Citizen’s Arrest?

    this is all armchair lawyering, but I really hope that they bust this criminal and give the neighbor a medal.

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