What does your desk say about you?

How does your work area look? Is your desk a mess? The picture I used in this post is my desk. It’s where I sit. Now, if I were to put a picture of Paul’s desk on here, you’d never be able to see the desk. He, like all the other people in this clip, say he knows where everything is and if it’s put away, they can’t find anything.

Frankly, I think that’s just an excuse. This guy dug “way down deep” if you watch that video, and he found mail or something he worked on from 2007. Seriously? I find that just being a slob. I can see if you have papers you’re working on around you but things you’re done with or food or empty cans and bottles?? I think that’s crossing another line.

I could personally care less what other people’s desks look like as long as I don’t have to see it or live with it in my home. Paul’s desk at work and his desk at home look NOTHING alike. Nobody can move anything on his desk either! Alrightythen.

If I were hiring someone and saw one neat desk and one huge mess and if it was a close race, I’d pick the neat person because I think when things really are in their place, you can find them a lot faster and with more efficiency. Finding something under a mound of paperwork from 2007 is just a lucky grab.

What does your work space look like? Do you think it’s learned behavior? What did your parents works pace look like?

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11 Responses to What does your desk say about you?

  1. SKL says:

    I used to be the person in the office whose desk was always so neat, it looked like I didn’t have any work to do.

    Now, I have a lot less space so I tend to have a small pile of papers on each side of my laptop. However, I do go through the stack at least a couple times a week and it’s always current stuff I’m working on. Of course nobody would know that just by looking. But seriously, I do a full-time job and all my personal/family business from a little table next to my bed. I don’t have a file cabinet or desk drawers. There are going to be papers on my desk. (And on my dresser too. But they are organized!)

    I’m not sure what all that says about me. I know that I have a limit to how much clutter I can stand, physically and mentally. When it gets to the point where I’m not sure where stuff is or what I’m forgetting to, it makes me very uncomfortable. I like everything to be easy to find and easy to remember, so I don’t have to rely too much on my brain. I guess that says I don’t view myself as all that competent.

    As for my parents – well, my dad is dyslexic so I don’t think he ever had a great love for piles of papers. My mom – she was most likely similar to me, though I don’t honestly remember much. Now she has way too much crap at her desk, but it’s more because she sits there most of the day. It’s not anything like Hoarders, but it’s too much for me.

  2. Laura says:

    My desk/table is ordered clutter. I have stacks, but they don’t last long. It’s just that the things I’m doing involve a lot of papers… researching a grant, being a cubmaster, paying bills, etc. But I”m working on a system, so hopefully the little piles I do have will be in a file box soon, if I can find a skinny one.

    My entire house is generally in a state of clutter. It’s not disgusting, but it’s not Martha Stewart, either. It’s difficult to keep after everything, so I do the best I can and forgive myself the rest. I suppose my mess says that I’m a busy mom….

    • Laura says:

      I should also mention that my “desk” is currently half of my Kitchen Table. So I can’t have it all that messy. I have to pull stuff off of it frequently to accommodate guests.

  3. Nikki says:

    Mine is organized, but I do have the occasional unneeded pieces of paper lying around. Never for too long. I have my wicker basket for all the littles, and a mail filing stand. I have a container for my pens, and a place for my notepads and sticky notes. I share the desk with Jason. He’s not *bad* but he doesn’t throw anything away. And I find little pieces of paper wadded up all over the place, because he plays catch with the cat, then doesn’t throw them away. He’ll just toss them up on the desk…I’m looking at 2 right now. lol

    I like things clean and organized, and I think that was a learned behavior from my mom. We always had a nice and tidy house. She never had a work space though, never a desk she sat at.

  4. Joseph says:

    LOL!! This is like the Savage Chicken cartoon I posted on FB!!
    I like to be orderly. Juggling 3-10 projects at a time I need to be orderly. I have 54 sq ft of desk surface plus shelving and filing cabinets. Pretty much all of it is taken up with drawings, product research materials, physical product samples, correspondence, faxes (irks me when peaople use faxes).
    I organize by project. Even though I can work and store information electronically and prefer it over hard copies, ON major items I also keep hard copies with each project intheir respective piles, like my acceptance or denials of requests for equals. I do this, not so much that I can find material or information, but for others, should I not be present for whatever reason. Anything pertinent that I am or have worked on will be easily found by others.

    But because I organize efficiently I have the same problem that SKL had, that it ‘appears’ I don’t have enough work to do. Drives me nuts!!!

    ON the other hand, some of my co-workers’ have piles of papers literally several feet high cluttering their desk and the floor and everywhere else. Some are from projects that are completed several years ago, but have not been filed away. I call it the Bermuda triangle. Will never find anything there if you wanted.

    AT home we have no desk!! Whoo hoo!

  5. SKL says:

    I want to buy some file bins with handles on top, so I can keep my work files somewhere other than the top of my dresser. I need to research to make sure I’m getting something that will be the right size and functionality, be sturdy, and not look like crap in my room. Finding time to do this research is the issue for now.

    • Joy says:

      Paul has some of these and some of these. I’m not sure if that’s what you meant or not. He fills one up, takes it downstairs and starts a new one. Oy Vey! Receipts! Won’t they be fun to go through? NOT!

      • SKL says:

        Yes, that’s sort of the idea, but I’m not sure I like the shape and color . . . I need to see more options and then decide. I will do it eventually. Times like this, I wish I could just go shopping by myself some evening instead of worrying about my kids’ meal, practice, the time it takes to get them from one place to another, and whether they are going to make me crazy while I’m trying to make a decision. (Though it’s better than the days when we had to visit a restroom every half hour, so I should be thankful!)

      • Joy says:

        I actually have some of these in bright colors but they don’t show them online. Not that I’m promoting Walmart or anything but they have a TON of stuff like this. I also have 6-3 drawer dresser like things for stuff like my yarn and stuff like that. They’re very handy and they are on rolling wheels.

  6. starlaschat says:

    “Alrightythen” that’s fun to say. Funny, I just took a picture of my desk a couple of days ago and sent it to my friend back home. It needs to be cleaned off but, it’s not bad. A dictionary close by, a can of cashews, a bar of goat soap which I can’t decide to give away as a gift or to keep it makes your skin so soft in the Winter with a sandlewood smell, my pink wieght and a notbook and a few articles I’m reading. I guess it really isn’t bad just some things I’m currently working on. My mother is very tidy with a clear desk and my father not so much.

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