Pull Up a Controller

A couple of years ago, a really sweet and wonderful friend gifted our family with a Wii video game system. Since that time, we’ve had lots of fun with it – yes, even my blind husband can play video games again! So I thought, this week, it might be fun to gather ’round the old TV and pull out some old classics and some new favorites.

I’ve got popcorn popped, and the fridge is well stocked with Diet Pepsi and Miller Lite. Grab a controller and get to playin’!!

And while you’re at it, what did you do this weekend? And what’s YOUR favorite video game? Are you a “vintage” gamer or a modern one?

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8 Responses to Pull Up a Controller

  1. SKL says:

    I have not played any modern video games. I don’t really have time for them, and even if I did, I have to be careful because it’s easy for me to get addicted. And Lord knows I don’t need another technology addiction!

    This weekend, I putzed! I did some work and played on the internet some. That’s really all. I skipped church because I didn’t get enough sleep with the “spring forward” thing, and because Miss A was being a brat so I decided not to play (this was the week of the “children’s moment,” where they get goodies, so they had to miss out). I’m just over the whole attitude nonsense. I guess you could say that was one thing I did this weekend – attempt to work on some of my kids’ behavior issues. I’m not sure if I made any progress or not. You can see Miss E’s gears turning, trying to figure out a way around this new me. And I’m not really connecting with her right now, which is weird and scary.

    The girls did get to go out and play in the nice weather this weekend, so that was good. I didn’t, but that is normal.

    My sister had given me one of her old bikes for Christmas, but I couldn’t bring it home in my car. So today, my sister brought the bike. I didn’t get a chance to ride it yet. Hopefully the good weather will hold out long enough for me to take it for a spin soon.

    This week I have some big deadlines coming up, but other than that, no exciting plans. I hope I can keep up a good work pace and keep the stress down.

    Have a great week, everyone!

  2. Nikki says:

    I am a lover of the vintage! Mario brothers was and still is the best! I haven’t played a video games in so long, though.

    This weekend was gorgeous! I think the news said our high was 67. Not sure if it got that warm right here, but it certainly was nice! We got our yard cleaned up. I’m trying to locate all my flowers, but they’re not coming up yet. It’s going to be a guessing game, unless they pop up here this week. I do have until the end of April to get them out, so I’m not panicking quite yet.

    I got my kitchen painted! I am determined to get every penny of our deposit back, at least 90% of it. I got a LOT packed!!! Most of my kitchen, besides what we use every day is all packed up.

    Bailey had a sleepover over with his 2 closest friends over here. It’s sinking in to him that we are moving, and he was sad. It’s only across town, but he knows he won’t see them as much. He’ll be fine, once he realizes how many of his friends live by our new house. He’s also nervous about the new bus. It’s all new to him, and he’ll know people, it’s just different. He’ll adjust well, I’m sure. I was sad for him, though.

    That’s it from me. That’s all we did this weekend; clean, pack and organize. Oh, and soak up as much as the warmth as we could!

    • Sue says:

      New is scary even if you know people!!! He’ll do great though and we’ll just keep telling him that. I bet you guys are sooooo excited! I can’t wait to see it and I’m excited for you 🙂

      • Nikki says:

        We are excited, but I’m a little over whelmed. I have so much to do, it seems. I pack and pack, then I look around and see so much more that needs to be done.

        You’ll see it the 24th!!! Whoohooo!!! 🙂 I should have most everything unpacked by then, and hopefully the backyard will be dry enough for the kids to play! Actually, I don’t know who’s more excited to try out the tire swing, me or Bailey! lol

      • Joy says:

        Tire swing???? I’ll race ya!

  3. Sue says:

    We had a good weekend. Friday Trin had volleyball in Paynesville and I left work at 2pm so we didn’t have to rush quite so much, but it totally backfired on me. There was an accident on the freeway and traffic was backed up for 5 miles!!!! It took me 50 minutes to go that 5 miles so needless to say, my leaving early didn’t help one bit. I was quite frustrated! Saturday Chris had a birthday party and after I found the bowling alley (we were a half hour late) he had a great time. I got a run in on Saturday b/c, like Nikki said, it was beautiful outside. Yesterday I took down all my winter decorations and pulled out the spring stuff. I figured that even if it’s only mid March, if it’s going to be in the 60’s I couldn’t look at snowmen any longer! Today it’s gloomy here, but I’m home so who cares?!!! LOL! There are all kinds of things I should do, but I haven’t decided yet what I want to do! Have a good Monday!

  4. Joy says:

    I LOVE video games. We play Wii bowling every night while we watch whatever we watch at 9 and we play for a few hours. It relaxes us I think and it keeps us moving around. Paul would sleep otherwise!! LOL!

    We had a really productive weekend. Paul got a lot of Christmas lights out of the tree’s and I did a bunch of bird feeding because I knew rain and a lot of thawing was going to happen and I don’t want to drag my cart through the yard and make ruts. Yesterday I made a HUGE pot of chicken and wild rice soup. It kind of took over so I invited the neighbors for supper. Toby also welded a suet feeder I have for me.

    Today I’m just going to make meatballs to simmer all day and then I’m hopping in the shower and putting on some brand new pj’s I got last week. Walmart finally had my favorite kind of “lounge” attire. I haven’t had new ones like these in a good 5 years. I got them all washed and hung out to dry yesterday so I can hardly wait. Then I plan to do nothing for the rest of the day.

    My mom’s hair turned out so cute. She looks just like she used to with her new perm. It was really a fun time to sit with her and do that.

    Have a good Monday all.

  5. Laura says:

    I was down again on Saturday with a repeat of the Plague, so I spent the day sleeping in front of the tv. Josh was a sweetheart and let me be. Yesterday, I opened the house like crazy. Opened every window that isn’t sealed against leaks, and blew out all those nasty germs. I firmly believe it’s why I feel so much better today. Fresh air.

    Even though I’m beyond ticked that we’ve got 75 degrees forecast for tomorrow. If I can’t have winter – and it appears that I can’t – I want SPRING. I HATE going straight from Summer to Winter or from Winter to Summer while skipping over Fall and Spring. I want a good two months of 50-65 degree weather.

    Anyway… video games.

    I absolutely LOVED the original Zelda for Nintendo. Also, a game called “Gauntlet” – I used to kick butt on that game. Mario was ok, but I could never get all those stupid coins! For “sit down and play” games, you can’t beat the original Nintendo. But I really love our Wii. It’s so cool that you can get up and do this stuff. I’m learning how to skateboard, thanks to our new balance board. The whole thing is a lot of fun.

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