Pull Up a Rake

and get MOVING, people!!!

That picture? Yeah, it’s my yard. That’s what it looks like at the beginning of Spring. It’s a nasty, nasty mess. I don’t rake/clear leaves in the Fall, it’s a never-ending job, since I live in a small forest. So I let them blanket the ground. USUALLY it works like a charm, covering the grass and providing protection, so that by this time, when I get out there and clean up, the raking of the leaves reveals tiny new buds of grass. But this year, the winds blew all the leaves into piles, the ground never really froze, oh, it’s a royal mess. I spent a good part of today cleaning it up. But I need some help, so grab a rake, and let’s get started.

Ok, fine, I’ll do it myself. What’s YOUR Spring project?

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17 Responses to Pull Up a Rake

  1. mssc54 says:

    That purple litter box… How big is your cat?!

  2. skl1 says:

    Say, where is the rest of the team? I hope the reason for their absence over the weekend is that they were having so much fun at Nikki’s new house!

    • Laura says:

      I’m not sure. I was gone because last night was the big Spring Fling, which went well. But all last week, I was putting together a 28-slide PowerPoint show, creating all these nice individual slides of the live-auction pieces, so they don’t have to be hauled in (and maybe strain someone’s back, or get dropped and broken). And I didn’t have all the pics to me until YESTERDAY, about 2 hours before the event started. I’ve been crazy all week. More than usual.

      This week, I’m hoping will be a LOT less crazy. I thought I was going to have two grants due, but one doesn’t fit the requirements, so that’s pitched, and the other, I haven’t gotten the info back from the party who asked me to help. So I guess, no grant. I think I’ll spend the time working on purging out some much needed storage areas so I can refill them with NEW stuff that needs storing.

    • Joy says:

      I’ve dug a hole and crawled in after it. I hope to bounce back.

  3. skl1 says:

    My project for this spring – besides trying to catch up on work-work and ongoing housework? I guess it’s figuring out what my kids will be doing next school year. Now that they are enrolled in school, I have to figure out what they/we will be doing evenings. I have been very spoiled the past three years, with their daycare bringing in all kinds of “extracurriculars” during my work day. Their elementary school has an after-school “program,” but from what I gather, it’s just a place for them to sit while waiting for parents to pick them up. I want to figure out some way for them to continue some of the “extras” that I feel are good for them. This may be complicated since they will probably need an earlier bedtime (right now they still nap). I’ve been doing some research already. There are lots of options, so now I have to figure out what fits my kids (and me) and how much is too much. I feel kind of awkward since I did not have this kind of lifestyle growing up. I walked to school and then walked home or to my parents’ shop, after which I enjoyed unstructured play.

    As for leaves in our yard – that is my kids’ responsibility. They are supposed to pick up the leaves to earn spending money. Last year they were pretty lazy about it, so the leaves largely stayed put. It really doesn’t matter, since we aren’t serious about landscaping at this point. The leaves fall on the hill where grass doesn’t really grow anyway.

    I hope I can also finally get all our books organized. I think there may be light at the end of the tunnel. I seem to have gotten most of the baby/toddler/preschool stuff out of here. It’s nice to see whole empty shelves after all these years.

    Not much else to report. We’re boring around here lately. I’m thinking that’s a good thing.

    Have a great week, everyone!

  4. Sue says:

    I am just waiting for the phone to ring this morning and hopefully it will have good news. Otherwise, I have an eye appt later and helping Trin with her 4-H project for next Saturday. Oh, and paying bills 😦 Boo to that!

  5. Nikki says:

    I’m sick with whatever Bailey has! 😦 Sore throat, headache..and I just feel crappy! At least Bailey made it to school. I spent all weekend nursing him back to health, and he’s now just left with congestion. Thank goodness it wasn’t strep! He felt better by Sunday evening, and was able to make it baseball practice. Actually, I think that did him some good. As for me, I closed up shop, made myself some hot tea, and melted into my recliner.

    I did get some flowers transplanted, and I’m glad because today it;’s cold and rainy and I think it’s supposed be like that all week. I knew that warm up wouldn’t last long, but that okay. We need the rain.

    Today will be a lazy, movie day for Lilly and I. I hope everyone has a good Monday.

    • Nikki says:

      I have no big spring cleaning plans because we just moved and everything is clean. We threw away a lot! I do have to reorganize under the stairs. All of our holiday stuff, season clothes, pictures and misc papers are under there. Whoever started it, put our filing bin in first, so I can’t get to it. The boat title is in there, so at some point this week, I have to do that. Not fun.

  6. mssc54 says:

    We are well into Spring weather here on the SC coast!. I have had three people in the last couple of months ask me about my green lawn. I never realized that my green lawn looked different than any other lawn. I suppose since we are on the bussiest corner lot in the entire neighborhood people notice more when they slow down for the stop sign.

    I typically burn my lawn at the end of each winter. I think it helps by getting rid of built up thatch and I figure that forests always look really good after a burn so what the heck.

    I’ve decided to participate in the orchardist more fully. We have to very well established fig trees. Two peach trees that are in their third year since planting. This year will be the first full season for the two asian pear trees I planted last year. I have also just planted a Fugi apple tree and a Granny Smith apple tree. AND I have a root stock with two different varieties of PLOUTs on it (Flafor Queen Plout and Dapple Dandy Plout) in the bed of my truck that I need to plant later today.

    The vegetable garden is always on the Spring To Do List too!

  7. skl1 says:

    Oh, did I mention that I bought the girls a bigger bike? (16″ – the biggest they could use). Today I let them try it out at the park and they impressed me. We do still have to work on braking and dismounts! And getting 3 bikes into my trunk is interesting. I look forward to the day I can donate the little ones to my nieces. Once Miss E gets pretty reliable, I plan to buy her an 18″. Spoiled brats! Then I will need a bike rack for my car. Too bad we live at the top of a hill where bike riding is downright dangerous.

  8. Jim says:

    My spring project? Of course…it’s listening to Laura whine about how much she has to do…

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