Do you do sleepovers?

I was sitting here listening to Live with Kelly this morning and the subject of sleepovers came up. There was an article in a newspaper they read from and I’ll be danged if I could make it out. I paused and rewound and still couldn’t read what paper it was but it said that sleepovers aren’t always a good thing. Kids with separation anxiety and stuff. Bed wetters felt left out and so on and so forth.

Boy, I sure remember all my sleepovers. We had so much fun and during junior high. Every weekend someone had one. We laughed and told stories. We play the Ouija Board and the Magic 8 ball. We painted our fingernails and did funny things to our hair and sometimes we really got wild and crazy and made prank phone calls!! I know!! Stop the presses. We were BAD ass!

While I was trying to find the article they were talking about, I found this one. It pretty much says what we all already know. Know your child. Know the family, blah, blah, blah.

Now on the other hand, Paul grew up not allowed to have sleepovers or being able to sleep at anyone else’s house so he then thought our kids shouldn’t have them either but they had some. Not as many as I went to or had, but some. That led me to wonder if it’s just us girls that really loved them and boys, not so much. I don’t ever remember my brother going to or having any. I also don’t remember our “boyfriends” having them. The boys always slept at home or a fort or tent somewhere with maybe one other boy.

I know Bailey and Trinity have and go to sleepovers and I don’t think there are any problems and Christopher stays here,  at Grandma Mona’s and Keegan’s sometimes so he’s fine with sleeping over but he’s kind of young yet.

What do you think? Were you allowed sleepovers? What did you do at them? Do your kids have them or go to them? Do you have to know the family really well? The child really well?

Why or why not? Share your memories.

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7 Responses to Do you do sleepovers?

  1. mssc54 says:

    I had a couple. My four sisters had many more. I think sleep-overs are more a girl thing. Camp outs are more a guy thing.

    Our older daughters had them and went to them.

    I do have something I would like a wider set of opinions on. I saw the father of our ten year old’s before at the grocery store recently. The dad is in his early 30s. He had on a T-shirt that seas “It Instant Porn Star – Just Add Alcohol”. This dad isn’t the biological dad. The biological dad is in prison

    • Laura says:

      I’m sorry, Michael. I’ll have to get back to you with that opinion. My head just exploded and I have to go find the pieces…

  2. Sue says:

    I was sleeping over at somebody’s house all the time! LOL! Mostly my best friend at the time and she lived right up the road from us. I had friends over occasionally, but our house was so small that one extra person was too many. I see nothing wrong with sleepovers as long as you know your child and the family and your child knows they can call you any time to come and get them. (Remember that night Nikki?! I still can’t believe Toby came to get her!) I think part of the reason our kids can’t do anything by certain ages is b/c we aren’t allowing them to do the things we did which we all survived.

  3. skl1 says:

    I had a few. I was an extreme introvert so I didn’t have a ton of friends, and the friends I did have were not well-to-do (nor was I) and my mom wasn’t one to cater to kids (driving, throwing parties, etc.). When I was under a kid (under 12) I had a couple of sleepovers at the neighbors’ houses, and occasionally my mom’s friends’ kids could sleep over our house. It was fun, but little kid fun. I don’t recall any sleepovers from my teen years. I just wasn’t that social, and besides, I had many evening responsibilities including caring for my younger sibs (which I really enjoyed). I didn’t like the whole silly laughing, drooling over “cute” girlish-looking boys, etc. Call me weird!

    I slept in the same bed with my sister until I was 13, though, so once I got my own room and bed I really liked having it to myself! (Unless you count the many times my younger sibs climbed in!)

  4. Laura says:

    I had a few… I was a late-starter in that department. I wasn’t ‘brave’ enough to sleep over until I was 8 or 9 at least. I’ve always been a home-body. But once I learned how, I did spend the night occasionally – mostly with one friend, who lived across the street. I think I had one sleepover party, and I know I went to a few. But then I wasn’t in the ‘popular’ crowd, either. I was very much an introvert back then, and VERY shy about doing stuff, joining in on all the silliness that went on. And the guys they drooled over? Never my type. They were into the bands and such. My attention was drawn more by the Harrison Ford type, so we never matched with our crushes!

    This is a BIG issue with Josh. He’s been to two sleepovers that have been successful. He’s tried three others, and didn’t make it. Each time, I’ve had to go pick him up around ten or so. Even one where it was a lock-in for Scouts and his dad was there. He just couldn’t make it. I know he’ll grow out of it eventually, so I’m not too worried. Yet. As long as he isn’t 30 and living in my basement, I guess I”m cool with it!!

    • skl1 says:

      I guess if you were 8 or 9 when you felt ready, Josh is on your timeline. I would not worry.

      Honestly, I am in NO hurry for my kids to go and do that. They did sleep over at their nanny’s house once, and she has a special needs daughter (who is like a kid) and may have had another child there as well as some adults. They did fine. I don’t think they would be scared at a sleepover, but I like them with me. I suppose that will change someday.

  5. Nikki says:

    I went to quite a few, but it was always the same couple friends. The ones with the fun houses and nice parents!! I only had one sleepover and I never did that again. I didn’t exactly have the nicest step dad. I stayed the night at my grandmas a lot. I’d go for days!!! It was like a sleepover with friends because my cousin who is 6 weeks younger than me, lived with her. We always had so much fun!

    Bailey was 9 when he went on his first “friends” sleepover. I was nervous, and barely slept, but he did just fine. Before that, it was always family. Grandparents or cousins house. He doesn’t go to many, but a few. I’ve never had to go get him from one, but depending on the time and place, I’d go get him.

    I do think it’s more for girls than boys, but I still know a few boys that have them, or go to them. Usually it’s for a birthday. I think it creates bonds between friends, and CAN instill a sense of in-dependency.

    I think they are great for kids, but not all kids are comfortable with it. I don’t think anyone has been scarred for life because they didn’t go on sleepovers. However, some of my best memories are sleeping over with friends/cousins. It’s all about what they (parents and child) are comfortable with.

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