Fill er’ up

I think this is a funny subject and Paul and I were talking about this the other night so I wanted to see what you all had to say.

When I see my gas tank get to half a tank, I start getting nervous and want to “top it off.” I just hate it if it gets to a quarter of a tank. Not just because of the money but I’m always afraid of running out.

Paul on the other hand waits until he’s running on fumes. He’ll always say “I can go to Buffalo yet on this tank” and I’m thinking “ya right!”

I asked a couple of my “women” friends when I was getting my hair done last week and all us women were in agreement. All of our husbands wait until the very last minute  and we all fill it up at almost half a tank. No less that a quarter.

What camp do you fall in?

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13 Responses to Fill er’ up

  1. Jenny says:

    I’m usually around the E. I always fill up in Cokato, town that I work in, cause its always cheaper there. I don’t even thinking about filling up when its half full!

  2. mssc54 says:

    If I stopped when I for to a half tank I would feel like I’d need to pay rent I’d be there so often.

    I don’t like to get below a quarter tank. I use Shell and BP exclusively so I have gas cards. I know I’m pumping some junk out of those big underground tanks. I figure if I have junk in my tank, if I get close to Emory I’m running the risk of sucking that crud into my fuel system.

  3. Joy says:

    All I can say is it’s downright painful for me to fill my Tahoe when it’s anywhere near close to being empty. I’d rather put in $45 than $90 even though I know I’m spending the same, it seems different.

  4. skl1 says:

    I would like to fill it up at a quarter tank ideally. However, it depends on what else I have to do. I am on such a tight schedule. For me, the best time to fill up is right after I drop my kids off at daycare, but if I have an urgent project that needs attention, the gas will have to wait. So, there have been times when I’ve been close to empty, but usually it doesn’t get that far.

  5. Laura says:

    I rarely look at the gas gauge. I’ve got a ‘mileage countdown’ on my dash, which tells me how many miles worth of gas that I have left, so I will refill when it gets around 30 miles left to go. Not because it’s any set number, but because I keep thinking, “Oh, I’ve got plenty” until I get around there, then it’s “oh, crap, I’m on fumes!”

    I also pay attention to the prices. It dropped from 3.74 to 3.69 the other day, so I’ll be filling up today because it’s cheaper. Like you, Joy, I’m filling a HUGE tank – I drive a Chevy Silverado Pickup – and it really bites hard when I’m filling the tank. Today’s fillup will likely be over $80.

    On the upside, I purchase gas cards through Josh’s school, so they receive 4% every time I use it.

  6. Joseph says:

    I usually wait till almost empty, otherwise I’d be in the station every second day as I drive anywhere from 180-200km (112-124miles) a day. I know I can drive 85-95km on the empty mark, as I did a test run when newer, for peace of mind in ‘oh crap’ instances. Filling up just before the empty light comes on (around 1/8 tank), to avoid the crud deposits at the bottom of my tank being sucked up.

    Winter time I do not let it get below ¼ tank. And when it is -25c or colder I don’t go below ½ tank.

    I avoid filling up when I see the fuel truck at the station, to avoid the crude that’s stirred up whilst filling the holding tanks.

    But then like yesterday I filled up even though I had just over ½ a tank of gas as prices went up in the city from $1.15/L ($4.35/g) to $1.24/L ($4.69/g). It always goes up the next day in town. So I always have a day of grace to fill up.

  7. Nikki says:

    LOL I never fill my truck up. I know that the same amount of money is going in, but one lump sum of $80 is too much for me to handle! Very rarely do I even put more than $25, and I will let it get down to the red line, before I put more in. I don’t leave our town though, and now that we’re in town, I save even more. I put maybe $20 a week, and that’s good for me! I’ve never ran out of gas *knock on wood*…but I don’t let it sit on the red line for long. Jason sounds like his dad. Oh, I can make it!!! And sure enough, he always does! He’s never ran out either.

    Now if money wasn’t an issue, I’d have my tank full all the time. I’ve heard it’s better for your vehicle, or you get better mpg…something like that. Maybe not!

  8. Karen Joy says:

    Oh we are just like you and Paul,Joy.When we first got married he would argue with me when I ask him to fill up(if we were driving together in the vehicle)if it was on half.I dont like it below half and he drives on fumes.This past summer on our way to Grand Forks,a good 11/2 drive from here we ran out of gas in the middle of no mans land!I had said before we left to please fill up.I didnt care what the gauge showed I like a full tank for a longer trip especially.Well he didnt fill here we were stranded.Long story short it turns out the gas gauge was broken BUT if he wouldve filled in in the first place we wouldve been good.He now fills up when I ask.LOL!My reason mostly for liking the full tank started with our winters,safer in the cold days icase you hit the ditch(which I have done)

    • Joy says:

      I know Karen. When I lived up there I never had less than half a tank. You can’t ever depend on some of those little towns of being open when you need gas and I hit the ditch one night too and it scared the crap out of me. It was about 40 below. Luckily someone was following me home just because of that.

      • Karen Joy says:

        I hit the ditch once and sat there for along time until one lonely truck came along.No one was out in that storm.I was stupid for trying to get home.That scared the crap out of me.I was lucky I had enough gas to keep it running.
        that stretch from the Canadian border to Grand Forks I just hate.There is nothing there!I was thankful it wasnt winter when we ran out of gas.Some old(strange)farmer stopped and picked Wes up,he was walking to a far off town.Even then that man had to drive him to the next town over cause the first one didnt have a gas station.Was crazy!Anyhow, lesson learnt!

    • skl1 says:

      I agree – when I drive to my parents’ house, I fill up even though I could make it on about a quarter tank. If you get stuck in the cold, you might need to run the car to keep from freezing until someone finds you. That’s also why I keep a sleeping bag, shovel, etc. in the car. Laugh if you want to!

      • Karen Joy says:

        Im not laughing.Come fall I load the trunk up with those items too.Its being smart.

      • Joseph says:

        Oh I don’t laugh at that!! I keep a an emrgency kit in each vehicle. In each car we have boots, blaonkets, toques, mitts, half a box of those those chemical heating pads per car, plus protein bars, candles and tow stap, shovel, booster cables and pay as you go cell phone (the only reason we have 2 cells, as we hardly use them). Plus i have a window smasher/seatbelt cutter combo tool right next to each driver.

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