Question of the day from mssc

If you could grow your own vegetables what exactly would you grow?

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22 Responses to Question of the day from mssc

  1. Jenny says:

    This year I think we’re just going to do tomatoes & peppers. The weeds just take over our garden! We’ve done corn, zucchini, cucumbers, peas, peppers, tomatoes… just seems too much when you’re super busy in the summer all the time to be weeding the dang thing.

    • mssc54 says:

      Try mulching around your plants. That will not only help with the weeds but also help with keeping the moisture in. You can use grass clippings but be careful if you get other people’s clippings. If they are using weed killers it could also kill your plants.

  2. mssc54 says:

    Remember EXACTLY! Tomatoes? What kind? Peppers? What kind?

    I forget exactly which peppers I already picked up but I’m going all heirloom for the second year.

    Rutgers and Mr. Stripy tomatoes (so far). I’ll come back tomorrow when I can get to my PC.

  3. Jason says:

    We like the roma and cherry tomatoes, and we are not sure yet which peppers there will be, jalapenos for sure and if I can find some Habenero plants we will get one of those too.

  4. skl1 says:

    Carrots and peas. We did this a few years ago, but the deer ate all the peas!

  5. Laura says:

    Dear Michael,
    Will you please come to my house and do my garden? I love the fresh produce but really REALLY dislike the stuff that goes along with getting them!! I promise to pay you with chocolate chip cookies.

    • mssc54 says:

      Dear Laura, you don’t have nearly enough chocolate chips.

      I have two plots this year. The smaller one (4X8) is in our community garden behind our neighborhood pool and directly across the street from our home. The community garden club tilled it up but I think the women folk did it. It was only tilled about three inches or so. I had to redig it with my shovel. Haven’t done that in years!

      Our back yard garden is another thing. I have decided to try something I have been reading about. I am not going to till. I will merely mulch heavily and dig holes for the plants. Not sure how it will turn out but all the pictures in the magazines look wonderful!

      • Joseph says:

        I have a book on that. Called the weedless garden. The concept is intriguing and makes sense. Every time you disturb soil, you potentially activate dormant seeds in the soil. Plus you give open soil for weeds to easily start growing.

        Doesn’t look right, like the traditional tilled black earth garden, but much easier to maintain.

        • mssc54 says:

          Joseph, I’ve read pretty extensively on this subject too. Just seems wrong. Lol

          However, the older I get the more this sounds like a great idea!

  6. Laura says:

    Some favorites: Roma and grape tomatoes, Pumpkins. carrots (although my garden is pretty shallow, and I end up with stunted ones), white corn. I would love to do brussels sprouts, asparagus, and broccoli, but I’ve never had luck with them. Spinach grows like crazy, so I sometimes plant that, too. And “mesclun” lettuce, which is sort of a wildflower mix of lettuces.

  7. Joseph says:

    Eventually we want to have a big garden. Perhaps ½ an acre or slightly larger, as we would like to be as self sufficient as we can. When we eventually build our new house I will include in my plans a cold storage.

    We’d plant (preferably heritage for all applicable) corn, tomatoes( not too picky as we just make spaghetti sauce c/w meat and freeze it for a quick meal), bell peppers, cucumbers (English and pickling), cabbage, pumpkins, watermelons, cantaloupe, spaghetti squash, butternut squash and dill…can’t forget a tonne of dill. Plus all the root crops like potatoes (both red and white, probably Yukon Gold, Shepody and Norland), onions (sweet Spanish and yellow), garlic, asparagus, peas, beets, and carrots.

    Did I miss something?

  8. Nikki says:

    I have a huge space for a garden now. But, I’m not doing one this year. We have too much going on, and have spent way too much money just to get into this house. So, next spring I plan on kicking the garden into full gear!

    Tomatoes, jalapenos, zucchini, green beans, peas, carrots, onions, garlic, and fruit!! All kinds! That’s what I want, but not sure yet. I do want everything to make my own salsa.

    Question for the gardeners here. Do you all start from seeds, or young plants? Does it cost a lot to start it up???

    • Joy says:

      The only thing we’ve ever started from a starter plant are tomatoes. Everything else we did from seed. Well, potatoes and onions are “kind of” a starter but then again, not really. They’re just not a seed. Make sense?? Gardening is so much cheaper in the long run. I don’t even know if a pack of seeds is $2 and you eat off most of the plants all summer. We used to eat our potatoes and onions all winter plus the tomatoes and salsa I used to can. It’s WAY cheaper.

    • mssc54 says:

      Nikki, see my comment to Karen Joy. Maybe you can do that. Almost zero effort. 😉

      • mssc54 says:

        I typicaly start from plants. But I have done both. Cost is relative. I caught Home Depot last weekend with the buy one get one free sale. I ALWAYS look for the plants with multiple seedlings in the pot. I let them dry out pretty good and then take them out of the pot, roll the root ball/soil inbetween my hands, shake the soil off and very gently seperate the roots for each individual plant. Then I replant the plants in new potting soil. I got eight cucumber plants for the price of one (no idea what I’m going to do with all of them yet) and the same with the watermellons, cantalopes, etc.

        If you read on planting a garden they will tell you to snip off extra plants to give the remaining plant a better chance for early production. However, I figure even if I slow the growth rate a couple of weeks I will more than benefit latter in the season with more plants! 😉

  9. Karen Joy says:

    CUCUMBERS!Ok so there are alot of other vegies I would/will grow but for some reason I have had NO luck with cuc’s.I love cuc’s,why oh why dont they grow for me?Anyhow!I will plant peppers this year instead of them,green beans,peas,carrots and dill.I dont have a big garden space,a few raised boxes so I cant really plant to much and thats fine with me.I would really love to have corn though,no room for it:(

    • mssc54 says:

      KJ give your beloved cucumber one more try before you give up forever.

      Try this, purchase a bag of potting soil of your choice and your favorite cucumber plant. Bring both home. Place the potting soil in a sunny location (minimum 6 hours of direct sunlight each day), cut an X into the middle of the bag. Plant your cucumber plant right in the bag! Now go ahead and get yourself one of those cone shaped trellises and stake that thing out. Enjoy!!

      • Karen Joy says:

        Im willing to try this.My problem may be the watering,though Im not sure.I have raised boxes for a garden so they need a fair bit of watering which I did everyday.Im assuming doing it in the bag may be the same,no?
        The vines always grow good and look healthy but only a few cucs would come on.

        • mssc54 says:

          Whenever you are growing plants it’s best (for pollination purposes) to have more than one. And yes the bag method will need watering more than a mulched bed. Remember too that there is a lot of water in a cucumber. So just look at it as you are making your cucumbers bigger!

          And if you really want to ensure success; when you see the plant blooming take a Q-tip and gently pollenate each flower by touching the pistol of each bloom.

  10. Joy says:

    Boy, we used to have a huge garden. We had potatoes, green beans, peas, onions, pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, beets and corn. We aren’t a fan of peppers so we never went that route but now that Toby plants them and we have everything on hand to make salsa, I’m not sure why we never did that. I guess salsa wasn’t as “fashionable” back then. We had things we used year round and a lot of what we grew, we ate all winter in some form or another. We never did cukes because I never made pickles and Paul’s dad and brother grew them and shared.

    We don’t do much of a garden now unless you count all our flowers. Toby and Sue have such a huge one that now we eat the profits of their labor.

    • Karen Joy says:

      I dont make pickles either,just want some to eat fresh.Wes loves cuc salad and I love cuc sandwiches.Its SO awesome you can steal from Sue and Toby!I LOVED when I had my job, costumers always supplied me with fresh vegies.Thats the best kind of garden to have,lol:)

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