Happy Friday, all! I hope you all enjoyed your week. I had a great week. It was spring break here for the kiddos, so I’ve been busy with them. The weather has been okay. At least we’re able to get outside. It’s been windy, but not too bad. At least the sun in shining, for now. Bailey has been out and about with his friends. It’s so nice living here. He has so much to do. So many friends around here, to keep him busy and OUTSIDE! 🙂

Wednesday evening, I had a “hair date” with Joy and her hair stylist. It’s a comfortable, and fun atmosphere. We were there for 2 hours, and I left thinking…really? 2 hours? It flew by, we were just chatting away! We had a lot of fun. And I LOVE my hair! Boy, it was one big mess! I have enough hair to make 10 wigs, no joke! It feel so good, and looks so much more healthier.

So what’s up with you all? Anything exciting to share? Any plans for Easter, if you celebrate? We’re having it here, at our house. 🙂 I’m making a ham, and some sort of potato. Either crack potatoes, or mashed with gravy. I do love ham with mashed taters!!! I think Joy is bringing asparagus casserole, yum! Oh, and wings and smoked turkey to munch on.

What’s on your menu?

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20 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. Sue says:

    It has been a L-O-N-G week for me and I’m so thankful tomorrow is Friday! My relatives from MO are coming and I’m so excited! We are having a soup feed on Saturday night and then having BBQ brisket on Sunday. YUM!

  2. Nikki says:

    Jason wants crack potatoes. Joy, what would you and Paul rather have?

  3. Laura says:

    No idea what we’re doing for Easter. We’re going completely low-key this year. No guests, and we’re not going anywhere. It’s pretty much just another weekend. We’ll do an Egg Hunt, of course, and Josh’s basket is almost ready, but other than that, nothing big. Our big-time stuff is in two weeks – Josh makes his First Communion, and when I told family and friends about it, at the beginning of the school year, suddenly everyone was asking to come out then. So we decided to just chill for Easter.

    I might make Easter Chicks out of the Easter Eggs, though…

    It’ll be a nice weekend, though. I plan to see if I can get any more work done. Manservant Jim is with his family this weekend, I don’t see him getting a “hall pass” as my brothers call it, on a holiday weekend to come and clear brush at my place, but if he comes over, I’ll be grateful. Otherwise, I’ll get done what I can.

    • Joy says:

      Those eggs look so damn good. Maybe I should take some of these to Nikki’s. Hhhmmm. That’s the one thing I hate about pins like this is there’s no recipe. Are those little carrots? Black olives?? I’ve never made deviled eggs. Can you believe that? These though are so cute and I think we all love them. Do you have a “secret” recipe for these or do you just have a basic one?

  4. skl1 says:

    It’s been a quiet week so far. I went to see our new office yesterday, and it’s nice, but there are some things that were better at the old office. It does have a very nice view, which is why we bought the building in the first place. We got out to the park a couple of times. The kids begged to watch Singin’ in the Rain, so we are watching a little bit each evening this week.

    I probably figured out what the girls will be doing several evenings per week once they go to grade school. There’s this place called “the little gym” which has gymnastics, dance, and karate for school-age kids. The only problem is that since they won’t both be 6 until January, they will have to be in the preschool gymnastics class, which is currently timed so I’ll have to leave work at about 4:30pm on that day. Oh, well, I can always bring my computer to finish work if need be. Once I finalize that, I just need to figure out their music lessons and we’ll be set for a while.

    For Easter, we have a busy schedule. We will color eggs Friday night. On Saturday morning, I’ll ask Nanny to work with them on sprucing up their baskets with decorations. Saturday afternoon we will go to the circus. Sunday morning is church, and then we’ll go to the grandparents’ house, where I’ll probably do my parents’ tax return. Miss E wants to play a song on the piano for the grandparents, so let’s see if she is brave enough to do it. She’s doing pretty well (for a 5-year-old), but she’s so far been too shy to “perform” in front of anyone who doesn’t live here. The old stage fright thing. But it’s nice to see her taking the initiative to do extra practice.

    Not much else to report. It’s almost weird how mellow I’ve been feeling lately. Usually I’m stressed about some fire drill or other. Maybe I just don’t want to be stressed. Lord knows I have plenty of work backlog to stress about if I were so inclined.

    Well, have a nice weekend, everyone! Happy Easter!

    • Joy says:

      I love Singing In The Rain.

      • skl1 says:

        We’re all liking it better our second time through. It was kind of a bomb for four-year-olds. Five-year-olds, as we all know, are much more sophisticated. But the funny thing is that my kids remember it pretty well from last time. They keep telling me what’s about to happen next.

  5. Jenny says:

    That asparagus dish is so yummy!!! The only thing I have to make is coleslaw. My mom is making the rest. Mel is bringing 2 things. We’re having ham & my mom is going to try and grill a small turkey. We’ll see how that goes! Hunter did ask me if you (Joy) were going to have your Easter egg hunt again this year. I think Mel is planning on doing something outside for him. Coloring eggs on Saturday. Hopefully we will end up with nicer eggs this year than last. We had a ton of cracked eggs last year. Well have a good weekend & Happy Easter to everyone 🙂

    • Joy says:

      I’m not doing the hunt this year Jenny because we won’t be home. It’s really funny though. Bailey wants us to have one and I love that he still wants to find the stuff. I thought he might think he was too big. But, it is fun to go running to find the goodies. We’ll have to figure out some harder spots for his. Tell Hunter we’ll have one next year.

  6. Joy says:

    I’m just getting ready to run to the grocery store. I didn’t realize Paul would be home today and was planning on him picking me up this last minute stuff today but now I have to. I don’t mind though. It’ll be kind of fun to get out. I don’t think our store will be too bad today. I think it’ll be a zoo tomorrow but for the few things I need to pick up, it’ll be okay. It’s also so nice and sunny today. I’ll feel good to be out among the living.

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