Pull Up a Pew

I might have done this one once before (yep, the permalink says “2”, which means that I did), but I’ve got church on the brain from the Communion Festivities this weekend, so I’m doing it again.

I have to admit, as ambivalent as I am about organized religion, I am also fascinated by the trappings of it. I love looking at old churches. I love the symbolism that is often found in their architecture, I love the stories – besides the Passion – that are often told in the stained glass or the statuary around churches. I love the ornate carvings, the obvious devotion that was put into them. Someday, I want to travel to Europe, and see some of the churches and cathedrals there – Westminster Abbey is at the top of the list, as is The Temple Church, built by the Knights Templar in the 1100’s.

What about you? In addition to our usual “Pull Up” question – what are your plans for the week, and how was your weekend? – tell us about your historical fascination. I’ve found that, even those people who say they couldn’t care less about history, have one period, or one *thing* that gets at them, that they want to know more about… what’s yours? (this church thing, it’s only one of mine)

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14 Responses to Pull Up a Pew

  1. skl1 says:

    I do like old stuff! I love to be in a place where I can pretend I’ve gone back in time. I haven’t been to England, but I did tour a cathedral in Frankfurt during a layover. Touring historical US places is fun, too. But my favorite is to tour ancient and exotic places. I could go on and on about my trips to India, China, and Machupicchu, Peru. There are plenty of other old, exotic places I’d love to check out if I get the opportunity.

    My weekend was fairly mellow. I was up most of Friday night working, but I took Saturday a bit easy. The girls spent the better part of an hour riding bikes in a park we occasionally visit, and I did a little bit of shopping, then got the kids bathed and to bed a bit early. We skipped the lessons, etc. that we probably should have done, but it was good to not be in a rush for a change. Today I’m trying to get some work done so I can start the week off right.

    We don’t have any grand plans for this week. The girls are in the middle of Iowa tests, so I will try to keep them well-rested (unlike last week). The only unusual thing we’re doing this week is going to an amateur ballet performance on Friday (The Sleeping Beauty ballet).

    It’s time to start thinking about what to get my mom for her birthday / mother’s day. I am drawing a blank. Any ideas? She can’t read with her eye problems, and I don’t buy her audiobooks since she always ends up having just gotten the $25 book on ebay for $1.50. She has too many “pretties” and no space for anything new. I don’t dare buy her anything to wear or to primp with. I’ve tried suggesting maid service as a gift, but she is always reluctant to have someone in to look at her far-from-perfect house. So . . . ?

    • Joy says:

      I really like pretending to be in the past too. Have you ever gone to a really small town exhibit of their town and history? Some of those little out of the way places have a really good historical societies.

      • skl1 says:

        Yes, I actually lived in a fairly small town from age 12 to 22, with even smaller towns around us. They rehabbed an old train depot and it’s so quaint with the old furniture and such. I also love the quaint old schoolroom stuff.

      • Laura says:

        we have a place in Cedar Rapids called Ushers Ferry. It’s an old pioneer settlement that’s been preserved – there are several buildings situated around a square with a gazebo in it. They have an old general store, a schoolhouse, a post office, a tavern, several houses, a shipping building… maybe something else. But we visit there at least once a year, because there’s always some sort of interesting historical re-enactment or other festival going on. It’s really cool.

      • Joy says:

        I’d really love to go to both. I love stuff like this.

  2. Sue says:

    Our weekend was good and I’m excited to go back ‘home’ this week 🙂 I liked history in high school, but it wasn’t until I took an ancient civilizations course in college that I really loved it. My one fascination is probably the Mayan culture. They really weren’t all that nice!

  3. Nikki says:

    Pretty good weekend here! I made a turkey dinner on Saturday. And now I’m thinking I’m glad I didn’t make it for Thanksgiving, because no way would it had fed everyone. I did have enough for soup, though. I ended up making turkey soup, and dumplings and it was so good! Even Jason liked it! lol

    Jason got the boat fixed, it needed a new ignition. So, the next nice day, she’s getting in the water! He also changed the oil in the truck, and I got it all cleaned out, dusted and vacuumed. It’s like a brand new truck now, almost. 🙂

    Sunday, was the lazy day for me. I did laundry, made the soup and putzed around the house. Jason and Bailey went to the golf course after supper, and I cuddled up with my blanket, heat pad and watched all my mindless shows I’ve had DVR’d forever! 🙂

    I like old things, too. Southern colonial style architecture is my favorite. I like the look of really old churches too. Now days they are built to look like modern day mansions! Love stained glass, and intricate wood carvings.

  4. Joy says:

    I love soup with dumplings. YUM. Do you use Bisquick?

  5. Joy says:

    There’s almost nothing I love more than browsing through antique shops. The older the better. I like the ones that are affordable for you to be able to buy something if you want to. I hate the high end ones. What’s the point? “Window shopping” only goes so far. I also really love old churches. They have so much history and personality.

    I think this weekend was one of the longest ones I’ve ever spent. I thought it would never end. I don’t think Paul or I even got dressed on Saturday. I mean it was rainy and windy and just downright nasty out. Yesterday was somewhat better but still a long day. Today is beautiful and I’m doing the bedclothes and hanging them outside. I think today is supposed to be the warmest day of the week.

    Not much else. I’m very boring.

  6. mssc54 says:

    Not sure at all what this week will bring. My Mrs. mom has a stroke on Friday so the Mrs. packed a bag and went to stay with her for a bit. Fortunately the MiL lives (literally) one block from where my Mrs. teaches. At least she will be able to sleep at least a half hour later in the morning. Maybe at least until 5:30!

    I have been to many of the European countries. However, I was a teenage sailor and couldn’t fully appreciate the culture of Athens, Barcelona, Edinburgh or Naples. But I could really appreciate the oozo and sangarea!

    I will say though that the Acropolis in Athens was pretty cool. Some of us explored through the tunnels underneath.

  7. Vicki says:

    Thats what i think so so cool about England all the old buildings/architect, ive been to several places while visitng there including Westminster Abbey, It just so happens we’re doing a short holiday to England very soon to visit family. Ive also visited India a few times and the same goes as above, cool, cool, cool, The Taj Mahal, the many different forts, gardens, temples, simply awesome!

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