The Secret Service Scandal

What do you think of this? Do you think these men should lose their jobs?

Does it anger you? Repulse you? Embarrass you? What?

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6 Responses to The Secret Service Scandal

  1. mssc54 says:

    Every one if them AND their supervisors should lose their jobs! REALLY ticks me off.

  2. skl1 says:

    If they were there on a security detail, then this is beyond outrageous. That would obviously compromise security. They should be fired and more.

    If this were just a seminar or something, and they were just there for training and not actually guarding anyone, then I’m not sure how badly they should be punished. I mean, would this be any different from anything they did while off duty in the USA? I assume we don’t fire every public employee who hires an occasional prostitute on their own time? Maybe we should, but we don’t, so should this case be different just because it was in a foreign country or just because of the publicity? I don’t know. Is it even illegal to do what they did in Colombia? Does their contract forbid it? Has this behavior been openly tolerated in the past? In short, could these guys have reasonably expected to be disciplined / fired for this behavior, based on past practices and the tone of the organization? It would be easy to fire the individuals, but is it really fair to punish them if the higher-ups have blatantly allowed this behavior? It would seem more reasonable to fire those who set the tone that encouraged this behavior.

    • mssc54 says:

      The Secret Service is the elite law enforcement agency of the United States. They should set the highest of standards and be above reproach on every level. Its not like they are a beat cop and a shop lifter might get away if they screw up.

  3. Sue says:

    Their asses should be gone along with the higher ups. You cannot tell me this is the first time it’s happened b/c I’m not buying it!

  4. Laura says:

    I’m of two minds on this. First, the cynic in me says that the bar was set when a high-ranking member of a previous administration brought an intern into his office for a little “extracurricular activity” while he was working, and it was considered “none of the public’s business” and “his own personal life”, so how can we persecute/prosecute these men for doing essentially the same thing?

    But the logical side of me says that when you are “on duty” – and a member of the Secret Service is ALWAYS on duty when on a trip with the President – you are to ‘keep it in your pants’ as it were. There is plenty of time for hookers and whatever else when you get back home. I don’t care if you were done with your shift, you are not “off duty” as long as you are on that trip. It’s NOT like a business trip of any other profession – there, you really are off duty (although, conceivably, you are still representing your company, even after hours), and have a few hours to yourself for sight-seeing or whatever else.

    I believe they should be disciplined, but beyond that, I can’t really comment, because I know very little about the case (it’s 12:30 AM, I didn’t click thru the link).

    Did it embarrass me? Hell no. I’ve been FAR more embarrassed at what my President has done. The SS has an exemplary record, and this is one glitch. There is plenty of other stuff to be embarrassed about.

  5. Joy says:

    I somewhat agree with a little of everyone. At first I was just embarrassed that they “got caught.” I mean really, who hires a prostitute in this situation and doesn’t pay her? Hello! But then it got bigger and bigger and now the military is also being so tarnished by some horny men who can’t seem to control themselves for one measly weekend. How 15 is that? As soon as these men get away from home they want to fool around??

    I guess a part of me also feels if you’re not married, there really wasn’t any harm being what they did is legal there but I’ve changed my mind on that too. I do feel like others have said, they are there for “us” and really shouldn’t have done this. It’s not a very moral thing to do married or not.

    I think heads should roll. I just don’t know how far up they should because I agree with Sue, I don’t for a second think this is the “first time” for stuff like this. They just got caught this time and once again, we’re a laughing stock.

    I’d like to go back to the days where America was the proudest place to be. What’s happened to her?

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