Orangesicle Cocktail

Orangesicle Cocktail 
Ice cubes
Orange Juice
Vanilla flavored Vodka
Vanilla Ice Cream
Orange Soda

Directions: Place ice cubes, vanilla ice cream, vanilla flavored vodka and orange juice in a blender and blend well. Pour 3/4 full into serving glass. Equally top each glass with orange soda. Dip orange slices in sugar and place on rim of glass for garnish.

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7 Responses to Orangesicle Cocktail

  1. Joy says:

    Oh Nikki. Shame on you. I want one RIGHT NOW. I just love orange. Next gathering we have to make these. Mother’s Day???

  2. Sue says:

    Y-U-M!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking Mother’s Day too Mum!

    • Joy says:

      Sounds good to me. Let’s hope it a nice day this year. Maybe we can be sipping these on the deck while the pool fills up. I want to get a load of sand too before then so the kids can go hog wild! Oh ya, we need the sand before the pool anyway! LOL!!

  3. Joy says:

    I got all the stuff to make these and I now see it doesn’t show any amounts 😦 WTH??? Do you remember where you found this Nikki?

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