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Do you chaperon field trips with your child/children and did your parents chaperon for you?

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    • mssc54 says:

      Okay, now that I have a bit more time let me more fully answer this QOD.

      I don’t even remember any field trips when I was in school (1960-72).

      I REALLY enjoy going on field trips with our children. Our oldest daughters are ages 32, 28 and 24 (this month). Our younger children are 8 and 10 (2nd grade & 4th grade).

      We live in Charleston, SC. I have learned so much about this City and surrounding plantations by going on field trips. I learned what earth-quake bolts are. I have gone to all the surrounding forts except Fort Sumpter on field trips. The old Hugenot church grave yard is cool. The slave museum where most of the African slaves came ashore and were sold. The little Civil War museum. I could go on and on about the various field trips I’ve been on.

      All the kids want to be in my group too. I ALWAYS buy something (mostly small) from whatever gift shop there is. Sometimes it may be just a post card so the student can send it to a family member that lives some distance away but I always buy each child in my group something from the gift shop. But I think the bag of cookies I bring for after lunch is jus as big a hit. I most often bring enough cookies for the entire class.

      One funny little story. Last year our #4 daughter (then a 9 year old 3rd grder) wanted her twenty-three year old sister to be the chaperone on the field trip instead of me. I almost got my feelings hurt but was excited that they each wanted to spend time with each other like this. So I gave #3 daughter money to buy the kids in her group a souvenier. Funny thing is one of the kids in her group got caught shop lifting from the gift shop!! That never happened to me. Haha.

      I REALLY enjoy that all of our kids like(d) me going on their field trips. The teachers like for me to go too especially when the busses are crowded because I take all the coolers and lunches in my truck. 🙂

  1. skl1 says:

    I’m pretty sure my parents never did. Myself, I went on a couple when my kids had just started preschool, but I haven’t been on any since. Coincidentally, I did ask if I could come for yesterday’s field trip, but they could only accommodate one parent, and someone else had asked first. (There are only 9 kids in the KG class.)

    As a working parent, I don’t foresee this being something I’ll do as a general rule. We’ll see. My mom used to be looked down upon for not doing the “room mother” thing etc., but in those days, she was one of very few moms who worked. My mom also used to get ticked that they never asked the fathers, so sometimes she’d say no (or “ask their father,” which they were afraid to do) as a matter of principle. I guess I’ll decide on a case-by-case basis once I see how they do things at my kids’ future school. It shouldn’t be as hard for me as it was for my mom, since I only have two kids and they’re in the same class.

  2. Laura says:

    i’ve volunteered to do the chaperone thing, but haven’t been called up. Same with “Room Mother”. Don’t know why, but others are always chosen. I guess it’s fine, though. Josh is so very attached to me that it’s good for him to have experiences with others. I think I could probably go to some of the things as an extra if I requested it, though.

    My mom was always a room mother for my classes. I think she enjoyed it. She’s very creative, so whenever they had parties and such, she was always right in there, up to her elbows.

  3. Sue says:

    Yes, I do. It is fun even if it’s a long day! I can’t ever remember my parents helping at school! Part of it was they worked and the other part was it just wasn’t their thing. I am not scarred for life b/c of it though.

  4. Nikki says:

    My mom never did, and I do when I’m given enough notice to take time off work.

  5. Joy says:

    I always went. I used to say I’d been everywhere for free. It was easy for me because I was in the school already and as long as I could get someone to cover my lunch shift I was good to go. I was room mom a lot of years too. I loved going. I feel bad living here. I’d love to go with the kids to some of theirs but there’s no way I’d drive down the the Children’s Museum or anywhere like that. We used to be able to ride the bus.

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