Talking to myself!

I couldn’t help but laugh when I came across this. “Guess what? Talking to yourself is actually a good thing.” Thank goodness. Otherwise they’ll be carting me off to the Funny Farm.

I’ve always talked to myself. For as long as I can remember. Out loud too. Not just in my head. The most embarrassing time I got caught though was one of Paul’s brothers walked in our house one day and asked me who I was talking to and I told him myself and he started laughing and said “that loud??” He cracked right up. What happened is that I’m really bad on confrontations and that day I happened to be “practicing” what I was going to say to someone. LOL!!!

I talk to myself all the time even when Paul is in the room. With him I have to repeat everything. At least when I talk to myself I don’t have to repeat everything. (When I talk to him he can’t hear me but when I whisper to myself he can so go figure!).

But they now are saying that when you talk to yourself it’s a good thing. I also know it’s true that when looking for something, talking about “it” or “to” it helps keep your mind focused on what it is you’re looking for so you’re less apt to walk into a room and forget why you went there (although that’s another post too!). For example, if I’m looking for my camera, I will talk to it and say things like “come out come out wherever you are camera.” I don’t know if it helps or not but I’ve always done it.

So do you do it? Or won’t you admit it? Do you do it in the car? Shower? When you’re alone or not at all? Do you have full conversations?? I do 🙂

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8 Responses to Talking to myself!

  1. skl1 says:

    Yes, I talk to myself. Especially when I’m ticked at someone, if I’m alone, I’ll really let them have it (becuase I know I’ll have to keep quiet about it when the person is actually there). Once in a while I get caught bitching about something that irks me. It may be a little thing, which nobody knew I cared about, but now they know, LOL. “Why do some people have to do ___! Would it really be that hard to do ___?”

    I talk to myself to try to structure my thoughts, especially if my mind is kind of jumbled. For example, when I have a lot to do in a very short time and I’m getting stressed about it. Talking myself through it (or talking myself down) helps. It kinda reassures me that OK, this is just a work project, not a trip through the seven circles of Hell.

    I talk to myself when I’m driving and someone does something stupid (or I do something stupid). It seems more constructive to make a joke to myself than to seethe and cuss.

    In the shower, I do sometimes, but our walls are paper-thin and I really don’t need an audience for my shower musings. I do notice that is the place I get most of my brilliant ideas – but unfortunately I can’t jot them down on a piece of paper while I’m in there.

  2. Laura says:

    Not only do I talk to myself and rehearse conversations and the like… I create entire alternate universes for myself!! I’ve traveled through time, visited places I may never go, met people I will never meet… I have a very rich talking-to-myself-life

  3. Nikki says:

    I probably laugh at myself more than talk to myself, but yes I do! I have conversations in my head all the time, and will find something funny and will end up giggling to myself. I probably do that more than actually talking out loud to myself.

  4. joanharvest says:

    I talk to myself all the time. It’s also how I remember things. If I need to remember something I will say it out loud a few times. When I used to go home from my store at the end of the day I would lock the door as I left. I would then get in my car and drive away and then I wouldn’t be able to remember if I locked the door so I would have to drive back and check the lock. So what I started doing after I locked it was dance and sing on the steps. I would sing “The Lock The Door Song”. The song consisted of me repeating over and over again “I locked the Door”. It actually helped me to remember that, yes, I locked the door.

    • Joy says:

      Joan, did you find any of my comments in your spam folder? I’ve been having trouble leaving comments and people are finding them in the spam.

      • joanharvest says:

        Yes, I left you a comment on my blog. I found them just today in the spam folder. That’s weird. They were coming through fine and then all of a sudden. WordPress must have done something stupid.

      • Joy says:

        Thanks Joan. I don’t know what they did and here all this time I thought all my comments were going in.

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