Do you ever think about this?

When I came across this this morning I was so shocked. I mean, I know from when I was doing the weight loss challenges that a lot of things have way more fat, calories, sodium etc than it would appear or that we can even comprehend. But man, some of these have huge amounts of fat. More fat than we should be eating in a whole day.

With 2,000 calories in a day, your safe zone for fat grams is 44 to 78. Check out CalorieKing and see where you eat out and look at what you order. What do you think? Is the stuff full of more calories and fat than you thought? Do you try to eat responsibly when you eat out or don’t you pay any attention?

Do you eat any of these? You’re going to be shocked.

Also, do you fall into the trap of “thinking” you’re eating healthy but found out you weren’t?? I know before the weight loss challenges I’d eat a chicken caesar salad and think I was doing really good but now I know I could have eaten a hamburger for less fat, sodium and calories.

Do you eat out often? Do you try to pay attention to what you’re eating or do you throw caution to the wind “just that one time?”

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11 Responses to Do you ever think about this?

  1. Jenny says:

    Nah. I don’t really think of that. I say all in moderation! There is no way I would go order a triple whopper. Yuck!! When you order a salad, you really need to think about the dressing. There are a lot of calories, sodium and fat in dressings. That’s where they get ya! Out of that list, I order the chicken strip basket from DQ. But not the 6 piece. Just don’t go out eating that stuff week after week 🙂

  2. mssc54 says:

    I am fortunate in that I don’t have to count calories. I just don’t gorge myself… very often.

  3. I try to limit my fast food intake. The last time I had McDonald’s was last week, which is good seeing as how my last MCD’s visit was around Christmas time. It’s hard for me to eat healthier since I’m in college and there’s not too many healthy options on my campus available to me.

  4. Sue says:

    We don’t eat out like we use to. I do try and pay attention, but if I want something I’m going to have it!

  5. Laura says:

    Heh. This is a big deal for me. I used to be obsessed with food, to the point of pathology. I would be *starving*, but not know what to eat. I *hated* food. Everything about it. And at the same time, I *had* to have it. I was caught in a binge cycle, and it scared the crap out of me. So I started just eating what I wanted. And I quit the “diets” – no more obsessing over food.

    Since then, I’ve discovered that eating higher levels of protein works for me, as does cutting back on sugars and carbs. I have not given them up by any means, I just eat less of them. Eggs for breakfast, not cereal, stuff like that.

    And when I stopped obsessing, I discovered that I willingly eat pretty well. Yes, I still eat cookies, but I don’t binge on them. I eat eggs for breakfast, and I’m not hungry again until noon or after, when I’ll cook a hunk of salmon with veggies, or stir-fry a chicken breast with a medley of veggies (no sauce, just seasonings, and enough oil or butter (gasp! butter!) to get the cooking done and make the seasonings stick).

    I’ve found that I feel a LOT better, because I’m eating more veggies, drinking more water, and surprisingly, eating relatively low-fat meals.

    I’ve lost about ten pounds, and couldn’t care less if I lose another ounce.

    And yes, I eat out. I eat fast food, sometimes more than I should. there are weeks when we have pizza, tacos, and cheeseburgers in the same week. But we balance it by having baked chicken and fish the next time. As someone said, moderation.

    And I’ve never been a big salad-dressing girl, so that’s no big deal.

  6. skl1 says:

    I’m somewhat moderate when it comes to this stuff. I’ve been through periods when I’ve been a health food nut and other times when I was a junk food junkie, but nowadays, I am somewhere in between. I do take the girls to “fast food” and restaurants more often than most folks do. And I look for the healthier stuff on the menu. But I’m not a fool. I know that even a “healthier” meal at McD’s is not skinny food. But I’m not trying to starve myself or my kids. That just messes up the metabolism, anyway.

    My kids and I will have one day where we have above-average calories, but the next day we will have a very light dinner that is more like a snack. One day there will be no fruits/veggies at dinner, and the next day fruit/veggie will be the biggest item on the plate. When eating out, we have water or sometimes milk, never soda/juice; we share one meal (maybe with an extra side or two); we rarely eat beef; we usually pass on the sauces; we rarely include a dessert. And we try to get a reasonable amount of exercise, to make up for the Bob Evans “smiley fries” and the plain Filet-o’-Fish that my kids eat when I haven’t had time to pack a healthy “picnic” for a car trip. All in all, I think we do pretty OK.

    I am not at my peak health right now. 5-10 years ago, I was much better about eating and maintaining good health (and fitting into my pants!). It shouldn’t be difficult to get back to those days, but somehow I haven’t had the willpower to do so. I will be doing well, and then give in to a craving. I buy healthy, fresh fruits and veggies but rarely feel like eating them. I keep telling myself I’m going to get back into the good habits, but when?

  7. Nikki says:

    We really do not eat out very often at all. When we do, I usually eat what I feel like eating. If I feel like having a Big Mac, I will have one. I think I’ve had 1 in 5 years. I generally eat healthy. I have to watch my cholesterol more than my actual weight, so eating out often is just not an option for me. That, and it costs too much money to eat out.

    I love most veggies, and I’d say all fruits, except apples unless they are cooked.

  8. Oh man, since I began on the downward spiral of my eating disorder, I’ve been so incredibly aware of how much fat and how many calories are in fast food.

    I do think, though, that eating something incredibly unhealthy is absolutely fine if it’s not a daily thing. If you treat yourself to something unhealthy but delicious once in a while, nothing bad will happen and you’ll enjoy yourself.

  9. Joy says:

    I don’t eat out nearly as much as I used to and it’s because of the “how bad it is for you” AND it’s just gotten so expensive. But if I do want something, I will order it.

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