Happy Friday is right! It’s been a long week. Not bad, just long. I’d sure like to end the week on the boat with a Corona in my hand. I think I may just make that happen. But for now, we’ll start the day with a nice, warm cup of…whatever you’d like!

We finally made it to the zoo! We had a nice day Wednesday, sunny but not too hot. We all had a good time. I hadn’t been to that particular zoo in many years. It’s huge now, and very nice.

Saturday, the guys have a golf tournament. Bailey and I  plan on going to the swappers meet with everyone in the morning. Then go over and do a little yard work at Joy’s. We’ll see. It’s supposed to rain later that evening, so hopefully they are right and it holds off! You never know what the weather will do!

How was your week? Any weekend plans?

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2 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. skl1 says:

    I had a “good-busy” week up through Wednesday. I didn’t get much sleep, though, so I made up for it by taking a nap today, for which I got told off. So I’m in kind of a bad mood right now. I mean, yeah, I had an unproductive day (relatively), but doesn’t everyone deserve a little time off now and then? It’s not like I get the weekends off or anything.

    This evening we went to see Yanni. It’s my second time seeing him, and I have to say the first time was better, but it was fine. Miss E got tired and ended up sleeping on my lap through most of the show. Miss A was doing great until she decided to get jealous that I was holding Miss E. Considering the show started at 8 on a school night, I think the kids did about as well as they could.

    This weekend there is some kind of festival that our business is supposed to participate in. I would rather stay home and work, but we’ll see. Sunday, I’m going to my parents’ to belatedly celebrate Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday (which is today). I’m going to try to sneak in a little dance show as well.

    Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend!

  2. Joy says:

    I LOVE the MN Zoo. I think the last time we went there was when Audra and Les were here and I don’t even think Tyler was even born. That’s a LONG time ago. I don’t even know how many field trips I went on there. I always had a lot of fun. I loved seeing your pictures. It was really nice of you to take Lily there.

    Darryl is coming back again tonight. Like Nikki mentioned, their first golf tourney is tomorrow so we’re going to the Swappers Meet early. They have to be at the golf course to sign in at 11. Then it’s our neighbor, Sue’s grandma’s, birthday party and that starts at 1 so tomorrow will be a nice full day.

    It’s so dog gone windy here that it’s almost impossible to be outside. Yesterday it was so bad that the helicopters from the trees felt like hail on my arms and face. I’d also like to try and get some flowers this weekend. Maybe on Sunday.

    Have a good one all.

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