Pull Up an Eclipse

Well, we tried. Josh and I had our cardboard “camera” all ready to go (that’s what he’s holding), but apparently they store the moon in MN, which is why we couldn’t see it down here in Iowa. At least that’s Josh’s theory. So between Minnesota hogging the moon, and the thin stream of clouds that sat in front of the sun all evening (not a single other cloud in the sky. Of course), we didn’t get to see it live. We did get to see it on webcast, though, but it’s a bit anti-climactic, especially when you’re used to seeing everything broadcast on YouTube nowadays.

Did y’all get to see it? I remember watching eclipses when I was a kid – we’d make the little shoebox viewers and see it that way. It was pretty cool.

Ah, well. We tried. What about the rest of your weekend? Was it good? We had a blast – yesterday was our Pack Picnic, and Josh got his Wolf Badge, and officially began his journey to becoming a Bear.

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14 Responses to Pull Up an Eclipse

  1. Jenny says:

    We seen it!! We had to look through a welding helmet to see it. I took tons of pictures. Thought it was pretty cool.

  2. Laura says:

    Alright MN. That was just dirty pool.

    We even made the hole in the camera a LOT bigger. In that pic, it’s about the size of a Bic Pen tip. I got mad, and cut it to be the size of a milk jug lid. STILL nuthin’. The moon was NOWHERE in the Iowa Sky!!! Insanity. I think Josh was right. I think you guys were hogging the moon!!

  3. Sue says:

    Yes, we saw it also by looking through the welding helmet and it was pretty neat. I also remember making something out of cardboard one year and it did work. Our weekend was good and today we topped it off by watching some of my crazy coworkers skydive! We did not jump, but kinda wish we would have!

  4. skl1 says:

    I forgot about the eclipse. But we probably would not have seen much over here anyway.

    So Saturday I got all mean and militant at my kids again. I finally made a chart listing behavior expectations and chores. The plan is for the girls to earn points (+ and -) and get some reward if they meet a certain threshold. This week I told them they need 100 points to get their DSs back. For next week, the reward will probably be me coming with them on their zoo field trip. They did respond well to the idea (so far).

    My kids are starting to be a little devious. I know this inevitably happens, but I’m still working out what to do about it. I sense that it will be a while before I can really “trust” my kids when temptations arise. It’s not a fun development.

    Today (Sunday), after church, we went to a dance show at a community arts center near my parents’ house. This show is always a treat. Then we went to my sister’s house, where the girls played with her collection of old toys and with her 8-week-old batch of puppies. Then to my parents’ house to pay respects to my mom for her birthday and mother’s day. We had a nice visit. Got home pretty late, but earlier than last time. (And, I didn’t flood their bathroom with toilet water this time, yippee!)

    I worked until 5am Saturday night, so I’m pretty low on sleep. Got one big project done, but I was supposed to finish more. I kinda hate Sunday nights because I’m usually nowhere near finishing the work I’d planned for the weekend. Blah. Oh well, at least we had some fun.

    This week I have a couple of things for my kids’ extracurriculars, but other than that, just the daily grind. Here’s hoping I get on a roll and clear out a lot of my to-d0s before anyone gives me a hard time.

  5. Nikki says:

    We actually ended up having a very low key weekend. Friday we went over to some friends that live right by us. Had a couple drinks and just sat and talked. It was nice. Saturday, I did some deep cleaning. We all just kind of putzed around the house. Bailey got a hair cut. He said he had Justin Beiber hair and he needed it cut! LOL We rented a movie from Red Box, Jack and Jilll, with Adam Sandler. It wasn’t one of his best but he’s Bailey’s favorite actor so there is not a movie of his we have not seen. Sunday we watched a Criminal Minds marathon. The season finale was SO good!!! I can’t wait for the new season now! And the season finale of season one Person of Interest was great too! Do any of you watch that?? We really like that show.

    This week Bailey has his end of the year field trip to our state capital. I’m a bit irritated, because they said they wanted chaperons that have not yet chaperoned this year. I know they have a lot to pick from but I was hoping to go. Oh well, I guess. Hard to believe this school year is almost over. It went a lot smoother than I had anticipated.

  6. Laura says:

    Today is Josh’s last full day of school. (and he’s doing nothing but playing games all day. I think I feel another rant coming on…) Tomorrow is just Mass, and they come home. I’m kind of shell-shocked. I cannot believe it’s already the end of 2nd Grade!! This year just FLEW by!!

    We had a busy weekend… Saturday was the Pack Picnic and end-of-the-year Court of Honor, which means that the boys “graduated” from one rank to another. It was a lot of fun. We rarely have time to just sit and chat with other parents/leaders – most of the time, we’re doing stuff, that we get a little “chat time”, but mostly we’re teaching kids stuff. Which is fine, but it’s nice to sometimes say, “go play” and just talk.

    Yesterday was going to be a “putter around the house” day, but about halfway through, Manservant Jim called and said he was on his way over with a load of dirt. He brought his daughters, so Josh was just thrilled. He got to play, and Jim and I cleared out my top garden and spent a while shoveling dirt into it. It’s all ready for planting now. We have to do the same for the bottom garden. If he has time, we might get that in this week. Steve’s already got the top garden all planned out. That plat is going to be SO stuffed with stuff. He’s planning a couple of tomato plants, 12 or more pepper plants, and several cucumber plants. The bottom, we’re discussing putting in herbs. We’ll see what’s still available when we get the dirt in.

    Josh starts baseball games this week, and I’m getting things organized for Wisconsin at the end of next week. Then it’s the Pack “Wacky Olympics”, and probably band practice in June. Man, things just stack right up, don’t they?

    • Joy says:

      I thought we weren’t doing WI this year. Did you change your mind?

    • skl1 says:

      What band instrument(s)? (Josh or you?)

      • Laura says:

        Band is for me. It’s therapeutic, and I wish it went all year ’round. I play the Flute, and if I get it fixed, the Piccolo. It’s a community band, and we get together for rehearsals in June, and have two performances in July, the first is on July 4th as part of the town’s Independence Day Celebration. It’s a blast. I SO miss playing, and this is just so very much fun for me. I can’t wait for rehearsals to start.

  7. skl1 says:

    Whew, got the kids signed up for 2012-13 dance/gymnastics/karate classes. Open enrollment started today, and I was afraid the slots would be filled. One less thing to figure out, yippee! Now I just need to figure out about 99 other things.

  8. skl1 says:

    Reasons I’m awesome today:

    – I cleaned the whole house (except for 2 adults’ bedrooms) (for the maids to come and do the real cleaning)
    – I fixed a light fixture, changed lightbulbs, did a load of laundry, did some needed shopping, cleared some food leftovers, and plunged the toilet
    – I resolved a computer issue that was bugging me for days
    – I went to the bank so I could lend money to my sister and have it available in her bank account “today”
    – I got my calendar up to date
    – I got my personal accounting/bills up to date and balanced my checkbook
    – I organized all my papers (work and personal)
    – I scheduled some stuff for my kids
    – I cleaned out my car
    – I got rid of various stuff we I don’t need any more
    – I didn’t whack or scream at my kids (yet) and they got to school early
    – Probably some other stuff

    Reasons I suck today:

    – I’ve only done maybe 2 hours of “work work” so far and I have less than an hour left of “first shift”
    – I posted in a forum thread about people who don’t want to work
    – I ate a half bag of mini marshmallows and 4 of my kids’ candies
    – Isn’t that enough ??? On balance, I am sucky. (I get this way sometimes.)

    • Laura says:

      I second Joy’s awesome. Although I get the “I’m sucky” thing. I get that way about once a month, and this seems like my day for it, too. I, on the other hand, didn’t balance it by being crazy productive, although I did get some very important things taken care of (bills paid). I’ve come to accept that two or three days a month, I’m going to be in a funk, and I just go with it. It doesn’t help that I’ve got some personal stresses going on that haven’t gotten resolved yet.

  9. Joy says:

    I think it balances out on the awesome side.

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