How Often Should We Wash Towels, Sheets?

How often do you change your sheets? Wash your towels, wash cloths, dish towel or dish cloths? Here is the Good Question from the other night.

I love to have clean fresh sheets every week but I’ll admit I wait two weeks. It’s very hard for me to change my sheets. My bedroom has “those” old farmhouse ceilings and in half of my room I can’t stand up straight. When I had a normal room with a normal ceiling, I did change my sheets every week. It was so easy to pull them off, throw them in the washer, hang them on the line and go to work. It only took minutes to put them back on but now I don’t.

Bath towels and wash cloths. I wash ours twice a week I suppose. I grab then when I’m doing a load just usually to fill the machine. I don’t use a wash cloth but Paul does and I usually replace it for him every other day.

Kitchen stuff is different. I find myself now not really using wash cloths or kitchen towels very often. I know how gross sponges and dish cloths can get and I hate the way they smell after a day or so but I never EVER thought you were supposed to use a new one everyday. I’ve been using a couple of paper-towels for about the last year or so to wash things like my knives that shouldn’t go in the dishwasher and then wipe the table and counters and stove off. Then I use paper towels to dry my dishes. You’d be surprised how tough paper towels are now.

How about you? How often do you take a clean towel? How often do you wash your bedclothes? Do you replace your dishcloth everyday?

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10 Responses to How Often Should We Wash Towels, Sheets?

  1. Laura says:

    Bedclothes are pretty sporadic. I try to get them every couple of weeks, but sometimes I’m a big slacker. Some months they get washed weekly, other months, they walk to the washer and throw themselves in out of sheer desperation. Towels are easier, they go in about every week or so, but each of us has our own bathroom, and each bathroom has a couple towels. So if I miss one week, the towels can sit in the wash and wait until I have a full load to do.

    Kitchen towels, I have a bunch of, and I also use floursack towels instead of paper towels for “cook’s rags”. I make a mess when I cook. I get my hands in there, and covered with gunk, so I ALWAYS have a floursack towel over my shoulder to wipe my hands on. It’s saved me a TON of money on paper towels. At the end of the day (or sometimes the end of the project), the towel goes into a pile in the corner, and that pile is taken in once a week (or more, if I remember as I go thru the laundry room)

  2. Jenny says:

    Bedroom sheets are about every 2 weeks. When my back starts hurting, that means it’s time to turn the bed so that’s when I wash the sheets. Usually ends up being the 2 weeks. Bath towels are about every week I would say. Same with kitchen towels and wash cloths.

  3. skl1 says:

    Kitchen: as you all know, we don’t really use our kitchen like most people do. I don’t use dishrags every day. When I do, I rinse them and hang them over the stove handle, so they will be completely dry before they are used again. The same is true of wash cloths that I use in the kitchen for my kids’ faces and hands. We do use the hand towel frequently and it also hangs over the stove handle. I generally wash them all at least weekly. Our laundry room is off the kitchen, so I usually toss them into whatever load I am doing and then hang them back up again after they are dry. I do the same with the hand towels in the downstairs bathroom.

    Bathroom: I just have one hand towel and one bath towel that I use. I hang it up after my shower so it dries completely, long before I use it again. I generally wash it whenever I wash my own clothes, which would be once every week or two. My kids have their own bath towels and they bathe less frequently than I do. So I let their towels go quite a while between washings.

    Sheets: I don’t have any particular rule for sheets. Basically whenever I feel they are getting yucky, unless I have a houseguest before that. In the summer, I probably average monthly, give or take, but in the cool months, I will go much longer. My kids’ sheets get changed even less frequently. Far less.

    I am not a germophobe by any stretch. As long as it’s my own little family, I don’t worry about sharing germs. I don’t let things get stinky, though. That I can’t stand.

  4. About the same here. 2 weeks for sheets, towels every few days, but I do go through dish towels pretty quickly. They’re just too easy to throw in the laundry, I guess.

  5. Nikki says:

    I wash our bedding every Friday, or during the weekend. Now that I have a clothes line to hang them on, it depends on the weather. Say it’s only Thursday but will rain for the next 2 days, I will wash them then so I can hang them out. Bath towels, I use the same one twice unless it ends up on the floor. I change my kitchen wash cloth every day. Those doesn’t take up much room in the washer, and I do laundry every day practically.

  6. Vicki N Sean says:

    I absolutely love fresh sheets but they only get washed once or twice a week…Same with towels.

  7. Bradford Komatsu says:

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