Do you remember NOT having a remote?

I really don’t recall having a remote for our TV until I was a young adult. When it was reported that Eugene Polley, inventor of the remote died last week, I never knew the first remote came out in the 50’s. We sure didn’t have any then. We didn’t get a colored TV until the late 60’s. This is how they work.

It’s so funny to me now. I’ll look all over the house for the remote before I’ll change it by hand. We’ve become so spoiled. I can really remember sitting and watching a TV program that I didn’t want to watch just because I was too lazy to get up and turn the channel.

We have 6 remotes in our living room and another 2 in the kitchen and 2 in the basement. Now they come with just about everything from our fireplace to oscillating fans.

Do you use all the remotes you get for everything?  How many do you have? How many do you use?

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8 Responses to Do you remember NOT having a remote?

  1. Laura says:

    I do remember not having a remote when I was a young kid. I think we got our first ‘remote-tv’ when I was around 8 or 10. Before that, it was a clicker dial that changed the channel, and sometimes I was the “remote”, but not very often, because the TV has always been perched on top of a tall freezer, and even on a chair, I couldn’t really reach the channel knob. I’m sure if I was taller, I’d have been the one up and changing it all the time!

    Now, I have four remotes in my bedroom, and three in my basement. All work various components of the televisions that reside there: TV, digital box, DVD player, and in my bedroom, add a VCR. Yes, we still have a VCR. Two, actually, but only one is working. I’ve thought about getting universal remotes for them, but I think that would make things more difficult on Steve than easier, so I just don’t bother.

  2. skl1 says:

    I wouldn’t mind doing without the remote, except that nowadays, you can’t make all the functions work without the remote. The remote has like 50 buttons on it and the TV / DVD player might have 4 or 5. How can you turn on the subtitles or choose a scene or a language without the remote? Or for that matter, even switch the channel when you have 100+ to flip through?

    I used to scoff at the whole remote thing, but somewhere along the way, I have gotten used to them.

    I don’t have a problem going and pushing the button on the appliance if the remote is out of sight. I do it plenty (to turn stuff off). But since I normally use the DVD rather than TV, and that involves (a) the DVD player, (b) the Bose sound thingy, and (c) the TV, it’s easier to just gather all the remotes. (Oh, and the Bose thingy buttons don’t work any more, anyway.)

    I have a remote for my boom box, but I don’t use it. I also had one for my previous stereo and didn’t use it. Can’t think of anything else I have with a remote.

    • skl1 says:

      As for when we got our first remote – it’s hard to say. I think my parents had one with the TV that was there when I moved off to grad school. But for most of my childhood, no way. We didn’t even always have a TV – and my dad was a TV repairman. (Or does that go without saying?) When I moved into an apartment, we bought an old TV so it didn’t have a remote, I don’t think. Heck, I had to make an antenna for it out of a wire clothes hanger. Eventually we bought a more modern TV and at that point, remotes were standard equipment, I think.

      Actually, isn’t it kinda funny that we call them “remotes”? Remote what? Remote control? Why don’t we call them controls or something?

      • Laura says:

        “Remote” is short for Remote control. I guess people just shortened it like they shorten everything else. What I don’t get is where they got the name “clicker” – as in, “where’s the TV Clicker?” I don’t think I’ve ever met a single TV remote (or any other) that went “click” when you used it. Except, maybe, when you snapped the battery compartment shut.

      • Joy says:

        I remember the hanger thing too. Did you ever add tin foil?? LOL!!!

  3. Vicki N Sean says:

    I remember having to get up off the couch to change channels which back then wasnt a big just didnt change channels so often. lol plus we didnt have so many to choose from.

  4. Sue says:

    Yes, I do remember not having a remote and our TV was the one with the channel #’s on the side that you would touch to change it. Gosh, that was a huge TV set! LOL! Not screen wise, just it’s overall size. We have 6 remotes total between the living room and our bedroom. 2 remotes for each TV (1 that came with the TV and 1 that’s for the cable) and one for each DVD player.

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