Do you buy all the “warranties?”

When you buy something new, like computer or phone, do you go the extra mile and buy the warranty? Or do you extend the warranty that comes with most things?

Are they worth the money?

In my opinion, I don’t think you need the extra warranty and I’ve been taken with them many times. I think maybe for small things or when you’re only paying 20 bucks or something it “may” be worth it but I either can’t find it or it works okay and god help me if I needed to find it because there’s no warranty folder in this house. I know I did get one for the kids DS’s I got them last year but they were only $20 and these were for kids so I took the chance and here they sit. Never used. Had I not got them, I’d have needed them. Right???

When I got my first laptop I was all careful and I did the extra warranty on it. I thought it was very expensive too. It was a little over $100. I cracked my screen being very UN-careful and I was so happy to take it in and wouldn’t you know, it didn’t cover that. Seriously. To have that screen fixed would have cost more than a new laptop and as I was being “rung up” with my new laptop the guy asked me if I wanted the extended coverage and I asked him “what for” after what I’d just gone through. That was the last time I bought any. For me to have the coverage to fix a screen, it was the cost of a new laptop so I wonder why would anyone buy it? He told me I’d be able to break that laptop anyway I wanted and it would be covered but I could have 2 laptops for that price. HUH???

So, in your experience, has an extended warranty worked for you? Do you buy them or does it depend on what it is?

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4 Responses to Do you buy all the “warranties?”

  1. I almost never buy the warranty. The only one that actually paid off for me was a top-loader washing machine that was a real lemon. I bought a curling iron once and the store charged me for the warranty when I hadn’t wanted it ($5!). And that worked out ok, because I dropped it on the tile floor a week later and got a replacement. But for the most part, it’s just cheaper to replace the things that break. Laptops are a definite “yes”!

  2. Laura says:

    Ironic, is it not, that you posted this today, after the Great DS Fiasco yesterday?

    It’s still sitting in a bowl of rice, by the way. No joy on getting it to work yet. I suspect that Josh is going to be doing quite a few “earning jobs” this summer to replace it.

    Anyway, no, I haven’t bought the extra warranty. Most of the warranties that come with products are just fine with me, and i see buying an extra warranty as purchasing a very expensive lottery ticket. It’s usually the store that makes out on the deal.

    I did, however, swear by a Home Warranty when we lived in Illinois. We had one on that house, and it replaced a furnace for us and helped us buy a really nice new stove. We tried to use the Home Warranty program when we moved to IA, but nobody out here honors them. It would have been nice to have, though, since we’ve had problems with our a/c, furnace, fridge, and washer.

  3. skl1 says:

    I don’t buy them. In my last job, while doing some research on the appliance industry, I learned that the sale of warranties is a huge profit center. In other words, on average, they are charging way more than they will ever have to spend to fix your stuff. I mean many times more. Also, how often does your stuff break in the time period that a warranty covers it – other than stuff that should automatically get you your money back? You are entitled to a product that actually performs as they advertise, and if you got a faulty specimen, you don’t need a purchased warranty to fix the problem. By law all products have an implied warranty that they are going to actually work as intended. So if you get a product home and it actually works as intended, the chances that it’s going to break during the paid warranty period are pretty slim. Over time, you’ll spend less money if you don’t buy the warranty.

  4. Nikki says:

    We bought the warranty when we bought our PS3. That thing is like a computer, and it couldn’t have been very much extra, or we wouldn’t have. Bailey has insurance on his cell phone, because he was 10 when he got it, and we thought it’d be smart. But wouldn’t ya know, we’ve never needed it. His next phone he is getting for his birthday (he doesn’t know!!) will have it also, because it’s much more expensive of a phone and with those touch screens, I think it’s better to have it.

    Typically, we do not buy them for inexpensive things.

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