How was your week? Mine was pretty great. We got a lot of flowers and bushes planted, and the yard is really starting to look nice. 🙂

Next week is Bailey’s last week of school. Monday he has his 1st band concert. It’ll also be his last. He did great this year, but he wants to do choir next year, and that really does suit him better. The kid sings ALL THE TIME! I am glad he gave the baritone an honest shot though. Thursday is his last day of school, and I cannot wait.

So, how was your week and what are you weekend plans? Anything fun? Work, play? We have no plans, but if it’s warm enough we do plan on taking the kids to the beach.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. skl1 says:

    It’s been a hefty work week, but not as heavy as last week was, so far. I need to get a lot more done tonight and tomorrow. Things will be very busy for the next month at least. We’re hoping that the big annual applications we do will be postponed long enough that we can enjoy part of the summer.

    Can you guys believe it’s June already? The past several months seem to have flown by.

    Couple unusual items this week with my kids. One was the big “sight word test.” They were tested on all of the 217 sight words they studied all year. This was nothing for Miss E, but for Miss A, I wasn’t sure how it would go. Her visual memory is not the best. So we worked on them for several evenings and she ended up getting 205 of the 217 right. I was very pleased. Unfortunately, she will forget many of them again within days. This is why I need to read with her almost every day. Still, considering where she was a year or two ago, I think she’s doing awesome.

    The other unusual thing this week was the school zoo trip today (Thursday). I decided to go for the first half and then get back to work. The girls were giddy when they saw me (too giddy, actually), but they were OK with me leaving at lunch time. By then I’d been Militant Mama enough, I guess. (“I told you not to hang on me. Come on, keep up with your class.”) Sometimes I wonder if I come across to other parents as a hag. But my kids seem to love me anyway.

    This weekend will be nothing special. The usual dinner out, shopping, and working.

    Next week is kinda big for my kids. Their new music/piano teacher starts Monday. Their “graduation” is Tuesday. I think they will still be doing “school” for the rest of the week, but I imagine it will be pretty relaxed. Also next week, I hope to get some stress relief as one or both partners will be out of town a bit.

    The weather today has been lovely, so I hope this continues into the weekend. And I hope we continue to get some time outdoors. I hope you all enjoy your weekend as well!

  2. Joy says:

    I’m happy Bailey got a year with an instrument. You never know if you don’t try and he’ll never forget it. I can’t wait for his concert.

    I’m just getting ready to jump in the shower. I’m meeting my dad for lunch today. They just got back from AZ for the summer and are taking a trip to somewhere. I’m not sure where. Turkey or some dang place. They travel all the time and I’ve forgotten. I’ll find out.

    Then I plan to come home and finish planting flowers. I think I’ll stop at Walmart too and pick up a few pool and sandbox toys. We are in dire need of some new stuff.

    Have a good weekend all. I”m not sure what our plan is but I do know I want to get the satellite dish and it’s post out and get our picnic table put together.

    • Nikki says:

      We got him a nice white dress shirt and tie. He is going to look so handsome. He is excited too, but nervous for one song. (The Kings Trumpet) They have to stand up for it, and he says they are awful!!! LOL The others, he says they are really good at. It’ll be fun though. I can’t wait either.

  3. Laura says:

    Well. Tomorrow we leave for the Great Northwoods for a week. I’m hoping to get some more pics like that banner up there for you guys. I love the Northwoods like most people love the Caribbean. Of course, I’ve never been to the Caribbean, so I really don’t have a comparison, but I can imagine. Or maybe the South. Lots of people say “this is where I want to retire” when they talk about places like South Florida. Well, my place would be Northern Wisconsin. Or maybe Northern MN, but I don’t know if I could swing the whole Vikings thing…

    Anyway, we spent the day packing. Truck is ready to go, except for the toiletries and stuff we’ll need tomorrow morning. I still have to bring the bird down and get him all cleaned and fed so he’s good for the week. But otherwise, I think I’m set.

    It’ll be fun to fish. I hope I have a couple of good stories to share with you when we get home.

    Later, dudes!

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