Ahhh…Finally, it’s Friday! How was your week? Mine was busy with kids. I have one more than I normally do when school is out. I have my regular little ones older sister, who is 9. Sometimes it’s okay, other times, not so okay. I only have her on Mon-Wed-Fri’s so it’s not too bad. The little one I have all week. Bailey has enjoyed vacation so far. He’s had sleepovers, slip and slide parties with some of his friends, bon fires.

We don’t have much for plans this weekend.  Saturday’s weather doesn’t look that promising. It’s Buffalo Days here. The parade is Saturday, and there is a carnival going on too. In my opinion, it’s a rip off, and carnies (the pushy ones) freak me out. Bailey likes to go and play the games, so I’m sure we’ll go. They have fireworks tonight, and if all goes right we’ll be on our boat watching them shoot them over the lake. I’ve always wanted to do that.

So, how was your week, and what are your plans for this weekend?

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4 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. SKL says:

    This has been a very busy work week, with a few personal twists mixed in. You know, like two flat tires (if you include the donut that almost went flat before I could get to the fixit shop). I’m a bit stressed out as my deadline gets closer and I keep encountering new twists and turns that add to the work I need to do. I wish I could just be a steady worker like other people, so I could get a head start on stuff when things are relatively slow.

    The kids have had their first week of “summer camp.” I was not surprised that Miss A is having a rough time adjusting to no naps. But adjust she must, and better now than later. Today they had their first “field trip” to a hiking/picnic place and they were thoroughly wiped out when I picked them up – which I view as a good thing.

    The kids have their obligatory school physical / “well visit” tomorrow. Since it’s a new doctor, I have to find all their immunization records so they can decide whether they need any shots to get into “real school” next year. After the visit, I can finish the school paperwork for fall and get that out. I also finally recieved their summer field trip schedule, so I can finalize extracurriculars for the summer.

    Saturday we have a graduation party to go to, and on Sunday I’m having my sister take the kids to church and then to a visit with my dad. It is too busy of a time for me to go visit my parents (it always ends up being a really long visit). So I need to get my dad’s gift together before that (I still don’t know what to buy).

    Well, I’m going to sneak a nap in and then work most of the night. I hope everyone (other than me) has a relaxing weekend! Wish me luck for getting caught up!

  2. Jenny says:

    Hello all!! This week went by fast. Hunter had soccer Tues & Wed. Yesterday it was canceled due to the weather. Which was fine with me. I feel like I’ve been rushing this week. Coming home from soccer in Cokato and then having to drive all the way back to Cokato for work. He goes next week and then I’m sure he’ll make up the one day. He loves it! It’s funny watching them little kids play and try to listen to the coach. They are all 4-5 yr olds. so they are all over the place.

    Not doing much this weekend. Jason is patrolling tonight in Litchfield for the Relay for Life event. And tomorrow evening he’s patrolling for the Demo Derby. So it’ll be me & Hunter here bored! It’s gonna be hot & muggy this weekend. So hopefully the pool will be warm 🙂

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  3. Joy says:

    I’m not sure what we have for plans this weekend either. I guess it all depends on what the weather does. If it’s nice on Sunday I’d like to go for a boat ride. I haven’t been on it yet. I wonder if Paul got us a family fishing license. I better check on that. I know he got one and I’d like to think he did but one never knows. We’ve had such a funny, gloomy, rainy week with spotty sunshine thrown in but the weather has just been odd. I don’t think tomorrow (Sat) is supposed to be very nice so I guess we’ll play it by ear.

    That’s about it for me. Boring huh? I’ve really enjoyed my time off and have had fun doing other things. I could really get used to this part time blogging thing.

    Have fun all.

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