Question of the Day

Do you make your child(ren) do school work throughout the summer?

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4 Responses to Question of the Day

  1. Joy says:

    I did but I didn’t go to any extremes or anything. We always did art stuff and we always read. Summer or not but I used to buy those workbook things for rainy days or long cabin weekends. My kids also loved flashcards and we’d make up games to play with them. We also played a lot of memory games in the car.

  2. SKL says:

    We do read, because Miss A will forget too many of her words and phonics rules if we don’t. For math, I bought some storybooks that are based around math concepts, which I plan to read to the girls this summer. We do piano lessons and museum trips like always. And they do some academic stuff in their “summer camp.” In August I plan to drill Miss A in the sight words she learned in KG. I also have some workbooks lying around, which I may or may not put to use over the summer. I’ll play it by ear.

  3. Laura says:

    We don’t do “bookwork”, but I try to get lessons in wherever we can. Josh is turning into quite the reader, which I’m thrilled about. He is regularly bring magazines with him wherever we go, now. Mostly Lego, but he’s starting to mix in Highlights and Boys’ Life, and he’s actually reading the stories in there now, not just looking at the pics. He’s also starting to actually *read*, not skim, books like the Wimpy Kid and the Magic Treehouse Series. And we’ve started HP: Goblet of Fire. i’m reading that one out loud to him, partly because it’s good for his listening, but mostly because I just love it. both the story AND sharing it with him.

    We taught him to play Cribbage, too. Which means that he’s getting work on basic adding, which he needs firmed up. He can do it, but not by recognition yet. He still has to think about number combos. With Cribbage, because it moves so fast, you have to recognize number patterns – things like 9+6, 8+7… you’re looking for combos adding up to 15, among other things. I’m looking for other games like that.

    And when we come upon them, we have impromptu lessons on things like science, nature, history, etc. We look for “teaching moments” rather than actually setting them up.

  4. Nikki says:

    Yes. He has an online class for his 4 major subjects he does. About an hour every day. Nothing crazy, but I’m hoping it will help him not fall behind come September. They have too much time off!!!

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