Pull Up a Beer

In honor of Sunday (yesterday) being Canada Day, I’m posting this wicked-awesome video. Some of us have already seen it, as it made the FB rounds, but it is totally worth watching again. I LOVE when music is made on “unique” instruments, and done well. And this is done EXTREMELY well.

So grab your favorite Canadian Brew (mine is actually ice water – they run it pure up there) and enjoy the music. And when you’re done, tell us what’s up with you this week. After all, it’s our Independence Week, too!

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22 Responses to Pull Up a Beer

  1. SKL says:

    It’s been a mellow weekend. Went and bought a few camping things – very basic stuff. A little tent, a tripod hangy thing for cooking over a fire, a couple things to put hot dogs/marshmallows on to cook over the fire, a very basic lightweight cooking set and canteen, some cheap little lights, a pack of emergency food, some bug spray / bite kit (since Miss E is very sensitive to bites), maybe a couple other things. I figure less is more at this point, because we’ll be able to go buy something or even drive home if we have a problem. My goals are simple: to pitch a tent, cook something over a fire, go hiking, and sleep in the tent overnight (one or two nights, depending). I may also buy some fishing poles and bring swimsuits so they can swim / fish. I looked up the campground we’ll probably go to, and they allow / encourage “walk-ins,” which is good because I would not want to reserve a night and have it rain (or have to cancel due to an unexpected client emergency). Now I’m planning for us to do a dry run in the backyard some evening this week. I hope the girls enjoy this as much as I did as a kid.

    On Saturday we went to the zoo, where we tried to stay in the shade as much as possible. This morning we went to church together for the first time in a while. It was nice because they did some stuff specific to July 4, including fun patriotic songs and such. This evening, we had a nice lightning / thunder show and saw a couple of rainbows after. Other than that, it’s been the usual stuff.

    On the way home from church today, the kids asked me something about Jesus. And then Miss E said, “Miss A was talking about God in school.” (Like that was something wrong.) … “Some of our friends said we’re not allowed to talk about God in school.” I was somewhat floored. I guess the kids in summer camp who attend public school have been taught this? Does that seem disturbing to anyone here? I mean, we’re talking about young children. How do you tell them not to talk about God? It would be like telling them to never mention their dad, because some other kids might not have a dad. Anyhoo, I assured them that their school (and also the one they will attend in the fall) does not prohibit religious speech. And honestly, I’m kind of glad to hear that my daughter wanted to talk about God in school. No, I’m not a Bible-thumper (I live peacefully with someone who observes a completely different religion). But I think spiritual development is at least as important as academics, food, and exercise – so I don’t think any of these should be banned from any place where a kid spends many of her waking hours. If a child is talking about it, that means she needs to resolve something in her mind, so why stop her?

    • Joy says:

      I’m so excited for you to be going camping like this. Are the girls excited? You’ll have to take pictures. When are you going?

      • SKL says:

        I don’t know when. I will wait for a time when it’s not so crowded (not a holiday, and maybe not even a weekend). And then it will depend on the weather. I’m really glad that I don’t have to reserve, because you know how that goes.

    • Laura says:

      Hey, I have some easy and fun recipes that we do over the campfire with the kids. I can email them to you if you want. Some of them involve chocolate, but it’s easy enough to either leave it out, or find a substitute…

      • SKL says:

        I think this year I’m going the “less is more” route. Some hot dogs and fruit for dinner, with marshmallows for dessert. Not sure about breakfast. I’ll probably attempt scrambled eggs / bacon but stock cereal in case that is a bomb, LOL. This is going to have to be a “go with the flow” thing, or I’ll go nuts.

  2. SKL says:

    As for this week, we may see fireworks on Monday (free Public Square concert) and on Wednesday. I hope the weather cooperates. I’m going to work on Wednesday but take off Thursday morning to take my kid for a neurological-oriented evaluation. That’s about it for me. I hope everyone else has fun!

  3. SKL says:

    I’m feeling lonely over here. Did I forget my deodorant?

  4. Joy says:

    We had a pretty good weekend. We didn’t leave home and pretty much were around the pool. Both days. It’s pretty hard for me to function outside when it’s this hot and humid. We got our picnic table put together and I’m loving having that.

    It’s so hot and steamy outside right now that when I walked outside my glasses fogged up. That’s horrible. I won’t be going too far out today. It’s supposed to be very hot like this all week. It’s lucky that the only thing I have to go out for is a hair cut tomorrow.

    That’s about it. ZERO excitement for me. My life right now is very boring and that’s just the way I love it.

  5. Nikki says:

    We had a fun weekend. Jason had a softball tournament with his old team from about 3 years ago. It was fun seeing some of them, without all the drama that ended the whole team/friendship in the first place. I think we’re all in MUCH better places in our lives, that we can all just get along and have fun. It was a ton of fun to watch them play together again.

    BUT, boy was it HOT! The softball fields are right next tot he carnival, so the kids had fun too. 🙂 The food! Just the smell will throw about 5 pounds on each thigh. lol I only had the burger I wanted and it was SO good. Fried onions. Mmmm…and Bailey wanted his cheese curds, so of course I stole a few of those.

    This week, I am off work but it will be a very busy week. Packing, cleaning, laundry. Getting ready for our Wisconsin trip. We’re all very excited for that. Bailey’s been putting in double time in the garage and on the mound. Plus we have the 4th, Not sure what our plans are, as of right now.

    That’s it for me! It sure was nice to really sleep in today!!! I NEVER sleep till 10. Felt good.

  6. Laura says:

    CRAZY busy week for me this week. It started yesterday with our first Band Concert of the summer – we played at one of the Old Folks’ Homes here in town. They seemed to really enjoy it. The Sadistic Bastard of a Director looks at me right at the end, and says (with accompanying flashing red eyes and evil, blood-dripping grin), “So, ya up for Stars and Stripes?” -.- you cannot do that to me, because I am COMPLETELY INCAPABLE of saying no. So we gave it a go. It whipped me. I have two days left to give the whippin’ back. Because if you don’t do it right on Independence Day, it doesn’t matter any other day of the year.

    After that was a Scout Leader’s Meeting, which went on for two hours, because we had a lot of stuff to cover. And I had to eat dinner there. SUCH a shame THAT was… I had cheese fries. These are the BEST cheese fries anywhere… steak fries, smothered in REAL mozzarella and cheddar cheese, then topped with bacon bits and served with their homemade buttermilk-ranch dressing. None of that gloopy fake-cheese-syrup crap. Oh, these are so good. I ate half the plate myself. Manservant Jim and a couple other leaders ate the rest.

    Today, Steve’s parents come to visit. They should be here this evening. My house looks like a bomb hit it. Pray for me.

    Tuesday night, a friend’s band is playing in town, we’re gonna try see at least part of it. One of the two lead singers is Josh’s Girlfriend, so we try to see them as much as we can.

    Wednesday starts at 6:30 AM, with dropping Steve and Josh at the Parade Start to hold our place. Step-off is at 9AM, and my concert is at 11:15, which means that I have to peel off the parade route early and fast-hoof it to the bandshell.

    Thursday evening, we leave for Cub Scout Camp for the weekend. And OF COURSE, they’re forecasting HIGH 90’s for the weekend. ugh. I hope there’s low humidity and good stiff breezes. Please, God. Nothing worse than camping IN a tent than having to sleep in there on high-humidity nights. gag. I may ignore the rules and sleep outside. mmmm….. nothin’ better than sleeping under the stars. And it’s been a really dry summer, so maybe we won’t have buggy nights. 🙂

  7. SKL says:

    My kids’ school called an “emergency” because their power went out, so I had to bring the kids home early today. By the time I got there, the power was back on, but they still closed up and made me take the kids home. I took them for ice cream and got “small” cones. This is our first time doing this – I thought it would be fun – but I should have ordered baby cones or cups. They could not finish even half of their ice cream, so guess who got stuck eating three cones simultaneously? Try doing that and not drip any. Oh well, I guess it’s a rite of summer. Now the girls are watching Tinkerbell so I can get some work done. Spoiled brats!

  8. SKL says:

    I’m having some funny symptoms and wondering about Lyme disease. I’m not usually a hypochondriac, but I have this really sore area on my scalp where I pulled a biting bug off several days ago. On Friday I had an earache on that side and I’ve had an on-and-off headache on that side, plus irritated eyes and feeling tired and odd (like my body hasn’t caught up on its sleep). None of it is serious or debilitating at this point, but Lyme disease sounds so scary, I don’t know. Where I live, we’re not right in the thick of Lyme disease country, but close to the edge, and I live right up against a forest preserve. So I wonder.

    I don’t like going to the doctor unless I’m dying, but what if this is some sort of progressive thing that becomes hard to fix later? Am I just being a wuss? Will the doctors find anything anyway? It sounds like Lyme’s is a really hard disease to diagnose.

    I’m probably just being a drama queen.

    Would you go to the doc if you were me?

    • Joy says:

      Absolutely I’d go. I don’t know any specifics about Lyme’s but my brother had it only when he had it it was the last thing they checked for so he’d had it for almost a year. It affected his knees the most. But now it’s only a simple blood test so GO TO THE DOCTOR. It’s better to pay and have nothing wrong than to wait and maybe have a life long consequence. GO!!!

      • SKL says:

        I’ve heard that it can cause mental illness and stuff. That is scary to me.

        I didn’t know it was a “simple blood test” now. From everything I’ve read, it seems complicated and it often takes years for the doctors to find it. I’m with an HMO so I don’t have a lot of choices as far as going against my main doctor’s advice. Which, if past experience is any guide, will be to do nothing since I’m not dying this instant.

        I will think about it some more.

      • Joy says:

        My brother told me once they thought it might be Lyme’s, he found out the day they tested him. His knees hurt so bad towards the end that he could hardly walk. It can cause a lot of things because it attacks the muscles. We have muscles all through the body so a lot of things can be affected.

        I think it used to take so long to diagnose was because it was a “new” disease. They look for it more readily now. I do know the sooner you’re diagnosed, the sooner you get better and less is affected.

    • Laura says:

      My uncle had it, too. It manifested, in him, with a massively nasty rash on his knees. He caught it quickly, and suspected, like you did, so he checked for ticks. Sure enough, he found the bugger, bagged it, and brought it with him to the doctor. Not only did they get him in right away, they gave him simple meds and it went away quickly.

      Some things you don’t mess with. A cold you can deal with. This? GO TO YOUR DOCTOR. If it’s not Lyme, then you know you’re having stress headaches and for the love of god take a day off. But if it IS Lymes, you can get treated quickly before there are any complications.

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