Question of the day

What is your favorite material possession?

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6 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Sue says:

    Mum, did you pick that picture for any particular reason?! I don’t know if I’d call it my favorite possession, but the one that means the most to me is my wedding ring. And I didn’t realize how attached to it I was until I lost it for 2 months. I felt like a total shmuck and just awful and couldn’t believe how an object could make me burst into tears at the mere thought of it!

  2. Laura says:

    I’m not all that attached to things, really. I have a lot of them, because they’re conveniences, or fun (my iPod), or necessary, but there aren’t many of them I’d grab in a fire. Probably my flute, though. It’s been with me since 8th grade.

  3. SKL says:

    I also don’t have a lot of attachment to material stuff, but I agree that a musical instrument (piano in my case) ranks up there. My computer is fun too, though I technically don’t “own” it. Other than those, I don’t really have anything fancy or sentimental that I care a lot about.

  4. andylmoore says:

    My bike. It’s my path to freedom, space, health and social interactions. Plus it’s the db’s.
    I’ll give you ten quid if you can work out what db stands for (very english phrase).

  5. Nikki says:

    Oh, boy. I don’t know! My wedding ring does mean a lot to me. I lost my wedding band before I was able to get them saudered (sp?) together. I’ve never gotten over that. 😦

    Other than my ring, I have to say my horses made of walnut. They mean a lot to me. My grandma had them forever, and she gave them to me. They aren’t meant for being playing with, but she let me, as long as I was very careful.

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