Running out

I was talking to my mom the other morning and she told me in all seriousness that she’s afraid she’s got a phobia of running out of something so I asked her what she was afraid of running out of and she told me “toilet paper.” I wasn’t sure if she was joking around or not so I stayed serious and I said “what?”

She said “I know it’s stupid but I’m afraid of running out.” I asked her “at what point, with how many rolls left does she start to panic” and she told me “18!”

OMG right??? I laughed but she was serious and I knew it after I laughed. I told her we’d see to it she always had an 18 pack on reserve for her so stop worrying. But inside I was really laughing. I mean really. She lives alone. How in the world do you run out? I can see if you have little kids and back in the day I was close but when you’re alone, you’re aware of your stash of whatever it is you’re afraid of running out of.

It did get me to thinking though and I shouldn’t laugh at someone for “stocking” up on things because I do it too with certain things. The difference is I don’t panic if I’m running low. If I buy a big quantity it’s just usually because you get a better buy if you buy those bigger packages.

I stock up on Ziploc bags, paper towels, light bulbs (I probably  have enough for my lifetime), Clorox wipes, baby wipes, water, dog-cat food and treats. Many things like this. It also matter if I’ve gone to Sams Club too because if I do, those are some big quantities.

But I do have to admit that if I find a product I love, I’ll buy a couple every time I go to Walmart. Right now I have a Lypsyl Swedish Beeswax lip balm that I LOVE and I’m so afraid they’re going to take it off the market and I’ll bet I have 50 of them upstairs in a dark drawer. The things I do this with are usually toiletries of some kind. Powder foundations or deodorants because I’m so choosy and so is my skin so when I find something “I LOVE,” I do stock up.

Is there a difference in panicking when you’re running low on something virus “stocking up?” Do you “stock up” or panic when running low on something?

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8 Responses to Running out

  1. Sue says:

    You know, I don’t really stock up on anything or have a fear of running out of something.

  2. SKL says:

    For the most part, I don’t do this. I try never to run out of TP and certain other hygiene basics, but I’m generally OK if I have enough for a day or two.

    However, when my kids were babies, I almost ran out of milk. It was cold and rainy outside, my kids were sick, and the folks whom I could usually call upon in this kind of “emergency” were out of town. So I had to take two sick babies (who could not walk) to the store on a cold, rainy night. It was not pleasant. After that, I was a little paranoid about running out of milk. So I used to buy those drink boxes that could be stored in the cupboard. I never really “needed” them, but I felt better knowing they were there.

  3. Laura says:

    I’m not too paranoid about running out, either. With three bathrooms in this house, it’s highly unlikely that all three TP stashes run out all at once. And we always have kleenex, napkins and paper towels that can be used, even though they’re not septic-safe.

    I DO have an “emergency” stash of food and stuff. Our first (second?) winter here, we had a nasty blizzard/ice storm that knocked out our power for 55 hours. So we keep a decent stash of firewood, and I’ve got a ‘second pantry’ in the basement that includes canned goods that can be eaten hot or cold, beef jerky, granola bars, that kind of stuff, that will hold us in an emergency for a couple days. I’ve also got powdered milk down there!

  4. starlaschat says:

    I would say toilet paper is not a bad thing to have in stock. :+) Would Charmin Ultra be her choice? I guess I’m not too much into stocking up on things maybe like you said when you get a good deal on something that you love.

    • Joy says:

      Yes Starla. She’s a Charmin girl. We’re Northern people.

      • starlaschat says:

        Your probably going to think I’m crazy but I remember the post talking about toilet paper and that your choice was drum roll please…..Qilted Northern TP. It’s funny but I have a strange memory for some things but other things I have trouble remembering. :+) I guess I remember the important stuff.

  5. Nikki says:

    I don’t really stock up on much of anything! We’ve gotten down to 1 roll, or close to be out completely. She mentioned to me one day that she does get nervous about that. I said, “FANA, we go shopping every single Wednesday. You couldn’t possibly run out!” We laughed about it, but she is serious.

    I don’t have a fear of running out of anything. I think she gets nervous just because she can’t hop in her car and go get something, whereas I can. I get it. Funny, but I get it.

    Your supply of Lypsyl has always cracked me up!

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