It’s going to be a hot one! We’re heading to Bloomer, WI this afternoon for baseball. It was a been a busy week for me, trying to keep the house clean and laundry kept up. The worst thing about going out of town is coming home to a messy house and no clean laundry. Not happening! Sunday is Bailey’s birthday and I am not going to spend it cleaning and doing laundry.

How was everyone’s 4th? I’m not a fan of it being in the middle of the week. What are your plans for this weekend?

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  1. SKL says:

    I agree, having the 4th in the middle of the week is not great if you aren’t on vacation anyway. Having to act like Thursday was a regular work day was a bit much. It would not be so bad if the festivities didn’t have to happen at night. (But obviously they can’t change that!)

    This week has been somewhat trying, but the holiday did help to make it bearable. On Tuesday I had a meeting to sell a big project, with a bunch of people I do now know, followed by two somewhat stressful conference calls and a doctor’s appointment. I was declared ill (sinus infection) and put on antibiotics, which make me feel stupid and tired. Wednesday was supposed to be a regular work day (my sister took my kids), but I didn’t get much done. Thursday morning was taken up with my daughter’s neurological test, and then I came home and fell asleep, so I again didn’t get much work done. So it’s a good thing most folks are out on holiday this week.

    This morning’s tests for Miss A took over two hours and were pretty exhausting just to watch! I won’t get a written report until late July (they are on vacation until then), but they prescribed a couple of exercises, so obviously they think she has something going on. I wish it was something could explain, but I don’t really understand it well enough to articulate it. Basically she has retained some of the infant reflexes that she was supposed to grow out of around age 1. And these reflexes mess with her brain and make age-appropriate things hard for her. (I already knew some of this from when she was tested for vision therapy, but now we’re looking at the bigger picture.) They also noticed that her near vision may be fuzzy, so maybe she needs a new glasses prescription. I just feel bad for her that she has to work so darn hard to do certain “easy” things. Like today, she was working on a music exercise where she had to look at 3 notes and say if they were going “up,” “down,” or “repeat.” This took a ton of brain power for her. I hope that the therapy they are giving her now will fix some of these issues so she doesn’t have trouble keeping up with her class.

    I don’t have any exciting weekend plans. Just the usual stuff. I still haven’t done the dry run with the tent, because my kids were naughty on Tuesday and it was raining today. Maybe Saturday? We’ll see. My kids are also excited for me to teach them how to sew, since I bought them a little sewing kit. So we’ll see how much we can fit in between work and shopping.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

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