I so want to do this to my washer and dryer!! Isn’t it awesome?? I’d change a few things, though. I’d probably do it in turquoise – like ’50’s Car turquoise, ’cause my laundry room is already a really bright yellow, and I don’t know that I’d be that “patterny” on the control panels. AND I’d have to find a vinyl cutout of a giant flower, because there’s no way I could hold my hand steady enough to make that flower that smooth. A stencil might work, though.

I found this on Pinterest (of course), and it comes from A Little Off Color, where the blogess, Charlie, is all about funky and fun stuff. She zebra painted her stand mixer, and glitterizes her shoes! It’s a fun blog. The direct link and step-by-step for the washer/dryer is here. And oh-my-gosh she did the fridge, too!!

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4 Responses to Awesomeness

  1. Sue says:

    That is pretty smart!

  2. Joy says:

    Holy cow. What cool things to do. I just love the fridge. I like the washer and dryer too. Man, I wish I were more talented this way. Mine wouldn’t look like these and I’m not kidding.

  3. THAT is really wonderful! LOL! Loving it. Thing is in our house, my hubby does the laundry and he LOVES his high tech machines so if I EVER touched them, I think he’d keeeeeel over. LOL! I don’t even know how to technically use them. Joy, you get a template and stencil them on I’m sure you could do lovely work. You could always practice on some cardboard or a “junker wall” in the garage or basement first …. to try it out. I’m always better after a little practice. GO FOR IT!

  4. I just burst out laughing at work – the “off color” “CORNY PORNY” at her site- I nearly fell off my chair! ROFLMAO! I am going to bookmark this blog for sure. The fridge is KILLER! Love, Love, LOVE IT! Love the Zebra mixer too!

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