To Do list for kids (or men!)

I got this from Sue’s Pinterest board. I couldn’t find the original link so I don’t know who to give the credit to but it sure is a good idea and I know this would have been great for my boys. Lists worked too but this looks fun.

I wish when people pinned things they would give credit where credit is due and not repin it as their own. I went back a long way trying to find it but I couldn’t.

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11 Responses to To Do list for kids (or men!)

  1. Karen joy says:

    Cute idea.
    When you say they take credit or pin it as their own do you mean there simply is no link to the picture.What do they do,just pin a pic that’s it?Why do that?.I always pin from a web site or another pinner.

    • Joy says:

      Some people see something and go to the site and just pin it like they were the first one to see it and leave out the person who they saw it from. Sometimes, like this time, I tried and tried to find a link but there wasn’t one. I normally don’t repin something with no link because there have been problems with people not getting the credit. It’s like someone will see a pic, like this one, and just pin it without finding where it came from. Remember back when that was happening with photographs and art? There was a big stink about suing because the artists were getting left out. Say for example, I pin all the recipes I put on here. Let’s say you saw one and went to “Kraft Foods” and pinned it like you didn’t see it here. You’re not giving me credit for finding it. You’re pinning it like you saw it first. I think at first a lot of people where doing that and then people started seeing their stuff with someone else’s name on it with no way back to them. It’s like stealing really. This was when Pinterest was really new. I don’t know if I’m making sense or not but I almost always only repin things that have a link to the person who’s idea it was.

      • Karen Joy says:

        Well then Im guilty.But the no link part I dont get.I often see,lets a a recipe on Pinterest that a person has pinned and I will go to that website(link) and read through the recipe and from there hit my pin it button(that website gets credit right?).When I dont go look up the recipe right away I just re pin it and will look at it later.I just kind it do it however,not this way all the time, never did it intentionally to get credit,I never heard this complaint before.I never realized it was a big deal who pinned it first.Those are floating all over Pinterest from a huge array of different people.But i can see what your saying.Ill have to correct my way.Im still learning proper “manners” on here is suppose.Or have I still not understood what you mean?LOL!I feel like such an airhead lately.My brain just isnt working so please forgive me if I dont make sense or get it!

      • Joy says:

        No, you get it now. It makes sense though. If I made a recipe and pinned it and you came along and pinned it and left me out, it’s kind of sucky. I really like when people pin what I’ve pinned. It’s kind of thrilling in a way. I’m sure nobody means it but if you think about it, it’s nice to see what you’ve discovered repinned by a bunch of other people.

        • Karen joy says:

          So Is it not right to re pin say from your board then?Always from the website do they get the credit?ok I admit I’m still confused,lol!

        • Joy says:

          If you want to repin something, it should have a origin. It shouldn’t just be a picture of something. If you pin something from this blog, we’ll still get the credit because people will come here to see it. If you see something I’ve pinned and you go to the site and repin it leaving me out, that’s not what you’re not supposed to do. People were getting all up in arms about it. I don’t know about now though. Pinterest has gotten so big.

          • Karen Joy says:

            get it got it..good!!Im done bugging you now.My head hurts,how about yours?lol.:) Thanks for your patience with me deary!

          • Joy says:

            LOL Karen. Anytime. It’s confusing if you don’t know. I know a lot of people who did that at the beginning. Just went to the site and pinned things and not giving the “middle man” any credit. I think that’s why it was brought up with the people at Pinterest.

            I have occasionally done it. I won’t say I never have. Every now and then my virus protection warns me about sites and if it’s something I really care about I’ll try and google it. If have to do that, go to lengths to find it, I’ll repin it as my own because I don’t want someone else not to be able to find it either. I have a niece who pins things that are just something off of “flickr” and stuff and I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to do that because those pictures belong to someone. I also don’t know what they’d do if they found out you did it either. What could they do? It’s just to know.

  2. Nikki says:

    Very cute idea!!!!

  3. Just a Mom says:

    I love this idea!

  4. annebellasays says:

    It’s frustrating when someone doesn’t give credit. I’m sorry- that bugs me and I’ve gone through the trouble of trying to find the source too. This is a great idea though. Too bad there was no Pinterest when I was raising my kids. I could have used so many of the ideas I see! I just pin them on my granddaughters board I made 😉

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