Pull up a Ring

This is a work done by MadHatter17, and displayed on the Deviant Art Website. All of his work is pretty cool, and I encourage you to click the link, which will take you to his gallery.

Well, of COURSE I’m doing the Olympics!! Are you watching? I loved the Opening Ceremonies, even though I missed the first hour (this is what happens when you forget that TV stations put everything in Eastern Time! oops). I was able, though, to go back and YouTube the Queen and 007. That was awesome! All of it was. I’ve seen some really weird and ‘out there’ openings, so this one was a refreshing change.

Josh is hooked, too. Watches the broadcasts every chance he gets. So that’s what we’re doing this week – planting ourselves in front of the TV, cheering, and dreaming, just a little.

How about you?

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13 Responses to Pull up a Ring

  1. SKL says:

    I know we won’t be able to watch much of the Olympics thanks to my “big deadline” being so conveniently timed, but we did watch just a few minutes of the gymnastics qualifiers today – they happened to be on when I went down for my coffee break. This is probably Miss A’s first time watching serious gymnastics. A couple hours later, all fired up, she said “watch me,” went into the carpeted family room, and flipped without using her hands. Of course she landed on her head (slightly, no harm done), but I have to give her credit for having the spunk. I just told her that normally those moves are only done on a thick mat. She reminds me of myself – I totally would have done that – but I’da done it on my bed (which is why my childhood bed was held up by coffee cans). Anyhoo, I did look up the schedule on the internet and I’ll try to watch some of the better gymnastic stuff with my kids. I have no plans to watch the rest. They watched a bit of the other stuff with my sister today, so they at least have a clue what it is.

    If I have any plans this week, they have to do with getting caught up on my work! Oh, and I have to send out my kid’s school stuff tomorrow. Yikes, school is just a few weeks away! I am surprised at how nervous I feel about it. I have these visions of my kids doing completely idiotic, babyish things to get themselves thrown out or something. I just hope I don’t transfer any of my stress to them.

    So, not much new and exciting happening here. I spent the whole weekend in the house – working, recovering from my cold, hanging with the kids, and putzing on the internet. Tonight will be a long night, so I’d better get busy! Have a great week!

    • Laura says:

      Lol!! They’ll do FINE!!! I remember worrying about Josh, too. He’s borderline ADHD, an only child who lives in the country with two adults without much “age-appropriate” interaction, and who was on the young side of Kg, the first time around. And he STILL did fine. He still does fine, even though now school’s pretty much “old hat”. It’s amazing how well peer pressure keeps them in line.

  2. Just a Mom says:

    I loved the opening ceremonies. My oldest daughter was over for the weekend and we watched it despite the moans and groans from my youngest daughter. I love the Olympics. It just makes me proud to be an American.

  3. Laura says:

    Ok. Re: Olympics. Let me know when y’all have finished watching the Sunday Evening edition, if you recorded it. There’s something that’s got me fired up, but I don’t want to spoil….

    Meanwhile… we went to a waterpark today with Manservant Jim and his family, and had SUCH a good time. This waterpark is pretty cool… It’s a public pool, so admission is only $6 for adults, $5 for kids. But they have 3 waterslides (1 is tube only, 1 is tube/body surf, and one is body surf only), a diving pool with a 1-meter board and a 3-meter platform, a lazy river, a kid’s pool (with water guns, a big bucket that fills and dumps, etc), and a big lap/free swim pool. We had a really awesome time. It was a bit cool, only got to 78, but the sun came out long enough to burn my cheeks and nose (thank goodness for tea tree & coconut oil). After, we went to dinner at HuHot Mongolian Grill where we all ate entirely too much, so we decided after that that we needed to also go to Coldstone! By the time I got home, I could barely move!! so I stayed up and watched the Olympics, of course!! It’s now 11:40, and I *think* the caffeine in the FOUR cokes I had with dinner is finally wearing off. Sheesh. color me wired…

    I also did a decent amount of yard work yesterday. But this place is SO overgrown, you can’t even tell. That’s really discouraging, but I’ll keep at it. I’ve got so much to do inside and out… But now that the weather seems to have broken (at least for a few days), I want to get some of it done.

    Josh’s registration for school is on Wednesday. I seriously can’t believe it. This summer has whipped by. I’m happy, though. He needs the steady schedule. As he gets older, I find myself wishing more and more that we had a year-round school schedule. I think he’d do much better. That opinion makes me WILDLY unpopular with people, though. Teachers, mainly…

    Anyway. I’m off to bed. Let me know when y’all (the ones who care) have seen tonight’s broadcast, so I can come on and gossip/vent. 🙂

  4. Nikki says:

    No, we haven’t watched a minute. I can’t even tell you the last time my TV was on to be honest. If we’re home and I have a free minute, I’m reading. And we haven’t been home much at all.

    We had a busy weekend. Friday, we finally found a car that was worthy of the loan we have been so hesitant on getting. It really was a great deal, and another step in improving our credit. It’s a nice car, and we’re very happy with it. I’m glad Jason now has a nice car to drive to work, with AC!!!! Friday night, after car shopping, we went to Sue’s house for her son’s birthday party. The kids had a blast on the GIANT slip and slide. Trinity came home with us for a sleepover. I love seeing her and Bailey together. For as little as they really get to be together, they are like two peas in a pod when they are together.

    Saturday morning was relaxing, we didn’t do much. In the evening the family came over to grill and have cake for grandma’s birthday. After everyone left, Jason and Bailey went to ball game and I read. Finally. I had more than an hour to just sit and read…however it still was not enough time. I’d love an entire day to myself.

    Sunday was a long day! We were at the ball field all day. When we left it was so overcast I didn’t even think about sunscreen. I am burned today!!!!

    Sunday night we had our parent meeting and registration for Fall Baseball. A good turn out, and it was fun too. As of today, it is in full swing. Practices start today. 🙂

    That’s it for me. Have a good week!

  5. Joy says:

    I really DO love the Olympics. Paul does too. After a full day though it does get old. Yesterday was really a good day for them. We had them on almost all day. I felt so bad for that little gymnast from Michigan though who didn’t qualify for the “all around” competition. But you do have to love that little Gabby Douglas. At least I do. I sure did like our women’s synchronized divers. I was so happy they got the silver.

    The only thing I don’t like is the drastic time change and people “spoiling” things for me. I had my DVR ready to record Saturday night in case we weren’t home in time from celebrating my mom’s birthday and we walked into her house and the first words out of her mouth were “the men won a gold medal in swimming!” THANK.YOU.VERY.MUCH!!! I do know it’s hard to not say anything when you get excited but man, it really was like someone poured water on my head. Swimming is one of my favorites.

    That’s about it for me. This week is another killer hot one and that’s going to suck again. I’m serious that I wish it were October. It’s too hot to do anything outside. Even swimming only cools you off for so long. I am looking forward to our County Fair on Fri. The humidity is supposed to lift by the weekend. Have a good week all.

  6. Laura says:

    Ok, it’s been almost a full day. You’ve all been warned.

    My peeve is what Joy mentioned. Our girl, Jordan Wieber, ended up fourth OVERALL last night. In past Olympics, that has been enough to qualify a gymnast for the All-Around competition, which, theoretically, will determine who the best gymnast in the world is. Or at least, who the best gymnast at the Olympic Games is. But not this year. THIS year, a new rule has been instituted: only two girls from any country can compete in the Individual All-Around. That means, even though Jordan is currently the World Champion, and she ended up fourth in the scoring last night, she will NOT be allowed to compete because the U.S. already has two girls that qualified. So now, another girl, who might be like #30 in the world, can compete, but not the World Champion. I really had to cheer Bela Karolyi on last night. He was apoplectic. And he was right.

    My other peeve revolves around the Chinese team. It was mentioned that some of the girls on their team were on the Beijing team, as well. And whaddya know, all the girls on that team look like they’re in their early- or mid-teens. NONE of them look 20!! But, of course, if they competed in Beijing, they MUST be 20, right? Because of COURSE, they were 16 in 2008, right? Not 12. huh. interesting.

    • Joy says:

      I know! How sad is that? Toby’d stopped by last night and we were about 30 minutes behind and he warned me. He said “you’re going to be really upset and you’re not going to like what happens” and he was right. I did tear up. That rule change really ticked us off. I’m not sure I think there should even be a rule as to how many a country has. Either you earn the spot of you don’t. Jordan’s parents were as fun to watch as the kids are. That whole thing reeked of unfairness. I agree. And how can’t you love and adore Bela Karolyi?

      The Chinese…….enough said there too!

      I do say though one day is enough. If you aren’t caught up by the next day too bad. It’s everywhere by then. Just tonight the announcer during the world news just told us who won gold today with NO warning!! I was so ticked. At least our local news broadcasters warn us of a spoiler alert.

  7. Joy says:

    Laura, do you know why they changed that rule?

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