School Supplies

Is it too early for you to be thinking of buying school supplies? I was shocked as heck when I walked into Walmart last week and instead of seeing the pool toys, coolers, bathing suits and towels, all the summer stuff had been replaced by “back to school” and “dorm room” stuff!

I thought HOLY COW!!!! It’s just too early! Then I saw this. Reading that made it seem silly to wait. I mean some things you can get for a cent.

After I wrote this, I found this on WCCO. I guess if you count clothes and shoes, $668 sounds about right. At first I was thinking just the supplies but really, we do buy a lot of new stuff for school. What do you spend?

How soon do you buy your stuff? Do you have a big list? When do you start? Do you remember when you got all your new school stuff? I loved it!!!! Did you?

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15 Responses to School Supplies

  1. SKL says:

    I used to love getting my new school supplies each year!

    As far as my kids, I am always eager to get a start on things as soon as I know what I’m supposed to do. The supply list and dress code stuff came in June, and I started ordering school clothes on eBay right away. This saved me some money, I’m sure. I still need to buy a few things that are more summery, since the first day of school is August 23. And I need to stop in at Wal-Mart for a couple pairs of gym sneakers.

    You would probably laugh, but I have a whole stack of boxes of school shoes in our shoe closet. The girls don’t even know they are there yet. There are probably 8 or 9 pairs, because I don’t want to be unprepared when they grow out of one in the middle of the year (and who knows how many sizes they’ll go through by next summer?). The type of shoes I buy are not that easy to find for a reasonable price.

    Now as for the list of supplies, I don’t think I need to buy much of anything, other than maybe a couple bottles of glue. We have all the other stuff lying around the house already. But I do need to take some time to pull it all together and inventory and organize the stuff.

    I know school supplies are super fun, but I don’t think the kids care that much about them just yet. So I’m not going to go all ga-ga about them this year – kids become materialistic soon enough! However, I did tell the aunties that a good beginning-of-school gift for the girls would be lunchboxes. I can count on the aunties to be ridiculously over-the-top, and that really should be a fun item, don’t you think? (When I was a kid, I brown-bagged it, but most of my classmates had lunchboxes, and I always wished for one.)

    I’m not sure I want to know how much I spent on school clothes this year, but I must keep in mind it’s for two kids and many of them will probably last a couple of years. And I did buy almost all of the jumpers and many of the blouses used (or at used prices). But the orders from Amazon were mixed with books and stuff, so I don’t have a clear record of the clothes costs (and I don’t plan on reconstructing one). I will say that the shoes were the most expensive items.

    • Joy says:

      Getting my new school supplies was like Christmas to me. I loved it so much. I organized my backpack and pencil cases and folders, papers, pens and crayons a million times. I’m like that to this day! I have more office supplies than I’ll use up in my lifetime!! LOL!!

      That is funny about the shoes but I totally get that. Now you have them on hand. “What if?”

  2. Laura says:

    We went school shopping just today. I probably dropped about $50 on him. $20 for gym shoes (with tie laces!!! FINALLY!!!), $15 on a new backpack (I was going to get him another Land’s End one, since Steve stole his, but he had his heart set on the cheap “Avengers” one, so what the heck. We’ll see if it lasts) and the rest on folders, notebooks, paper, pencils, markers, crayons, etc… including a 1″ 3-ring binder.

    Side note: Ok, so the list says: 1 – 1″ 3-ring binder. Josh is sitting in the back seat of the truck as we’re driving to Target and he’s going through the list. He asks me to clarify a line for him. Ok, kiddo… read it to me exactly as you see it. So he does:

    “One one flying-comma-flying-comma three dash ring binder”

    I thought I would crash the truck from laughing so hard. Flying Comma!!! “No, honey, that’s the symbol for ‘inch’. So you need one 3-ring binder that’s one inch thick.” I love the way that kid’s mind works.

    Anyway, back to the school stuff. He goes thru pencils like crazy at school, and here’s a pet peeve (yes I have a lot of them) – WHY do teachers require kids to have plain old yellow “non-fancy” pencils and plain solid pink erasers, and then every chance they get, hand out silly pencils and fancy erasers that the kids can’t use in class??? I have an entire pencil case of unused pencils here, with the erasers all dried out, because they regularly hand them out, and he can’t keep up with using them, since he doesn’t use them much at home. Same with the erasers. What a waste.

    I typically wait until now to buy school supplies, since they go on such crazy sales, and I’ll inventory things at home to see if we have stuff. This year, we had glue sticks coming out of our ears, but not much else. Dried out markers, so we didn’t have a full set. ALWAYS need new crayons… As for clothes, he gets to wear regular t-shirts, and his drawers are overflowing. He needs dress clothes once a week, and as long as his dress pants fit (knock wood…) we’re good. Otherwise, THOSE come from Land’s End, because they have the Iron Knees pants, and that boy, I swear, with the knees of pants. He is incapable of keeping them intact. Land’s End is the only brand that can keep up with him.

  3. SKL says:

    I just remembered something else I might have to buy. Earphones. The kids have extra earphones for their mp3s, but the list seems to call for those big kind that cover your whole ear and then some. Who ever heard of having to send those to school? I haven’t decided whether to ask the teacher if the little ones are OK, or go to Radio Shack.

    As for the pencils – I don’t think our list specifies whether they can be pretty or not. We have tons of pencils here too, but most of them are “pretty.” I was planning to round up ten for each kid and send them. I thought I probably ought to keep the glittery ones home, but the colorful ones were fair game. Now you’ve got me worried, Laura.

    I guess I could send them with the “maybe wrong” stuff and have the teacher tell me if it’s a problem. It’s easy enough to go buy a couple boxes of pencils. And maybe they are more flexible in 1st grade.

    • Laura says:

      I honestly don’t know why they don’t let them use the fancy pencils. It seems pretty stupid to me. The “lead” is pretty standard at 2, so they don’t have to worry about the darkness of the writing. I suspect it’s to cut down on battles between kids, or to keep envy from happening. But it’s irritating nonetheless.

      I’ve never heard of needing headphones for school, but if you’re concerned about their hearing like I am… I found a pair of Kids’ headphones for Josh (when his DS was working…..) at Wal-mart. They were ‘dampened’, and couldn’t get very loud at all, so even if he turned the volume all the way up on whatever he was using, the sound didn’t get loud enough to be damaging. He used them regularly before ruining his DS – in the truck, around the house, etc., and he’s never complained about not being able to hear clearly. The price was pretty in-line with the rest of the on-the-ear (not buds) headphones, around $10-15, which was worth it to me to save his hearing. They’re made by Sony.

  4. Joy says:

    Those pencils would tick me off too. My boys could always use whatever kind of pencils they wanted as long as they were #2. It also seems totally wasteful if they hand them out and then don’t let the kids use them. WTH?? I wonder if you could donate them to the library or local daycare center? Or somewhere.

    When my kids got older they needed a new backpack every year. They were so hard on them and boys get a “smell” that made it necessary. There were times they went through 2. Just like shoes. Jason was so hard on his shoes!!

    I never had to get headphones. I wonder what they’re for? I’d also buy the kind that only got “so” loud.

    • Nikki says:

      Bailey is hard on his shoes too. It’s funny if you look at Jason’s and Bailey’s shoes, they wear out in the same spot. They walk identically!!!! 🙂 Backpacks. Yeah, one year we went through 2 because of the zipper on one. Bailey gets a new one every year. This year, he wants one of those one strap across the body kind.

    • Joy says:

      I did look for the Twins one but didn’t see it so buy it and I’ll give you the money. Jason walks just like my Uncle Ronnie and Grandpa Jackson walked. I can still see my Uncle Ronnie. They stand the same way too.

  5. Nikki says:

    I was really surprised when I saw Bailey’s list for 7th grade. It’s very small. Last year, he still needed all the markers, tissue, glue sticks. Not this year. It’s very short, which is fine by me. They do make it very easy to get supplies. They are really cheap. What costs the most are the binders, but half the time Jason has them at work, so we don’t even buy those. For the most part. It’s the clothes and shoes that cost the most. Thankfully, my mom works at a nice store with an awesome discount. 40% off, even sale items. I can get him jeans for less than I would pay at Walmart, and the quality is obviously better. His shoes, run anywhere from $50-$80, depending on what he wants. Backpacks, are $10-$20, depending on what he wants. I’d say we spend about $200 all together, supplies, shoes and clothes. I’ve never added it all up. I don’t go crazy on the clothes, mostly because he seems to grow the most during winter. I don’t know how parents do it with 3,4,5 kids.

    We’re actually starting school shopping this week. I figure, if I get a little here and there, it won’t seem as bad. Plus, Bailey doesn’t start school until after Labor Day. That gives me plenty of time.

  6. starlaschat says:

    When I was a kid I use to Love getting school supplies. I thought it was very exciting. I’m not surprised actually that the stores are ready for the shoppers. School has been on my mind like a loud ticking clock. Only a few summer days left until school! I was just wondering yesterday how the kids were feeling if they could feel the loud tic of summer days dispearing. Navar needs to buy some school clothes. He bought a lot of new clothes last year.

  7. Just a Mom says:

    My daughter starts school in 2 weeks so I am actually behind on my shopping. This year we are going to go through my desk before we go shopping. Every year I buy extra stuff for home and it is getting out of hand! Hopefully I won’t have to buy too much.
    This year, my daughter’s last year at private school, we have new uniforms and I am ticked! These can’t be just cheap uniforms, no they are Catholic School, can only buy them from one vendor, uniforms. I made my opinion known to the principal. They could have let the 8th graders go with the old uniforms, but no! So for just 1 day worth of a uniform I have to shell out $150. That is just for a skirt and blouse. Insane!

    • Joy says:

      That’s just ridiculous. It makes no sense and serves no purpose. Especially for the kids who are only there one more year.

    • SKL says:

      Wow! Any chance that another school somewhere uses the same design, and they might be found on eBay or resellers markets? I saw a lot of uniforms on there.

      I have to admit some of the uniforms are really cute, but dang, why do they have to cost so much?

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