Hose Storage

I found this on Pinterest, but of course it didn’t link me back to the original pinner. I am going to do this. I’ll put all my sprinklers and sprayers inside. Such a great idea.

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9 Responses to Hose Storage

  1. Joy says:

    Oh boy, do I ever love this. I might have it by the end of the weekend! I said “might!”

  2. starlaschat says:

    That is a great idea. My sprinkelers really don’t have their own place to hang out so this would really be functional. Nice find Nikki.

    • Nikki says:

      That’s what I was thinking. All my sprinklers and sprayers are on the ground. I lost my sprayer for a couple days, and I was not happy!!! They need their own place.

      • starlaschat says:

        They do they need their own happy home. I wish you were here Nikki to help me clean and organise my place. I have people coming today to look at it. Yikes! I’ve been trying to organise and get rid of some things. It’s not my strong suit. But I’ve heard having homes for things helps. Hope you have a great weekend. Enjoy the baseball!

        • Nikki says:

          Thanks! Looks like it’s drying up, hope the rains stays away.

          I’m not as organized as I’d like to be. It does keep my brain from going haywire more often than it would otherwise. lol My husband is BIG on containers and boxes for things. That helps.

          • starlaschat says:

            Our neighbor gave me some clear plastic bins that was really helpful. It’s nice when you can see the stuff that you put in them. I like that a lot. I guess I should be cleaning and organising rather than blogging. :+) I’m a great procrasinator. Hope the rain stays away and that your guys have a great weekend!

  3. Laura says:

    This is great!! I’ve got one of those plastic things up now, but the center space really doesn’t hold more than a nozzle.

    My concern would be, though, that the bucket would rust after a while, especially if it was outside in the elements. Do you think that’d be a problem?

    • Sue says:

      It might Laura, but you could always spray it with a clear rustoleum to help slow it down. This is super cute!!!

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