Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a good week. I know I did! I had a great birthday, as simple as it was. I received calls from people I didn’t expect to call me. I talked to all 4 of my siblings, which may be a first! We went out to our favorite local Mexican restaurant. Then I ended the evening at home, reading in my big comfy bed. Perfect day, start to finish! The whole week was pretty good, actually. Seemed to have gone by fast.

I took today (Friday) off, so I can take Bailey school clothes shopping. We’ll hit the mall, Kohl’s, and wherever else he wants to go. Thankfully, he’s fun to shop with so I’m not dreading it.

We have a pretty quiet weekend planned. Practice Saturday afternoon, and then my nieces (Trinity) birthday party in the evening. 🙂

How was your week? Any weekend plans? Busy, or are you taking it easy?

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7 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. SKL says:

    It’s been an uncomfortable week. I worked my butt off on this one long-term project that finally closed today. This has been going on for two years, which is probably a record (and that’s saying something). I had to do so many iterations of the financial projections. At the last minute I discovered an error in someone else’s work and I forgot to copy someone on my email about it. So someone got ticked off and it really spoiled the good feeling of having closed the project after all this hard work and many sleepless nights. If I’d just double-checked who was copied before I sent the email, I’d be feeling a lot different right now. But anyway, at least the project is done and done right, and we got paid. The project took up so much time that I missed another target date, and of course I’m still buried in other work, but I’m trying to focus on the positive and move on.

    Today the girls had a field trip at a place called “fun ‘n’ stuff” and Miss E got sick. I’m told she threw up on the floor (industrial carpet) twice before I could get there to take her home. She is still not feeling good and she threw up again at home. We watched the Olympics gymnastics that I had taped since we couldn’t really go anywhere or do anything mentally taxing. I just hope everyone feels better for the weekend, because they are supposed to have a sleepover with Nanny so I can catch up on my work.

    I wanted to take the girls shopping for school supplies today, but obviously didn’t. Maybe tomorrow. I decided to go ahead and buy some pencils and stuff at Wal-Mart, even though we have a lot of stuff at home. I don’t want to worry about the old pencils having hard erasers or being too “pretty,” and besides, it’s fun to buy school supplies, right? I need to get the girls some white gym shoes anyway. I do think we’re set with clothes now, though the ones I just ordered turned out to be too big for Miss A. What was I thinking, buying her a size 6 when she still wears some of her size 2 shorts? But I was afraid that size 5 could be too small, and that would be a waste. Oh well, I’ll figure something out.

    My exciting plans for this weekend are to get caught up on a lot of work. That’s all. Next week is a big week and I’ll have to take some time off work for personal stuff. So I can’t go into next week lagging. I hope I have the discipline to make it happen this time.

    I hope you all have a great weekend!

    • Joy says:

      I sure hope Miss E is feeling better today and I hope nobody else gets it.

      • SKL says:

        Thanks, she seems to be better. I am hoping that this is just a mild thing that won’t affect anyone else like it affected her. I think she has some minor ongoing issues that tend to exacerbate the little bugs we all catch from time to time. I just need everyone to be strong going into next week.

  2. Joy says:

    Have fun with Bailey today. I loved back to school shopping. My kids were pretty easy too. Jason know exactly what he wanted and Toby didn’t have a care. It was easy.

    I had a good week too. Thank God for this cooler weather. I’ve been power washing our deck for 2 hours each evening. I’m about half done. I can’t believe how good it looks. It looks brand new. It’s a lot of work though and it’s really hard on my back so I’ve just been breaking it up.

    Paul and Toby also started putting up our living room baseboard and you can’t even know how good it looks. It really does finish the room. It looks so much warmer somehow. I’d say 2 more evenings and it’ll be done. THANK YOU Toby.

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Toby and Sue are in some kind of Mudman Race at Powder Ridge and I’m going along to take photos and LAUGH my butt off. I’m also looking forward to Trin’s party. I don’t know where the last 12 years have gone. It seems her and Bailey were just babes.

    I hope you had a good first week of work Laura. Have a great weekend all.

  3. Laura says:

    I survived my first week!!! It was, by turns, either really interesting, or very boring. The interesting part was learning how the office works, how the programs work, the things I’m going to be doing as part of my job. The boring part was reading the insurance textbook. It’s stuff I absolutely must learn, because I need to get licensed, but glory be! is it boring. I’m all but copying the textbook into a notebook to keep me focused and try to retain the stuff. I keep going back and retaking the review tests for each chapter, which is starting to backfire as I learn all of those particular answers. I think I”m going to go online and order some supplemental materials – flashcards and a book of crossword puzzles – to help me learn all these terms and coverages. I know I’ll get it, but already I’m wondering, why do I have to memorize all this stuff when it’s likely all written out in every policy I will ever write? But then I understand the purpose of it – I need to be able to retrieve this stuff on the fly, answer questions when someone calls, that kind of thing. Still. zzzzzz

    I am LOVING this weather. Absolutely loving it. Unfortunately, the pollen counts are absolutely off the charts, so having the windows open is totally forbidden. Ugh. It’s killing me.

    Josh starts back to school on Monday. I don’t think that can come fast enough for him, truthfully. He’s been bugging me about it since mid-July. This weekend, we have the JOYFUL experience of going through his drawers and figuring out what still fits and what doesn’t. Shoulda done it a month ago, but I dread it so much that I haven’t. It’s crunch time now. No choice.

    The only other thing going on is a Mass on Sunday for the kids. It’s a welcome back/teacher blessing with a school Open House (this is the only open house they have. How weird is that?) so the kids can bring their crap in and get their desks set up and whatnot. THAT is nice, since he’s got a bunch of stuff that it would be tough to carry on the bus. Although, I think I’m going to be driving him, since he has to be at school right before I have to be at work. Convenient.

    That’s it for now. I’m going to put on my oldest yoga pants and turn into a sloth. I’ve earned it. 🙂

  4. SKL says:

    We did our Wal-Mart school supply shopping trip, yippee! One more thing to check off the list.

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