How was everyone’s week? Good, I hope. Mine was good. Can’t complain! We have a very quiet weekend coming up. Friday night we have a scrimmage game against another Bison team. Great practice for the boys! Saturday, practice and that’s it! Saturday is also Jason’s 36th birthday! Hard to believe (for his mamma too, I’m sure!) that’s he’s 36. He was only 21 when I met him. He doesn’t like making a big fuss about his birthday. We won’t do much out of the ordinary. I think I’ll make him his favorite cake though, pumpkin spice. 🙂 

That’s it for me! Tell us about your week, and any weekend plans you may have. Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Laura says:

    I don’t think we have any plans for the weekend. I know I’ve got a BUNCH of Scout things to do. We’ve got our meetings starting in a week and a half, and I’m SO not ready. I still don’t have a den leader for our boys, which is a HUGE deal. I’ve got to tell you, it is so very, very frustrating to be in this position. For three years now, I’ve been looking for someone to take over the den. I’ve had people step up, only to quit for one reason or another. I went through one Cubmaster and two Den Leaders that way. None lasted even a year. It’s crazy. I truly feel like they all look at me and think, “oh, well, she’s the Cubmaster, she can just do the den stuff, too,” but I can’t. It’s against the rules, and it would cause me to have one massive meltdown. This is tearing me up, too, because I really like the parents of the kids in our den. All of them are really cool. And at least one parent of each boy shows up to almost all of the meetings. So I don’t get why it’s such a huge step to come forward and say, Ok I’ll do it. Especially if you know that you can recruit a partner. Oh. it’s so frustrating.

    Other than that, I’ve got to get materials out to our Popcorn Chairman, I have to organize advancements for the Sept Pack Meeting, and get the rest of the advancement stuff together to transfer to the new Advancement Chairman (at least I was able to recruit her!), and get started on the materials for Recruiting Night, which is two weeks from tonight. And then after that, there’s a Leaders’ Meeting followed almost immediately by a Pack Meeting. All of which need to be planned. It’s going to be a BUSY weekend. Yikes.

    I’d better get started…

  2. SKL says:

    It’s Friday already? Wow. Well, it’s been a crazy week, as predicted. This kid stuff wipes me out sometimes. Well, I got through it, and that’s all that matters, right?

    I managed to get most of the supplies ready before the Tuesday “meet the teacher” thing, and finished the paperwork for the lunch and before/after school programs. Tuesday night we went grocery shopping and stocked up on stuff for packed lunches and snacks. Wednesday was Miss A’s doctor appointment and finding the last few supplies. (Who knew it would be so hard to find a paint shirt? I finally found some white ones the kids could decorate – but Miss E hated her work product and had a hissy.) On Thursday I had to do some work before taking the kids to school. So I did not get them going as early as I’d intended, and the morning was pretty hectic. We did get to school on time, and I sat through the chapel service. I began to calm down – things were taking shape as intended. I had to go work at a library because my electricity was off. Later the school let out early, and I got to experience my first “pickup line.” (I’m glad that I won’t have to deal with that most days, as my kids will be in the “late room” for a couple of hours.) Thursday night the kids had 2 hour-long classes at The Little Gym (5:30 and 7:30), so needless to say it was a long day. Friday will be the first “regular” day of school. I need to pack lunches, but other than that, it should be fairly straightforward from my perspective.

    It seems the girls’ first day went well, though they were exhausted. Naturally, with all the changes they have to get used to. I’m sure they will be fine. I did feel a bit . . . unimpressed when I saw the school paper they brought home – saying the kids were going to start learning about consonent letter sounds. But on the positive side, I was told they are going to test the kids in reading very soon, and make some adjustments based on the kids’ abilities.

    I’m very pleased so far with The Little Gym. The girls were in heaven this evening (Karate and Gymnastics). The Monday dance class was not “as” appreciated, but I think it may grow on them. I had to order some tap and ballet shoes and a few other things. Sheesh. Can’t anything be simple these days? I also got the joy of spending time with small-minded “dance moms.” Some of them, anyway. Not that I’m going there to find friends or anything.

    I got the brain dump from Miss A’s neurological evaluation. As usual, it’s confusing. This lady always says my kid is below average in certain physical things, where I honestly don’t think she’s below average. Maybe not above average, but she’s not a clutz or a wuss. Then I remembered that this lady used to be a gymnast and helped coach an olympic team or something. No wonder. Another thing she made a point of is that Miss A can’t read an analog clock. Well, she’s 5. She can tell time to the hour. Does the average 5yo do more than that? News to me. Even Miss E can’t really tell time yet. But one thing I agree on: Miss A’s upper and lower body don’t communicate very well. Supposedly this is related to developmental issues that affect learning. Who knew? … So on Wednesday, I was asked what improvements I’ve seen and I didn’t know how to answer. What exactly should I be looking for? Her answer: a reduction in Miss A’s inconsistencies. OK, that clarifies things!?! Anyhoo, they gave us some more exercises and we’ll meet again in October. I will try to have a better idea of what to look for to see if we’re on the right track.

    The girls’ piano has been neglected since Monday, but hopefully we’ll get back to it Friday and try to stick with it. I pitched a sale for their teacher’s company to come into their new school and give lessons during the “late room” hours. I’m told the principal is OK with the idea, so I passed it along to the music company (we’d discussed this before) and I hope something comes of it. I’m sure other parents would be happy to have this service available as well.

    The rest of the week has been all about work. And it will be the same with this weekend and the next few weeks, at least. Very busy, lots of pressure as expected. We sold a couple of new projects – woo hoo, except that means more work. Ugh. Also had some client politics going on. That’s always fun! I look forward to the day when I’m not behind on anything. Most likely I’ll have to die for that to happen, though.

    Oh well, I hope everyone else has a relaxing weekend!

  3. starlaschat says:

    MMMmm pupkin spice cake Yummmmmy I would wish Jason Happy Birthday but I won’t make a fuss. I know how that is I’m actually kind of the same way. Weekend I will be packing or unpacking. Looks like I’m tired I guess I need to eat breakfast maybe I will have more energy.

  4. Jenny says:

    Tell Jason happy birthday!! It sure is hot out today. Those cooler days we were having sure did feel nice. Forgot about what this muggy hot icky weather felt like!

    This weekend nothing really planned for us. Have 2 bouncy castles to set up over the weekend. Supposed to rain tomorrow, so hopefully that don’t ruin the one tomorrow. Last Sunday was our first time trying out a church. We liked it, and we’ll be going again this Sunday. We’re hoping to put Hunter in the Sunday school program that starts on the 16th.

    Well have a good weekend all! That pumpkin spice cake sounds delicious!! 🙂

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