Pull Up an Armchair

IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON AGAIN!!! YEEAAAAHHHH!!!!! So, because Josh has recently declared his allegiance to the Iowa Hawkeyes, we’re using them for today’s post.

The Hawks played their first game of the season yesterday, won by one point. Our other favorite team, the UNI Panthers (purple & gold!), lost against Wisconsin. Ahh, well, can’t win ’em all, I guess.

And our own Independence Mustangs won on Friday Night, at their first game away. THAT’S a pretty proud moment for our little town. Our boys have been struggling in the last couple of years, so it’s pretty awesome when they win.

I know some of you are football fans, just like I am… who is your favorite? Do you have a favorite pro team? College? High School? Or do you suffer through football season, like I suffer through basketball season?

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17 Responses to Pull Up an Armchair

  1. Joy says:

    The Hawkeyes! Them’s fighting words!

  2. SKL says:

    I like football, but I’m not admitting which team I like best, because they have been losers for so many years, the only thing that keeps me from forgetting them all together is early senility (you know, being in my second childhood).

    Hey you guys, I have my first facebook friend! I used to be active in this adoptive parent community on an online forum, but it became inactive, as did most people’s blogs, as everyone migrated to facebook. I finally figured out that the only way for me to hook back up with these folks is to bite the bullet and friend one of the leaders on facebook. I went to her page and I can totally see how people get addicted to this stuff. I just love seeing the photos of all the stuff the kids do. (Her kid is just a tad older than mine, and most of her photos involve other kids adopted from the same country.)

    In other internet news, I got my passwords and such to find a bunch of school stuff for my kids. Grades, behavior notices, etc. Problem is there is nothing posted yet! But by golly, I’m ready when they do post something. LOL. I did get a chance to check out their math and reading programs online. I am impressed by how challenging the math is – and the reading (and spelling) will also be challenging for Miss A. I know this is good, yet I can’t help feeling just a tad nervous. I mean, I never wanted to be the kind of parent who would constantly be making sure the kids learn what the school is supposed to teach them, but . . . . Hopefully I am just underestimating 6-year-olds.

    What else? Just a whole lotta workin’ going on here. My kids are on another overnight with the folks. Actually, my sister took my tent and the plan is for them to camp out in her front yard tonight. I guess I’ll hear tomorrow how well that worked out. Who knows, maybe they are sleeping off their s’mores as I type. LOL. Spoiled little brats.

    Have a nice holiday, you guys. I’ll be working, but still enjoying the fact that it’s not an “official” business day. There will be fewer emails and conference calls, and I won’t have to get my kids out to school in the morning, so it’ll feel like light duty, LOL. I hope the weather cooperates with everyone’s plans.

  3. Laura says:

    And so begins my week of insanity. I finished up a project yesterday that was left over from Summer Camp – the craft that they had the kids do didn’t work because the glue wouldn’t set up in the humidity. So I brought all of them home, and this weekend, attacked them with the glue gun. So that’s done. Today, I meet with the pack’s Popcorn Chairman to make sure everything is ready to go for the Kickoff next week. Tomorrow night is a Den Meeting. Wednesday Night is PTO, which I hadn’t planned on attending, but they’re bribing me with Scratch Cupcakes, so now I HAVE to go… Thursday night is our recruiting night. Friday Night football game that we’ll probably go to. Saturday Night football cleanup. Sunday Night Leader’s Meeting. Monday Night is “make Josh’s school birthday treat” night. Tuesday is Josh’s birthday and a Pack Meeting. And then I think I’m done for a little while. But then I start planning Josh’s birthday party in earnest, so the fun just keeps on comin’!! ….

    • Laura says:

      Oh!! And oh my gosh. Since I have SOOO much time to sit around watching TV (NOT)… I managed to get myself downstairs last night to watch the end of MI:5 on PBS. After it was over, I started surfing a little, figuring I’d do the “make sure nothing good is on before I go to bed” thing, and I come across this show on ION channel. It’s called Leverage. Have you ever heard of it? It stars Timothy Hutton as the leader of a group of ex-thieves who go around righting wrongs – stealing from other thieves kind of a thing. Modern-day Robin Hoods, I guess. It’s got just the right amount of suspense and humor, and not a lot of soapy-drama. There’s a place for that, but this show works without it. It reminds me of The A-Team, which I loved as a kid, but without all the fake explosives and shoot-em-up. It’s just clever.

      I caught the second half of an episode about a church. They switched out the church’s real statue of St. Nicholas for a replica and made it cry, so the entire congregation was thinking this was a huge miracle – the crying statue. Well, they did it to foil this evil real-estate baron who was surreptitiously buying up property to turn the entire area into a theme-park type place. It was actually the actor who played the priest, D.B. Cooper, that caught my eye in the first place. I stopped surfing because I wasn’t sure it was him. And the rest of the show grabbed my attention. They had a marathon on, and I forced myself to quit watching at 1 AM. I’d probably STILL be down there watching, if I hadn’t. It was really good. And with my luck, it’s going to be on regularly at like 7 pm every night, when I won’t have time to watch because we’re usually finishing dinner then, or I’m off to Scouts or something… Times like these, I wish I had a DVR.

    • Joy says:

      I’ve never heard of that show but it sounds really good and I’m a fan of Timothy Hutton. Are you doing a “theme” for Josh’s party?

      • Laura says:

        Yeah… I’m pretty excited. I reserved a pavilion at our Forest Preserve/Nature Center for the afternoon and well into the evening. I haven’t decided if we’re providing a bunch of food… I had originally thought it would be fun to have a cookout and invite parents to stay, but the more I think about it….. that’s a LOT of hot dogs!! So I’m not sure, I’ll have to price it.

        But the one thing that Josh asked for specifically was a Scavenger Hunt. So I figured we could do a pretty wicked one in the woods… My family is making noises about coming out, I’ll find ways to put them to work, too. And it’s been a couple of years since i took the boys on a Night Hike, I’m thinking of doing that with them, too. They LOVE the Wintogreen trick, and some of the kids aren’t familiar with it (nor are the adults, so they might enjoy it, too). I’m pretty excited, I love stuff like this.

  4. Nikki says:

    We are, of course, huge Gopher fans and I’d rather watch them than any NFL team. They are more fun to watch, in my opinion. I’m not a HUGE Football fan, but I do like it. It’s exciting. We support of high school team as much as we can. We love going to watch them, even though they too have struggled over the last couple years.

    We had a good weekend. Thankfully we have today yet. Saturday, Jason, a friend and his son, and Bailey went mini golfing, which gave me the house to myself for a while. The older I get, the more I appreciate that!!! Saturday night we went over to some friends house for some drinks, and laughs. A lot of laughs. My cheeks hurt from laughing. I needed that! Sunday was low key, practice then pizza with the team, and the rest of the evening was spent at home doing nothing! It was nice to have no real plans.

    I have to pick my mom up from the airport this afternoon. She’s been in CA and AZ for the last 10 days. Other than that, just getting ready for the 1st week back to school.

    Tomorrow school starts! It’s also Lilly’s very 1st day of preschool, but I have the day off. Her mom asked me if I wanted to go with her to pick her up, then out to lunch. I was happy that she included me in that.

    Hope everyone has a good week!

  5. Laura says:

    AARGH!!! I should SO be planning a Den Meeting right now!! (ok, I shouldn’t, it isn’t my job… but that’s a rant for another day…) But my brain is on ADD-overload from everything I have to do, and I can’t concentrate. See, I had the meeting ALL planned out. We were going to do an Animal-Themed deal, talking about endangered species, what Conservation Officers do, that kind of thing. Had it all ready to go. And then I realized that one of the components was for the kids to build a bird house. And i forgot to get the parts!! And there’s no time left for me to go shopping and get them. So, it’s back to the drawing board and I’m back at square one.

    There’s a requirement about Genealogy/Family Trees and researching family stories and stuff. I’m going to do that, and bring my Family Stories book to hopefully inspire them to go home and start looking into their own history.

    I just need an “active” thing for them to do. If all else fails, maybe I’ll just bring them out to the parking lot and play Red Rover or something.

  6. starlaschat says:

    College Football Fan Go Grizz! For the Grizzlies from Missoula Montana. I watched on Saturday a friend of mine back home is a huge fan. I use to go over to her house and watch games. It was alot of fun. Saturday we watched and text back and forth. They are a fun team to watch they did win Saturday so that’s a good start to the Season.:+)

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