19% of New Jersey voters have tattoos

Does this seem like an odd poll to you? It kind of made me laugh when I saw it on FB. Check it out.

Do you have a tattoo? More than one? Would you get one? Did you just never have the desire to get one?

Do you think tattoo’s have anything to do with who you vote for?

Are you going to watching the Democratic convention? Did you watch the Republican one last week? Do you feel this election has gotten way too nasty? Do you know who you’re voting for? Could anything change your mind?

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11 Responses to 19% of New Jersey voters have tattoos

  1. Sue says:

    That was a whole lot of questions of the day rolled into one! LOL!

  2. Laura says:

    Boy, you’re sure asking a lot of questions tonight!!

    Ok, first. Tattoos. I’m not a tat girl. I have friends who are, and it’s fine for them, but it’s just not me. I could never imagine getting one for myself. And I’ll require Josh to wait until he’s 18, at least, if he wants one.

    I’ve gotta say, I don’t understand the fascination with them. I find some are ok, the small ones. But I don’t get the whole “sleeve” thing, or when people do their entire backs, or torsos, or for-the-love-of-pete… their faces!! Holy cow. But, to each their own, I guess. Some people can’t understand why on earth I’d want long hair.

    Ok, on to other questions…

    The Conventions. I am not watching either one. First off, I don’t have cable, and I don’t think it was run on regular TV. And second, I just don’t have time this week to devote to it. I catch snips here and there, we’ve got a financial channel on at work in the waiting room, and each time I pass thru there, they’re usually covering something, so I see bits. I also will listen to the radio in the morning and at night, to catch snippets. I went back and watched Eastwood’s speech after the fact. (loved it, btw)

    I don’t think tattoos have any more to do with politics than anything else people display. It’s a bumper sticker on your skin. Which I totally don’t get. Put your religion on there. Put an inspirational saying. Your kids’ birth dates. But politics??? Sorry, no. that’s just stupid.

    Honestly, I don’t think this election is any more nasty than any other election. Heck, there are stories of fistfights on the floor of Congress from a hundred years ago and more. We just have very very short memories, so every year, we say, “oh my gosh!! Things are getting SO BAD!!!”

    What I DO think is worse, is the distractions. This “war on women” crap has GOT to stop. We’re in debt up to our ears, I just filled the tank of the truck and dropped $85.00!!! Milk is over $3 a gallon. And we’re fighting over whether it’s our “right” to have Uncle Sam pay for our Birth Control Pills??? Priorities, people. Let’s get the other prices back down to affordable, and then you wont’ NEED “free” birth control, you’ll have the disposable income to afford it for yourself.

    And no, nothing is going to change my mind about who I vote for. I believe Obama is the worst thing to happen to this country, and I do NOT want him to remain in office. I think he will destroy the country if given four more years.

  3. SKL says:

    I find tattoos unattractive. I realize that is a politically incorrect thing to say, and the fallout could be similar to the time I said I found piercings ugly (but let’s forget that, shall we?). But you asked.

    As for the conventions, I watched a few snippets of the speeches and I did happen to catch Romney’s speech. I normally don’t watch stuff like that. I mean, no matter who’s running, you can’t seriously expect them to be completely sincere. But (I know this is weird) Miss E is so into the whole thing, I thought it might be fun to watch it with her. She went to bed halfway through Romney’s speech, but I figured I might as well listen to the rest. Any excuse to put off my work, right?

    Tonight Miss E caught part of the DNC while I was presiding over Miss A’s bath. She came in and asked me, “did you watch the Republican or Democrat National Convention?” I said, “I have no interest in watching either of them,” and she said, “You have to watch the Democrat one after I go to bed so you can tell me about it.” To which I said, “no thanks,” and she replied (jokingly of course), “I’ll kill you if you don’t.” Very weird kid. (I am NOT watching it, so if you never hear from me again, you’ll know what happened . . . . )

    Do I know who I’m voting for? Hmm, let’s see . . . that would be a yes. Could anything change my mind? It would have to be something very extreme, and if that happened, my vote still would not be for Obama. The wonder is that we survived almost 4 years of his “leadership.”

  4. Joy says:

    I have two tattoo’s and I’d like one more. One is a tiger lily on my abdomen and the other is a pink flamingo on my right ankle with my boys initials in it.

    You have to have it Laura. All three major networks have these from 9-10. I watch it all. Both sides. I do know who I’m voting for and why but I think it’s very important to listen to both sides. I think in order for us to get along, we need people on two sides.

    What’s with all the “wives” giving these speeches? This is very new isn’t it? What is a wife supposed to say? My husband’s an ass, don’t vote for him? I think it’s waste of a speech. I really do like Michelle Obama a lot but I found her speech tonight so sickeningly sweet that I wouldn’t have been surprised to seen maple syrup dripping off her. I wish she’d have kept it real.

  5. Laura says:

    I heard part of Harry Reid’s speech from last night. Are you bleeping KIDDING ME???? “The country wants to know who Mitt Romney is!!” “He’s hiding things from the American People!” “He paid less in taxes than the rest of the country!”

    What a lying, squealing jackass. Unbelievable. I hate to go all “birther” on people, but Obama is the singular most secretive President (or candidate) in this country’s history. No other President has ever gone by another name (other than a nickname – John vs Jonathan, for example), but Obama has (Barry Soetoro). Reid danced around the “Romney didn’t pay his taxes” bit again, but it took how long to find Obama’s Birth Certificate? It makes me ill. And frankly, this isn’t about Obama’s certificate and whether he was or wasn’t born in the USA, it’s about the fact that there is evidence that Obama may have been a citizen of a foreign country, but refuses to acknowledge it. That it DID take so long to produce a BC. That he REFUSES to discuss anything about the Rezko debacle. There are so many secrets in his past – and they continue the subterfuge while accusing the other side of the same and worse.

    • SKL says:

      Ha ha! I’m glad I didn’t watch it (not that it was on my list of things to do!).

      Can you believe some people just eat this stuff up? It’s scary. One wonders what kind of drug can make so many people stray so far from critical thinking (and still think themselves smart).

  6. Nikki says:

    I haven’t watched any of it. That sounds bad, but my TV is something I don’t even think about most days, and most evenings we’re gone until 8:30-9. I know I need to start paying attention, to make an educated vote.

    Tattoo’s. I don’t mind them if they are done tastefully. And even then, it’s their body not mine. I would not want my son to have sleeves or tattoos on his face. That is awful. I have one. I got it when I was 17 and I regret it immensely. I’d like one more, for my son but I doubt I ever will because I can’t decide on what, or where. I don’t think it has anything to do with what political party you agree with, unless you’re like the picture above and get their face tattooed on you. Stupid!!! lol

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