Wife takes husband to police station

Now this just plain made me laugh out loud!! Can you even imagine taking your husband to the clink for “talking stupidly?? LOL!!!! Then she also ended up getting a warning for a burnt out headlight!! It’s just funny all the way around.

What would you like to turn in who you live with in for? What annoying habits just drive you up the wall and NO, I don’t mean “literally” go to jail. Just play along for fun.

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11 Responses to Wife takes husband to police station

  1. Angie West says:

    For saying any of the following:
    1. The phone is ringing
    2. Theres someone at the door
    3. We need toilet paper
    4. Someone spilled something on the floor
    5. And asking-every 15 minutes-‘whats for dinner’. From 2 in the afternoon till dinner is actually ready. Why ask? The answer is always the same. A SUPRISE.

  2. Angie West says:

    That woman in the post is a poineer if you ask me 🙂

  3. SKL says:

    Let’s see, bothering me at all hours (and I do mean ALL hours) to badger me about work; never letting a thing go until I (pretend to) agree; interfering with my parenting; cluttering and hoarding; blocking the garbage can in the garage on garbage day so I have to pick the filthy disgusting thing up over my head to get it to the treelawn . . . these are just a few that come to mind effortlessly . . . .

  4. Laura says:

    Endless passing of gas from within the body.
    The refusal to change the empty roll of toilet paper.
    The refusal to take out the trash even though it smells like rotting monkey feet and has been overflowing for two days.
    Asking me tonight what’s for dinner tomorrow night… every. single. day.
    Pumicing his feet IN BED.

  5. SKL says:

    Oh yeah, don’t forget being a Liberal! Oy oy oy.

    And I forgot to mention the gutteral noises, usually strategically timed for when I’m eating. (Or trying to eat.)

    (Speaking of being a liberal, I friended one. I knew she was a liberal because she’s referred to herself an “Obama Mama” for the past 4+ years. I figure, we can all get along, right? We can ignore the differences. But she’s been posting all this pro-Obama stuff with the DNC going on. I vow to be the bigger person! BUT. We’re having our annual get-together the weekend after the election. THAT is going to be interesting.)

    • Laura says:

      My favorite response to the Pro-Obama stuff is usually “prove it”. And then they call me a racist, and then I say, “thanks for proving my point”.

  6. Nikki says:

    Making plans for us, without running it by me first. I cannot stand that! Ending baseball practice at 8, and not leaving the field until 9 because he likes to BS! I want to go home! Sitting 2 feet from the phone but doesn’t answer, so I’ll have to come across the house or up stairs to get it. “It’s not for me” he says. Oh, I’d like to hit upside the head with the dang thing when he does that.

  7. Joy says:

    Mouth noises. Mouth noises. Mouth noises. Running over things with the lawn mower or car. Leaving empty (or not) water bottles in our vehicles. ALL OF THEM! Getting toothpaste on the bathroom mirror. Asking really stupid OBVIOUS questions like if I’m standing making eggs he’ll say “oh, making eggs?” *scream*

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