Pull Up Some Peace

I’m blind tired from running and getting things done, so I just wanted to see some pretty pictures that made me calm. I put “Fall Camping” in the search engine, and that picture up there showed up. Isn’t it gorgeous? It makes me feel peaceful. So I figured I’d share it with you this week.

What is your go-to “thing” when you need peace and a calm moment? And what does your week look like? Mine is calming down… a little… or not…

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8 Responses to Pull Up Some Peace

  1. Laura says:

    Of course, now that I look closer at the picture, I realize that every one of those boats is FULL of water, which does NOT make for a peaceful morning….

  2. SKL says:

    I did notice the water in the boats, LOL. But the lake does look very peaceful.

    I have been really stressed out today. I was supposed to get 2 big things and a bunch of little things done. So far I got most of 1 of the big things done. After I worked on it for about 12 hours, hardly coming up for air, the client called all upset. It confused him that I didn’t use his scratch paper as a starting point and redline it. He was totally disoriented without redline (which wouldn’t have made sense since I didn’t use his scratch paper as a base). I’m like, why don’t you read what I wrote and then let me know what you think about it? So he calms down and an hour later, he sends me a revised, not redlined version of his original scratch copy. Those are his edits? Great. Does this mean I’m to throw out what I wrote or what? Ugh. One thing I’ll say for him, he doesn’t pussy-foot around. But everything is all or nothing for him. One minute he’s throwing a tantrum because he hates what you did. You make one tweak and suddenly it’s the best work he’s ever read. It’s exhausting.

    My girls had another sleepover with the nanny and spent today with my sister. I know it’s just a few more days, but this is starting to get to me – and to them. I’m so on edge and out of it. But tonight after their baths, I brought them into my room and we watched a couple of Billy Joel videos on YouTube. It felt like old times, and that made me feel a lot better.

    Well, I’d better get back to work. It never ends! Have a nice week!

  3. Laura says:

    Joy’s internet went out last night… which is why she’s not around. I wonder when it’s going to fire back up.

  4. Laura says:

    I can kinda see the light at the end of my “Crazy Week” tunnel. We’ve got a commitment tonight, then home to make brownies for Josh’s class for his birthday tomorrow. I plan (don’t tell Josh…) to bring McDonald’s to school, and have lunch with him.Then tomorrow night is the Pack Meeting. Once that’s done, “all” I have to do is design invitations for J’s birthday party, and plan the party. And execute it… But it’s not as insane as this past week was.

  5. Nikki says:

    The weekend is over already???? We were gone way more than we were home. Baseball Friday night, Saturday all day, which was over an hour away. Then Sunday we had 2 more games. So, from Friday to Sunday they played 5 games. The tourney, Friday and Saturday, they didn’t fair too well, but we all expected that. We didn’t belong there, they were all VERY good all-star teams, but it was great practice and it’s always good to play a tougher competition. But even playing at that level, they did well. Never a wash out, and they never gave up. Now, Sunday was different! That was the start of our Fall League season . We played teams in our division, and they came out swinging!!! Beat both teams. 10-0, and 11-1 so that was very exciting, and to see their confidence rise was amazing.

    We had dinner at one of the coaches houses after Sundays game, then came home to a house that looked like a bomb went off inside. We were home just long enough to mess it up, but not long enough to clean! Guess what I’ll be doing today?!

  6. Jenny says:

    This weekend was so busy for us. I felt we had no time to relax, we were always on the go with the bouncy castle stuff. Busiest weekend so far for Pump Up Your Party! My mom was even talking for next summer getting another trailer and Jason & myself can go one direction with setups and her and Sean will go the other direction.

    Hunter had his 1st day of preschool on Friday. He loved it!! He painted a picture and I hung it on the fridge. He’s excited to go again on Friday. He’ll also be starting Sunday School next Sunday. Jason and I will attend church at 11 and Hunter has Sunday School at the same time. So that will work out nice.

    I’m super tired this morning, even my coffee isn’t waking me up!! hmmm wonder what’s up with Joy’s internet again. Weird! Ours is fine!! Have a good week all

  7. Joy says:

    I have had the past few days from hell. On Thurs, nothing recorded on our DVR and the sound was off all night. On Friday we had no TV at all. When I called them, the girl did something from her end and fried our DVR and I lost 177 shows I’d had on there. I could have cried. Then a guy came to give us a new box and told me when the new one and the one in the kitchen synced, my shows should be there. BUT HE LIED right to my face because when he left, it still wasn’t working. He plugged it in and left. We had no TV again so I had to call again and spend another 30 minutes on the phone doing what they told me to from that end and I was told what was lost is gone!

    On Saturday night I texted Bailey to tell him good luck on Sunday, for his first game and my rollerball on my phone didn’t work so it other words, my phone was done!!! I got up Sunday morning and went to Sprint and for $49.99 they could take it all apart and clean it and it might work or I could pay $50 and get an early upgrade so I got an iPone. I’m pretty excited. It’s really cool.

    So Sunday we were watching the Vikings and I noticed my computer was offline. WTH???? I didn’t do anything for an hour or so thinking it would come back on but about 6 I called Arvig AGAIN only this time for the Internet. She had me restart everything and she figured our wireless router was bad. So this morning a guy came out and we got a new one. Now I can play with my phone.

    I’m totally fed up with this whole cable/bundle thing and the next time we get a really good offer for Direct TV, we’re getting it back. I refuse to spend this much time and effort for such a crappy deal. We never lost our satellite signal like this. This is one of the worst companies I know of. It’s not worth the $20 a month savings for what I’ve gone through. Our telephone company used to be pretty good and then someone bought them out and now it’s crap. So if they don’t let me out of our contract I guess I’ll pay it to be done with them.

    The good news of today is my dad’s going home from the hospital. He’s had a hard time of this one and I was feeling so bad for him. He just didn’t bounce back like he normally does but when I talked to him this morning he sounded more like himself and he said he can’t wait to eat at home.

    That’s about all for now. I’m going to try and play with my phone. Have a good day all.

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