Happy Friday! Did everyone have a good week? I did. Nothing too exciting, but nothing bad either, so I call that a successful week. Weekend plans? It’s getting cold, so I doubt we’ll do a whole lot of anything outside. I know. Come spring 45 will feel like a tropical heat wave, but right now it’s COLD! Thursday it was so windy. You couldn’t do anything outside but run from the vehicle to the house, and hope to not get carried away! I hope that dies down! The trees are all changing now, but with that wind a lot of the leaves are already on the ground 😦 Nothing can ruin a perfectly nice day like wind! I am loving the cooler weather though. Jeans, hoodies, soups, stews, hot apple cider, pumpkin flavored…everything!! What are some of your favorite things about Fall?

Have a great weekend!!!

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7 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. SKL says:

    I love all those fall things you mentioned – except hoodies – they don’t really mix with my hair. Just this week I noticed our leaves changing, too. I just love that, and the crisp smell of drying leaves on a cool breeze warmed by the gentle sun. Aaaah.

    But I have too much work to really enjoy this. I am hoping the second half of October will be slower.

    Boss partner has been out of the country all week, but she’s due back tomorrow morning. Ugh! I do not want to deal with the interrogation of why I didn’t get more work done. (I did a lot, but there’s always more, right? A true workaholic is never satisfied.)

    I just found out that Miss A has been acting obnoxious to her classmates at school. Not in the classroom, but when they’re other places like the playground, lunchroom, art room, whatever. I’m surprised, because I had no indication that this was going on. Even with her sister in the same classroom. Bah. Just one more thing parents are supposed to be in control of but really can’t be. I’ll give it my best shot. I’d hate for her to get a reputation for being a jerk.

    Speaking of Miss A, I have to figure out what to do for her birthday. There aren’t many things to do around here at this time of year. And I don’t do “birthday parties.”

    Not much else happening here. Got plenty of work to keep me busy all weekend, so there are no grand plans here. Just hoping to get a lot of it done and behind me so I can feel a bit better about myself and my job.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

    • SKL says:

      I’m bummed because it looks like some of my kid’s birthday presents are indeed going to be late. Bah. I’ll have to go buy a couple things at the store and maybe save some of the gifts for Christmas.

  2. Joy says:

    I love jeans and hoodies and warm fuzzy socks and warm shoes. I love fall. I love the smell and the feel and I love decorating my house with all the orange, yellow and browns. We had to turn the heat on yesterday. That first smell……I’m not fond of it. But it feels toasty in here today.

    This weekend I’ll be happy if I get my lawn furniture put away. I keep saying if I’d only take one thing out with me when I go to the barn it would have all been put away last week but sure enough, every time I go down there, I forget!!!!

    I had a good week. I didn’t gain in my weight loss challenge which I thought I would being on that prednisone but I held my own and that made me really happy and so far today, I’m down a pound so let’s hope I can keep it up. I got to see Bailey play ball on Sunday. What a great day that was. Then last night I got to see Christopher bowl and Trinity play volleyball. I don’t think I ever got to see them all do something in a week before. It was sure fun. What a nice variety.

    I was looking forward to a nice rainy weekend but now it looks like it’s just going to be cold and windy. That’s really okay too. We really don’t have plans and I’m kind of happy about that.

    Have a good weekend all.

    • Nikki says:

      Lucky grandma, and even luckier grandkids! I bet it was fun watching those little ones bowl! Cute!!

      It’s weird, but I find instant comfort and warmth when I smell the furnace kick on for the 1st time.

  3. Laura says:

    Hey, all… remember me??? I’m baaaack!!!

    Wow, this work thing is kickin’ my BACKSIDE!! Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it. My job is challenging and interesting, and dare I say it? Fun. Not in a “haha, this is a blast” kind of way, but in a “this is challenging, and I know I’m making a difference for some people” kind of way. It’s nice to have your boss come to you within your first month of employment and say, “you did this really well, now here’s an even bigger, more challenging project.”

    But the rest of my life is crazy. Still Cubmaster, still playing Den Leader and Advancement Chairman. That last one is only b/c the woman who is planning to take over is as crazy-busy as I am, and we just haven’t gotten our acts together. But also thrown in there are twice-weekly football practices with Josh, and games on the weekend.

    He is absolutely LOVING football. His team is the VIKINGS!!! (eyeroll) and he’s playing Brian Urlacher’s position (for those who don’t know, Brian Urlacher IS the Bears’ Defensive Line. The whole thing. Put just him out there, and he’ll crush the other team’s offense single-handedly), and to him, Brian Urlacher is the greatest football player ever to set foot on the Gridiron. It surprised me to see just how focused he is when he goes to practice. I guess he’s found his niche, at least for a little while. I don’t know that he’ll ever be good enough to play actual football, but at least for right now he’s enjoying it.

    Other things in my life have settled down a little, consequently, I’m not quite as stressed as I used to be. Let’s hope they stay that way.

    Tomorrow (SAturday), I’m doing a 5K with some friends. It’s in Des Moines, and it’s called the Color Run. Every K, a bunch of bystanders hurl buckets of colored powder at the participants. When you’re done, you have a tie-dyed shirt, and you’re COVERED in bright colors. But it’s gonna be a blast, and we’re really looking forward to it. Don’t know when I’ll be able to check back… but I’ll try to do better…

    • Joy says:

      God you’re a sight for sore eyes. It’s so good to see you.

    • SKL says:

      Well, I hope you post a photo with you all colored up!

      I had to quit most of my nonprofit stuff eventually after I went back to work. I really tried to keep it up, but these positions are not designed for working moms. Quitting was almost more work than keeping the position for a while, but ultimately it needed to be done. (I still do some stuff, but not nearly as much.) I know you want to stay involved in scouts, but I hope you are successful in finding some real help.

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