Happy Monday

Happy Monday All. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was great. It felt and looked like fall and it felt really good. We did a bunch around the yard and did a lot of playing with the kittens. I just don’t know what I’m going to do with them all yet.

My week isn’t that busy but I’m going to enjoy it because I have a few busy weeks coming up. What are your plans for the week? Our Vikings won and we are now tied for first with Laura’s Bears. Who’d have thunk Green Bay would be so mediocre this year????? I’ll try not to let it bother me too much.

Share what you did on the weekend and what you have up your sleeve for this week.

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12 Responses to Happy Monday

  1. SKL says:

    Let’s see. I celebrated my birthday on Friday evening (did I already mention that?) which involved dinner out and a pay-per-view movie at home. That was fun. On Saturday evening, I took the kids to a local children’s production of Snow White, which was fun in a laid-back sort of way.

    On Sunday we went to church. I then went to the kids’ classroom and looked in their desks to see if there were any stray papers in there (Miss A isn’t good about turning her work in) and the teacher walked in and we started chatting about Miss A. It seems she is a little hellion all around in school. Hopping around, ignoring the teachers, and apparently unable to put pencil to paper half of the time. WTH? In KG she had almost the highest number of good behavior points in the class. But in this new school they don’t know that. It seems so strange to me. How does a generally well-behaved, high-functioning kid become a lunatic all of a sudden? I looked back over some information about the “retained primitive reflexes” that she’s been diagnosed with, and there might be some clues there. Difficulty working under flourescent lights, difficulty keeping up with the pace of the class, difficulty copying things onto a paper, difficulty with change (things happen most when they walk from one classroom to another), difficulty filtering out extraneous sounds and visual details, as well as the listening stuff that I was already trying to address. And low stamina thanks to the stress of all of the above. In her previous school, they did everything in one classroom other than physical stuff (recess, extracurriculars). I don’t recall the lights being particularly glaring. There were only 8 other kids. And they got a nap midday, so if she was getting exhausted, she could recharge. So I’m thinking she’s dealing with a lot of overload and I’m going to put in an SOS to her therapist to see if she would benefit from more vision therapy or try something else. We have an appointment with them in a couple of weeks anyway. Meanwhile I have a few things I’m going to try, but it’s hard when we really don’t have any extra time.

    So this week is going to be busy. Of course work and life are always busy, but I also have a birthday girl this week, and the girls’ friend has a birthday party on Friday. Between that and trying to transition to a new morning schedule, I’m still hoping to get caught up on a few things that have been getting behind. We’ll see.

    Have a great week, everyone!

  2. Nikki says:

    We had a great weekend! Saturday, we did just about nothing! It was the 1st Saturday in months that we had no practice, no where to go at all. We took full advantage of that and relaxed, and just enjoyed being home. Bailey was able to go hang out with friends. It was just a nice, calm day for us.

    Sunday was our last 2 baseball games. They won both games, and ended up placing 2nd in league. I’m sad about it being over. You get so attached to those boys, seeing them almost every day. And the parents, you get close. There are always the few that we don’t lose touch with over the winter, but the cold months make it harder to get together.

    Oh, but Sunday was COLD! I had my winter hat, gloves and a big comforter. That makes it hard to cheer and clap. All you could hear was all of us moms pounding our hands together. LOL It was funny.

    Today, I’m not leaving my house! At all!!! 🙂 Happy Monday all. Have a great week!

    • Nikki says:

      On a sad note. We are seriously contemplating selling our boat. It was the best thing we ever purchased. But we found this summer we barely got it out. Bailey is wanting to be with his friends more, with is normal, and between baseball, the weather, and the gas it costs just to go out., it may be our best option. Not to mention the up keep on a boat is outrageously expensive.

      It just sat there, and I could use a new truck. So, we’re thinking about trading the truck/boat as a combo and getting a much newer truck/suv. Sad, but we have to be realistic.

    • Joy says:

      That is sad but I do know the feeling. I wish we could get rid of ours. It was taken out three times at the most.

      • Nikki says:

        Does Paul just not want to get rid of it, or do you think you’ll regret it? That’s what is keeping me from giving the go ahead. I think we’ll regret it. It’s a tough decision. We’ll see.

      • Joy says:

        I think he thinks we own it. Why sell it? You know? But unless we ever have a place to dock it, it’s going to be like this. We can’t take it out alone either which makes it harder to plan things. I can’t back up the boat nor can I drive the boat and he can’t do both. If we could just take off from a dock things would be very different.

  3. Nikki says:

    That picture of the kitties is adorable!!!

    • Joy says:

      They’re changing so much each day. They come up here now to eat which is easier for me but I bring the food in at night. I don’t want other varmints.

  4. Laura says:

    I feel bad that I haven’t had a minute to do a Pull Up lately. Things are just insane around here. I know it’s what I wanted, but we’re still in the upheaval of trying to figure out a steady schedule. Things will shake out, I’m sure… probably around, I dunno, June???

    This weekend was an absolute BLAST. I should do a post. I did the Color Run. Yep, gonna do a post, rather than link to it. It was serious, wicked fun, and I encourage EVERYONE to do it. Even if you’re not a runner! there were so many walkers there… it’s not timed, it’s just a whole lot of silly going on. SO worth it… Jen and I are going back next year and bringing our boys. They’ll gripe the whole way down, and then not want to come home. I know it!!

    My ankle is still hurting me… I’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Probably not the BEST idea, walking 3.1 miles on it plus whatever other walking we did on Saturday, on an already sore ankle, but did I mention how stinkin’ much FUN it was??? yeah, worth every minute of agony!!

    I’m exhausted after the weekend, though, so I’m gonna go write that post then sign off…

    Right after… WOOHOO!!! BEARS!!!! I cannot WAIT for the Bears/Vikings Game this year!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!!

    Happy Birthday SKL!! Wishes for many more.

    well… almost

    Josh just came in and informed me that in 2016, I should run for President. I said, “no, I couldn’t do that, they wouldn’t like me. I would tell the truth and people wouldn’t like that.”

    J: “Tell the truth about what???” (lowers his voice to a whisper) “That you’re …a…GIRL???”

    That boy cracks me up.

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