Happy Friday, everyone. I hope you all had a good week, and are looking forward to the weekend. My week was good. Bailey’s been out of school most of the week. He has a history project that is due Monday, so he’s staying busy with that.

We don’t have too many plans for this weekend, which is nice. Tonight (Friday) I have a “31” party to go to. These ladies are a riot so I am really excited to go, have a few drinks and buy some purses/bags.

What’s on the agenda for you, this weekend? Have a good one!

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13 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. Joy says:

    Have fun Nikki. I love those bags.

    • Nikki says:

      Thanks! And now that I think I got Jaime to go, I’m even more excited. lol

      Everyone has them. I looked through their catalog, and they are pretty expensive but I found a few that aren’t. I love their utility totes (for baseball) but I may treat myself and buy myself a purse. 🙂 I never buy myself anything, that’s just for me.

    • Joy says:

      I’ve only seen a catalog. I’d really like to go to a party to actually see everything. I have the fold up blanket and it’s really nice but it was too expensive. It was $40 I think. It’s just so nice and easy to lay down and fold up. I keep it in my trunk. I just love the little goodies they have.

  2. SKL says:

    I am ridiculously behind in my work because I can’t seem to focus this week. Yikes! I had a “big deadline” of the 15th, but I could not meet it because the client did not send me some of the info. I still should have been working hard on it, but I didn’t get nearly enough done. Besides that, I have so many emails in my inbox, I don’t even know at this point what I’m neglecting. So my first order of business is to get a lot of work out by close of business Friday.

    I did get some personal stuff done. This week I have been systematically going through the girls’ math curriculum to help Miss A keep up. She has a lot of trouble following the teacher during class. I assume it stems from the same listening issue for which she’s getting therapy. She isn’t behind on knowing the concepts, it’s figuring out what she’s supposed to write on the paper that escapes her too often. The math curriculum (“Singapore math”) is honestly hard to follow unless your brain is really sharp. Even Miss E gets tripped up often. One minute they are asking “one more than 7 is __” and the next minute “7 is one more than _.” Then they make you write out the equation and ding you if you write “6+1=7” instead of “1+6=7.” You really have to be on your toes. You can compute everything right and still get a sucky grade. So anyhoo, I figure some extra review at home would help, and ultimately I hope to go over the work before they do it in class. It should give her some much-needed confidence. However, this week we were up past 10pm every night, which probably creates its own problems. So I still need to find a sustainable system.

    Next week Miss A has her therapy and eye check appointments, so I sent a detailed email laying out the “stuff” that has been going on for the past two months. Hopefully they will have some ideas for us. Now I have to figure out what I should report regarding the therapy itself. I honestly don’t know whether it’s making a difference or not. There have been too many life changes for me to be able to say “x is better than it was before.” So I don’t know how they are going to decide what we should do next.

    Boss-partner is out of town through Friday night, so I have the girls to myself for one more night, and then the weekend will be pretty much back to normal – mostly working. No exciting plans. I’ll just be happy if I get organized, somewhat caught up, and off the sh!t list before next week starts.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  3. Sue says:

    Wine wine wine, I’m feeling fine fine fine 🙂 Actually, not yet, but it has a nice ring to it! Tomorrow we are having friends over that we haven’t seen in a long time, even though they live in the town I work in! Crazy I know, and I’m not sure why it is that way, but we always have a good time when we get together. Sunday Trinity has basketball again and will get to try out her new shoes. It’s crazy how much shoes cost and I just felt like bend over and take it b/c shoot! And because she’s only 12, you know she won’t be wearing them more than a couple of months before she outgrows them! What do you do though? Not much else is new with us. We’re rather boring! LOL! We do have pumpkins so if anybody wants some, come and get ’em. Nikki took 3 or 4 when she was here last weekend, but that still leaves 15 and I know we won’t carve them all!

  4. starlaschat says:

    I’m tired I’ve been on the run for a few days. We went to a teachers conference. It was a long drive. This weenend I plan to take photos of a cattel drive that should or could be interesting but now that I’m thinking about it going to a party to buy purses sure sounds like a lot of fun. Hope Joy’s feeling better. Being sick stinks.. The suns coming in the window and hitting my arms and shoulders that feels good. I guess that’s about all thats fit to print today. Enjoy your weekned!

  5. Laura says:

    My life has become insane again. I hit the wall on Tuesday, after having to run a Den Meeting (I’m not sposta be Den Leader, remember?) with no parents around to help. My usual assistant was still out in the field bringing in the Harvest, and the rest of the parents decided to ‘drop and run’. Very frustrating. One parent did stay – after I caught him and asked him to – and he studied the whole time. Don’t blame him, he’s in college and had a mid-term the next day. Still, if he hadn’t stayed, I would have had to call all the parents and say, “come get your kid, I can’t run a meeting because I need two adults to meet the Two-Deep Leadership requirement, and y’all bailed on me.” In retrospect, I should have done that. I’ve been hounding these parents that I need someone to take my place – since JUNE for some of them. And nobody has stepped up. They’re gonna be in for a big surprise in a couple of weeks when they find out that I’m not doing it anymore…

    I’m running like a madwoman these days. Work, then Josh has practice of one kind or another at 5:30 every evening, until either 6:30 or 7. Some weeks, we also have to go to Scouts after that. Then games and Scout stuff on weekends. I’m starting to drop balls all over the place… I screwed up a fundraiser this week and also a recognition night at the football game. I’m still trying to fix the Fundraising Fubar… hopefully I can salvage that one. The pack needs the money. The game was a wash.

    Otherwise, things are going ok. Lots of personal drama that really could be MUCH worse, so it’s only drama because it’s a pretty big deal, but not one that I’m ready to talk about yet, other than to say… things are calmer than expected and this is good. But it still wears me out, mentally and sometimes physically, and by this time of night, my backside is absolutely dragging. I can’t wait for the weekend when I can come home on Friday night after work and think, I have *nothing* to do. No responsibilities that MUST be tended, nothing. Yeeaaaahhhh, I know. wait till retirement, right?? Maybe it will be sooner than that, though. One can hope.

    Meanwhile, I’m exhausted. So I’m heading off to bed. I hope y’all enjoy the rest of the weekend. Tomorrow looks like it’s going to be a really pretty day, a good thing after the disaster of this morning, with the ice-cold mist that we had to sit in for TWO BLEEPING HOURS watching a kiddie flag football game. But Josh loved it, so it was worth it.

    Good night all.

  6. SKL says:

    Welcome to some parts of my world! The high pace wouldn’t be so bad if it could ever be consistent long enough to get on a regular routine. Ha!

    I don’t think those other scout parents are going to believe you until you stop doing the work. Have you thought of doing something like: send them all an email well in advance of the next scheduled meeting, saying “as previously mentioned, I no longer have room in my schedule to prepare and run scout meetings. I continue to invite all interested parents to step forward. The next meeting is scheduled for ___ if two of you are available to run it. If not, the next meeting will be canceled. For more info on becoming a den leader and running the meetings, see http://www.__.org. Please reply if you are willing to take a leadership role.”

    • Laura says:

      That was actually the first plan of action – the email. but then I spoke with the head of our committee and he’s going to help me find a leader. The next den meeting will be my last, and the parents will be told then. They will be getting an email from me – a simple reminder that even though it’s voting day, there is still a meeting, so vote early (and, if you’re from Chicago, often) and then get over to the den meeting. We were afraid if they got anything more than that, they would just not show up for the meeting.

      Honestly, I’m so sick of hearing about how everyone is so busy they can’t help with xyz. Everyone knows who the chronic volunteers are, especially in a small town like this, so when someone says, “Oh, I’d love to but I’m sooooo busy ’cause I volunteer for everything!!” I just want to look at them and say, “yeah, right, whatever.” I have a lot more respect for the mom who came to me and said, “you know, I want to do it, but I’m so disorganized, I wouldn’t know where to start, and I know I’d screw it up if I did. But if you need something done where I can just take orders and do it? I’m your girl.” THAT I can handle. She knows her limits and her strengths. And I use the heck out of her in that kind of capacity. She helps run games, she helps corral kids, etc.

      *Sigh* I’ll be back to let you know what happens.

      • SKL says:

        Good luck!

        I’d be the mom saying “sorry, I can’t volunteer, but I’d be happy to provide supplies or give financial help.” I used to volunteer a lot, but I can’t do it regularly at this time in my life. I have enough guilt in other areas of life, so I don’t plan on feeling guilty about not volunteering. That said, I don’t expect people to volunteer to work with my kids with no reciprocity – with the exception of Sunday School. I did my little stint as a Sunday School teacher years ago, and I don’t plan on doing it again. The Sunday School hour is my only guilt-free “me” time and I hold it sacred. Besides, I’m not a church member and I don’t agree with everything they teach.

        • Laura says:

          Even that’s better than nothing. I’ve had a few moms who have said, “I’m up to my ears in [whatever], but I can help you on a project-by-project basis.” I’m not even getting THAT kind of help.

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