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Joe Paterno

Do you think this was the right move…or do you believe Joe Paterno should have been allowed to retire at the end of this season?

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Tatted up Barbie

Mattel said the new limited edition, tatted up Barbie Doll doll is marketed more toward adult collectors than to children. 1 in 4 Americans ages 18 to 50 now has at least one tattoo, and the artist says the doll … Continue reading

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Expectations and Resentments

Each week, I attend a support group meeting. We read a passage from a book and then discuss its relevance in our lives. Is it true or not? Are we affected by this? How? Last week’s meeting has stuck with … Continue reading

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What worries you most?

A new survey shows that women worry more than men about losing their looks as they get older, while men worry about the quality of their sex lives. What worries you most about aging?

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What’s the point of “setting people up?”

Okay, I have a big rant coming. On the news the other night THIS was on. They call these things “social experiments.” “A social experiment is a real field experimentation of how people/society react to situations both real/hypothetical. With it … Continue reading

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The Height of Frivolous

Imagine a childhood so horrid that, when you reached adulthood, you felt justified in filing a lawsuit against your mother for “bad parenting”. Your childhood must have been pretty bad, right? Maybe she beat you – and not just a … Continue reading

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Should restaurant ban kids?

Tell me what you think of this. Do you think a restaurant owner should be able to ban children under 6 years of age from dinning at their restaurant? Here’s the ladies from The Talk’s view on it. Me personally, I don’t really … Continue reading

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Bullying in the workplace

We’ve talked a lot about the rapid increase in bullying in schools, but were you aware that more than 1 in 4 employees admit to feeling bullied in the workplace? Do you have a bully at your work? How have … Continue reading

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What is your “American Dream?”

According to a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair survey, the “American Dream,” is NOT the white picket fence home. The ultimate dream for the majority of Americans, is to provide their child(ren) a better life. How would you describe the American dream?

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Pet Peeve #3289: Pronoun Trouble

Yep, another Pet Peeve Post. I have a lot of ’em. Bring them out when I have nothing else to say. Which is why you don’t see them very often. So here’s my Peeve: Adults who talk in the third … Continue reading

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What kind of thing bothers you?

The other day Sue wrote this post about our recent Christmas gifts and if we liked them all and are still using them or are they now sitting all alone is some far corner. Jenny had commented about a toy … Continue reading

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Public Service for Men

A friend sent this to me, and I know that we’ve got some men that read this blog, so I wanted to pass this important information on to you.  You’re welcome. Women often receive warnings about protecting themselves at the … Continue reading

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Would it stop you?

I know that we have at least one ex-smoker on this blog, and one person who has never, ever tried a cigarette.  And likely, everyone else falls somewhere on that scale, since statistics tell us that 1 in 5 adults … Continue reading

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His Mom was Careless

I saw this little boy’s picture circulating around the internet a couple weeks ago, and didn’t think much about it.  It appeared, I think, as part of a post on a mom-blog site that I read, but I didn’t read … Continue reading

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The Standard of Harassment

I rarely want to call radio shows.  But when I heard this story being discussed on two separate shows, I found myself talking to the radio, nearly screaming at it, and stomping around my kitchen, slamming pots in my indignance.  … Continue reading

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About a Booby… and not the bird

I’m kinda on the fence on this one. “Boobies” have made themselves into quite a controversy in schools of late.  Kids across the country are showing up with bracelets that say “I ♥ Boobies “, and they’re causing quite a … Continue reading

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First Day of School

From time to time, I’ve bragged on Josh’s school.  I try not to, because I don’t want to be one of those moms… “Oh, OUR school is the best!  Oh, MY kid is tops!”   But sometimes, you have to toot … Continue reading

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What Would You Do?

I’m glad that it’s left the headlines, but a couple of weeks ago, all the “news people” were obsessed with the whole Mel Gibson sideshow.  One radio host that I had the displeasure of hearing was blaming the woman for … Continue reading

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To Pay or Not To Pay

I live in an area where there are a lot of “roller dams”.  They’re not as big as the ones in that link, more like the one that’s in the picture, just so you have a point of reference. Last … Continue reading

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Criminal or just stupid?

Ok, so I’m going to wallow in the gutter for a little while. This story appeared on on Tuesday, and it got me thinking. (one of the thoughts was, “what the heck am I doing on Here’s the … Continue reading

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Giving Up Chocolate

I was walking down the street when I was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless woman who asked me for a couple of dollars for dinner. I took out my wallet, got out ten dollars and asked, ‘If … Continue reading

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It’s for the Children

This just blows my mind. I cannot wrap my head around this.  My first reaction to this woman (after making fun of her pronunciation of “cheeuldrun”) was to yell, “GO TO THE LIBRARY, YOU MORON!!!” At that point, Steve left … Continue reading

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Aging Rock Stars II

This is the one I MEANT to post the other day…

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Getting Politicians to Swear off Cussing

I know this is a subject that some of you feel we’ve discussed enough. I thought so too until I saw this on the news the other night. When the whole Joe Biden dropping the F-ing bomb in President Obama’s ear … Continue reading

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Free Chat Thursday

Spring is finally here! For now anyway. It’s my sons spring break from school. It’s warm and sunshiny out. I love being able to open all the windows and let new, fresh air in. And the birds here where we … Continue reading

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