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Free Chat Thursday

Morning all! I’m just a mixture of emotions this week. I apologize if this gets too negative Nelly on ya! Laura’s post from some time ago , When Tragedy Strikes, keeps coming back to me. I’m sending you to the part II of … Continue reading

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News sources

When Laura wrote about this the other day, it prompted this thought from DM, one of our local yokels. He brought up that it’s almost impossible to get a well balanced source of information. Which lead me to wonder where most of … Continue reading

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Free Chat Thursday

Well happy Thursday folks! Grab your coffee, tea or whatever you like to have and sit down for a chat! We’re almost there, another weekend right around the corner. Any plans? We don’t have too many plans. No plans as … Continue reading

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Can Facebook And Twitter Harm Your Marriage?

When this came on the news, I knew it was going to be something that would interest me and I was anxious to hear it. Can Facebook and Twitter harm your marriage? I guess I thought it would slam social … Continue reading

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Napping at lunchtime

My step daughter called me during her lunch hour yesterday and we talked for 15 minutes or so. She needed to “vent” to me. We don’t have your “normal” step family deal. We’re more like friends. We are very close … Continue reading

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Time to Check In

A month ago, I wrote a post about New Year’s Resolutions, and I said that I’d check back in “next month”.  Well, here I am… activating your webcam and peeking into your home office.  HAH!! YOU!!!  I see you putting … Continue reading

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Ooh, that Rackin’ Frackin’….

The radio conversation this morning centered on a controversy brewing in New York/New Jersey over toll collectors.  And it was an interesting enough topic that I just might discuss it in another post.  But not today.  Today, that conversation is … Continue reading

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The Life of Mom

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Food fights have sure changed

This story was brought to my attention by SKL. “A 13-year-old girl who threw vegetables in a cafeteria worker’s face sparked a fist-fight that ended with criminal charges being filed against the worker, who apparently didn’t find the incident very … Continue reading

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To fat to fly?

When this first became news I wasn’t going to write about it. I know we are, well a lot of us are anyway, trying to lose weight and I didn’t want to rub salt into any wounds but it’s just … Continue reading

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Principals Behaving Badly

Welcome to the latest installment of “Principals Behaving Badly”.  Up for discussion today, I give you the vice-principal of Millennial Tech Magnet Middle School, near San Diego.  He called for a school evacuation, as well as bringing in police, fire-rescue … Continue reading

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Retarded or Not?

(warning… this discussion, while treated in an adult fashion, contains reference to words we do not like to hear from our youngsters.  Please read it yourself before allowing them to read it, as well) There is a brouhaha brewing in … Continue reading

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Use Less My Butt!

I think this will be one post that everyone will be able to comment on!  I’m pretty sure we all use it, we all buy it, and we all hate doing it!  It’s a never ending cycle that usually falls … Continue reading

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Real Live Minority Report

Here’s a scenario for you.  You go to the bar, you have a drink or two too many.  You go out to your car, realize that you’re too sloshed to drive, and throw the keys on the center console.  You … Continue reading

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Charity or Deduction?

I have a question about Christmas Gifts.  Now that we’re well past the recent “gift-giving season”, and far enough away from the next one, I think this is a good time to bring this up. What is your stance on … Continue reading

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The big question today, and probably this week, is “Should Harry Reid step down?” The simple answer to that question is a resounding and deafening, “YES!!!”  But it should be a resounding and deafening “Yes, but…” Harry Reid is a … Continue reading

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Get Out of that Spot!

Here’s a Pet Peeve of mine, one that I noticed a lot during this recent Christmas Shopping forays: people who park in the handicapped spots who don’t need them.  And I’m not talking about the ubiquitous teenagers with the “I … Continue reading

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Tomayto, Tomahto

This is a topic that was being discussed (with much hilarity, I might add) on the radio this morning, and it was prompted by President Obama’s pronunciations of “Taliban” and “Pakistan”. Phonetically, he pronounces them, “TAHL-ee-bahn” and “PAHK-ee-stahn”, whereas the … Continue reading

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No alcohol allowed

We just built a new stadium for our University of Minnesota Gophers. It’s called the TCF Bank Stadium. All very fine and good. But some “do gooders” have decided that it’s going to be an alcohol free zone. Okay, that’s … Continue reading

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Griswold Strikes Again

Good news is that I truly out did myself this year with my Christmas  decorations. The bad news is that I had to take him down after 2 days. I had more people come screaming up to my house than … Continue reading

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Innocence Lost

So there I was, entering the public restroom stall (don’t worry, we’re not heading into TMI territory here), and as I closed the door, I scanned it for the purse-hook.  I don’t know if these are in the guy’s bathroom, … Continue reading

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What is a role model?

You know, when this first came on the news, I thought so what, who cares. It’s none of our business and it shouldn’t be news. Tiger Woods! I figured something was up. Who’s driving like that in their driveway in … Continue reading

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Lucy VanPelt Gets Her Wish

Oh, for the love of all that is holy. This is preposterous. For those of you who don’t want to link over…  A town in England – Poole, Dorset, to be exact – has erected a giant concrete cone covered … Continue reading

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White house party crashers

I’m sorry if you’re sick of the subject but it’s just not going away. It was on every single news broadcast that I watched today. Not even just news shows but shows like The View were talking about this today … Continue reading

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How do you sleep?

I’ve had trouble staying asleep for the last couple of months and I wondered if this is normal. For the better part of my life I’ve had trouble falling asleep. I can remember when I was in school, I would … Continue reading

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