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Expectations and Resentments

Each week, I attend a support group meeting. We read a passage from a book and then discuss its relevance in our lives. Is it true or not? Are we affected by this? How? Last week’s meeting has stuck with … Continue reading

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Do you have any secrets?

Oh, not nasty, juicy or headline grabbing secrets!!! Household secrets. Do you have simple ways of doing something that you don’t think other people do? Here are some tips from Eloise. She always has good idea’s but I want some … Continue reading

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The Year’s Best

This post is going to be short and sweet.  Yes, I know, shocker, coming from me.  You’re welcome. I poached this from another site, and I’m sharing it here because I think it’s a valuable resource.  It’s the “Year’s Best” … Continue reading

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Public Service for Men

A friend sent this to me, and I know that we’ve got some men that read this blog, so I wanted to pass this important information on to you.  You’re welcome. Women often receive warnings about protecting themselves at the … Continue reading

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Product Review: Wilton Cake Release

I love this stuff. As you guys know, I do a lot of baking.  I love making and decorating cakes, especially, and making those cakes from scratch.  It’s a lot of work, but also a lot of fun and gives … Continue reading

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You Are Beautiful

I sat at the picnic table, in the shade of the shelter, pretending to read my book while I was *really* eavesdropping on the four very large ladies a couple of tables over who were planning their upcoming Weekend at … Continue reading

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Fair is fair…or is it?

Well. Where do I start? We’ve had a very interesting last 5 days. As you all now Bailey is on the traveling baseball team for our town. This was something he had to try out for. Something we had to pay for. … Continue reading

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Pet Peeve #832

I spent an incredible amount of time this weekend looking at prom pictures and one thing kept springing up in my mind. That big question is this, why do people take pictures of themselves ALL THE TIME? Take a look … Continue reading

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Vacuum cleaners:Re-Post from last June

This is a re-post because we were talking about this on Facebook over the weekend and we have so many new people that I wanted opinions again. Okay folks, here’s the deal.  All of us Erickson girls, who are only … Continue reading

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Let us pray…

“Thank you, God, for this food. For rest and home and all that’s good. For wind and rain and sun above, But most of all, for those we love.” Thus begins every meal in our house, unless Josh chooses to … Continue reading

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Browsers, what do you use and why?

I know we’ve talked about this before but things change and I need advice again. What browser do you prefer? I used to really like Safari. For most things I still prefer it. But over time, it seems to have … Continue reading

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Gotta Read

I love to read.  I love to read so much that I have to be careful about starting a book, because if it’s good enough, I will do NOTHING until that book is complete.  And I mean nothing.  I will … Continue reading

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Use Less My Butt!

I think this will be one post that everyone will be able to comment on!  I’m pretty sure we all use it, we all buy it, and we all hate doing it!  It’s a never ending cycle that usually falls … Continue reading

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Charity or Deduction?

I have a question about Christmas Gifts.  Now that we’re well past the recent “gift-giving season”, and far enough away from the next one, I think this is a good time to bring this up. What is your stance on … Continue reading

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When Tragedy Strikes, part II

Previously, we discussed what TO do when a friend or family member experiences a family tragedy.  How we can help, how we can lighten the load, ease the myriad and intense feelings that accompany such an event. But for every … Continue reading

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When Tragedy Strikes, part I

As most/all of you know, almost two years ago, now, my husband Steve was in a near-fatal car wreck which left him blind.  His recovery was spent in two different hospitals over the course of a month, followed by nearly … Continue reading

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Innocence Lost

So there I was, entering the public restroom stall (don’t worry, we’re not heading into TMI territory here), and as I closed the door, I scanned it for the purse-hook.  I don’t know if these are in the guy’s bathroom, … Continue reading

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It’s the little things that matter

Everyone knows kids can say the darndest things. They can make liars out of us and make us laugh like no one else! Their questions can be quite confusing but to them the answer should be quite simple. Where do … Continue reading

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Tough Love

Most people nowadays think it improper to spank children, so I have tried other methods to control my kids when they have one of “those moments”. One that I have found very effective is for me to just take the … Continue reading

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Mom’s getting schooled (SKL)

With my 2 daughters rounding age 3, they are now “preschoolers.”  This fall, they transitioned from a nanny’s care to a well-regarded preschool/daycare near my home.  I was pretty excited by many good things about the school – the academic … Continue reading

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Meanest mom on the planet

I just love Don Shelby. He’s an anchor here in Minnesota and I just had to put this one in. He has a segment each evening called “Good To Know” and I usually agree with him all the way. Here’s … Continue reading

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Locking your car

I received the following e-mail from a girlfriend of mine who is a police officer here in MN: This email was forwarded to me by my Chief.  It is definitely interesting and good information! From the Zumbrota Chief of Police … Continue reading

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What would you do?

We had something happen Saturday night and it seems to be sticking in my brain so I’d like to see what you guys would do if this happened to you. We frequent this certain restaurant. I’m thinking back and we’ve been … Continue reading

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Gardening 101

          What’s your favorite part of spring/summer?  The warm sunshine?  Clear skies?  Birds singing and bees humming?  I enjoy all of those things because it means I can get outside and start to garden! Now, I … Continue reading

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Don’t think about it

Have you ever thought about serendipity?  About things just, well, happening, when you need them to? Lately, I’ve been going through a difficult time, and I’ve been thinking – nay, obsessing – over it.  What should I do?  If I … Continue reading

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