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I so want to do this to my washer and dryer!! Isn’t it awesome?? I’d change a few things, though. I’d probably do it in turquoise – like ’50’s Car turquoise, ’cause my laundry room is already a really bright … Continue reading

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Old Glory Takes Another Beating

Frankie Girard is an 11-year old by from Orange, Massachusetts. One day, he noticed that another child (a Jehovah’s Witness) in his class was not saying The pledge with the rest of the class. So Frankie asked him why he … Continue reading

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Homemade or Not?

I was going to make this a Question of the Day, but I had three or four questions squished together, and couldn’t figure out how to make it short and sweet.  So it’s a post instead… It’s about Christmas gifts.  … Continue reading

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New Ideas…please!!

With winter coming at us a lot faster than we had anticipated, we have been indoors a lot more. If it isn’t raining or too windy we’ll go outside but with temperatures nearly freezing that never lasts very long. I … Continue reading

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