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Every once in a while I get irritated with my shampoo and want to try something new or I wonder why the heck I pay so much for my shampoo. This is my favorite shampoo. It’s $21 for that bottle. … Continue reading

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Make Up for the Little Ones?

My life is now complete.  Wal*Mart is coming out with a new makeup line.  It’s called “GeoGirl”.  And it’s designed for the 8-12 crowd.  Oh, thank goodness.  Finally!  Somebody is stepping up to fill that gaping hole left in the … Continue reading

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Bad hair day…

Okay! I normally get a haircut every 5 weeks. I get it colored every third time I go. I never really learned how to fix my hair or how to wear my hair girly. My mom’s idea of fixing my … Continue reading

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Blatant Product Endorsement

Ok, I’ve gotta tell you, I feel kinda weird writing this, but I really want you to know about it, too, so I’m actually writing a product review to share with you.  How I wish I was being paid for … Continue reading

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What am I missing here?

Okay you guys. I just don’t get this. Not at all. Can you explain why anyone would want a bigger butt? Booty Pop. Booty Pop! Now, I would “assume” it’s not for a “bigger” butt but a more shapely one. … Continue reading

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Have your beauty products gone bad??

This post is a re-run but since it’s fall, I wanted to run it again. A lot of you weren’t here when I wrote it the first time and I think it’s a very good reminder. I was watching this … Continue reading

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Being a girl HURTS!

OK, I know this is for the girls, sorry boys! Who here shaves their legs? Most I’m sure. Who here has to shave at least once a day just to stay smooth? I’m one of those. My hair is not … Continue reading

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The Natural side of Things

My best friend from my teenage years is a cosmologist. She’s always asking me what products I use and what’s in them. To tell you the truth this is something I never really thought about. Are the products I use … Continue reading

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Are you loyal??

I’m not talking about to your spouse. I’m talking about to your products. This is something I have a problem with. I cannot stick with one brand of any product. Joy is the most loyal person I know when it … Continue reading

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Have your beauty products gone bad??

I was watching this on a morning show the other day and had never given it any thought before and it floored me.  I went to and was just going to link it but decided to copy and paste … Continue reading

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