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Embarrassing, but Worthy of a Lawsuit?

If you haven’t watched the video that has gone viral, in a nutshell, a woman is walking and texting in a mall.  Obviously, she’s not paying attention, and she trips over a low wall and ends up in the pool … Continue reading

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Why Do We Hold Grudges So Long?

I’m guessing by now everyone has heard that Mrs Clarence Thomas (Virginia Lamp) called Anita Hill and asked her for an apology for what she did to her husband. Go read it here on Good Question. Some of you may … Continue reading

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Gotta Pay to Play

This story is sad and appalling.  Gene Cranick lives in rural Tennessee, where there is no fire protection district, like many of us are accustomed to.  His taxes do not go to support the closest fire department, but that department … Continue reading

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Obama To Be Briefed

The Obama administration today released details of a sweeping plan to address the shorts coming in security as a result of this weekend’s attempt by a Nigerian man to drop a load by exploding his underwear. Administration officials indicated they … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry…. so sorry….

Kanye West, in a drunken stupor, grabs the microphone from Taylor Swift and humiliates her (and himself) on national TV. Serena Williams, in a stunning show of sportsmanship, cusses out a Line Judge, on national TV. Rep. Joe Wilson, in … Continue reading

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Wild and crazy Saturday night

Paul was feeling a little restless on Saturday night.  I was working on our pj party for Monday and out of the blue, he says to me, I’m going to Walmart to get a DVD player.  Uummm….okay I guess. We … Continue reading

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Back to basics by G-Ma

I think we have all been feeling scared and lost and while I have a hard time putting these kinds of feelings down, I came across this the other day at G-Ma’s View and I got her permission to post … Continue reading

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How long can we blame our parents?

When Nikki wrote this post, it got me to thinking about letting go of things “we” felt were wrong with our childhood.  Of course I’m not talking about her story or stories of abuse or horrific situations.  I’m talking about … Continue reading

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