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What Do You Think?

Not sure if I should file this under “What was that judge thinking?” or “Are you freaking kidding me???” Nutshell: A woman suffering from Stage 4 Breast Cancer loses custody of her two children to her allegedly abusive husband, who … Continue reading

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Agree or disagree???

Stricter laws needed to keep kids away from tanning beds. What do you think? Should there be a law restricting this?

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About a Booby… and not the bird

I’m kinda on the fence on this one. “Boobies” have made themselves into quite a controversy in schools of late.  Kids across the country are showing up with bracelets that say “I ♥ Boobies “, and they’re causing quite a … Continue reading

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Free Chat Thursday

Morning all! I’m just a mixture of emotions this week. I apologize if this gets too negative Nelly on ya! Laura’s post from some time ago , When Tragedy Strikes, keeps coming back to me. I’m sending you to the part II of … Continue reading

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It’s the little things that matter

Everyone knows kids can say the darndest things. They can make liars out of us and make us laugh like no one else! Their questions can be quite confusing but to them the answer should be quite simple. Where do … Continue reading

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Who should decide?

I was wondering if you’ve all heard of Daniel Hauser, a 13-year-old boy with Hodgkin’s lymphoma?  He’s from Sleepy Eye Minnesota so we’ve been hearing about it on the news now for days.  Doctors testified in court last week that Daniel … Continue reading

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